The mind misimagining

Here,we trace the mind into a map,geometrical alliances,shapes and figures,the artistic curves and dots,circles everywhere,connecting this and/or that:an imagination is a whirlpool,spinning into its point,expanding into the universe. Diagrams and statistics,graphs and figures.When the bear sees a mirror,it believes it needs to kill.When the man sees the girl,he believes he needs to love. Here isContinue reading “The mind misimagining”

Love lost in the moment

the pinprick,it was only a moment,the moonlight slippedunawares into our place;the room was dark,but our conversationwas a sea of stars,far enough to feel safe,and close enough to be heard:all is well in some moments. But who can stay swimming for long,especially those with small legsand tiny hands that reachand seek for what shines brightest,just forContinue reading “Love lost in the moment”

By Pencil and by Sword

Sacred spacesgrow from within the heart,the heart of God, of You,sky rise or blade of grass,firm in the soilholding to the winds:these are the creations. Even the birds hold to earthand fly over the a great lightilluminationfrom Sun and Eyethat speaks its presencein its foundation,in its decorationand adornments:God is singing who you arethrough theContinue reading “By Pencil and by Sword”

Sophia, who has forsaken thee?

logos, (Greek: “word,” “reason,” or “plan”) plural logoi, in ancient Greek philosophy and early Christian theology, the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning. – Britannica I could knock on your door again,but it wouldn’t be there,that door in my mind,red with golden trim.You remember brown with bronze outline:Either way,imaginaryContinue reading “Sophia, who has forsaken thee?”

If the river wants to teach him song

If the river wants to teach him song,   she might swell as the winds swell,to confound the boundaries of the land, to fill him with the rolling rocks of righteous fury, pain, and even madness.Great river, temperamental goddess,  she is as loud as he is deaf,and as boisterous as he is careless. Or, she might retreatContinue reading “If the river wants to teach him song”

Water of the Blood

There are two ways,the ways of the blood,and the way of water. Millions seek wisdomin books and films,forgetting they are the only oneswho give shape to what they drink. “Blood is thick”, they say,“and you can’t live without.”But water is as the Source,and blood cannot flowwithout Source. And water flowsfrom the inside to the outside,beneathContinue reading “Water of the Blood”

The rock

The sand of you,the part that is more rockthan man,more stonethan skinThe part whose form is heavyand predictable,and lets the water roll over its back,or invites the sunshine to burn,thrown across the water,some girl, if she does it right,will make you skip;. Science knows you,teaching your form,still is your life,the apple of your eye,and yourContinue reading “The rock”

Runaway (on the path less travelled)

I. Many a mind’s I:Where do the clouds go,and why does the sun rise? Who has pricked their fingeron the spindle,spinning their yarnsabout the purpose of their days? All within the confines of mindpunishing prisoners,in dreams dreaming animalswho appear as infinity or lovecomically confined. What purpose is my life?Why did he die from me?Why didContinue reading “Runaway (on the path less travelled)”

Was ego a mistake?

Time.00001000 = 8011 + 001 = 4.November 6, 1983 = (1+ 1+ 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 29; 2+ 9 = 11 = 2 (binary). Ego has been getting a lot of hard knocks lately. The other day, I saw a YouTube video on my feed that was a onContinue reading “Was ego a mistake?”

Mother Matrix and Matrix of Mothers

The matrix (mater in Greek) is a strange place of shadows and shadows of shadows. It is the birth of all mothers and the mothers give birth to it. It is the chicken the egg. Perhaps they are the same. The existence of spirituality: spiritual teachers, spiritual books, spiritual groups, modalities and methods is indicationContinue reading “Mother Matrix and Matrix of Mothers”