Twin Flames: Ego’s personal Jesus

Are you in ego or are you in love? Only the ego could ask such a question, and that is why I am going to attempt to address it here, as best I can. What has come to the surface from this question is that the twin flame story, the mythology is in fact aContinue reading “Twin Flames: Ego’s personal Jesus”

Sacred sexuality: Kundalini and the great work

The great snake awaits,coiled at the source,for the doors to open,to welcome his emergence. Every spiritual teaching offers guidance on some form of detachment or renunciation of the desires, the physical objects of desire and even the spiritual objects of desire.  Becoming attached to physical desires is common to all of humanity. Spiritual objects ofContinue reading “Sacred sexuality: Kundalini and the great work”

Meditation: The Sleepwalkers and the Circus

Before you read or listen to anything, it is important to first turn off everything else. The mind is filled with chatter that is both conscious and latent. The emotions are moved by the workings of the mind. And so, if you listen to or read something, you will only hear what is already playingContinue reading “Meditation: The Sleepwalkers and the Circus”

Meditation: That who you are

Every thought is a tombstone, a memento, of what was once was, and no longer shall ever be. When you cling to thoughts, you are holding onto what doesn’t and cannot exist. What doesn’t exist can never truly hold you. If you listen closely, you can hear fear whispering between the thoughts, clinging especially toContinue reading “Meditation: That who you are”

Awakening to Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, a Brave New World

ChatGPT, the advanced AI technology, is now mainstream. If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest that, if you are interested in the awakening of humanity, you explore what it is and learn about what challenges and advantages it may present. In this article, I want to summarize what I see playing out currently. MyContinue reading “Awakening to Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, a Brave New World”

Living the dream- awakening the consciouseness

All problems, all conflicts offer possible solutions. We spend our lives resolving these conflicts, managing difficulties, and finding solutions. However, all of our solutions are the seeds of new conflicts to come. When you look at any timeline in retrospect, you can see this clearly. “One damn thing after another” pretty much sums it up.Continue reading “Living the dream- awakening the consciouseness”

Home is where the Hearth is

There are certain days or weeks in which I do not write. Usually the reason is because some area of the egoic structure has been dissolved and the hordes begin to pour in. When that happens, I get to experience what ego was once protecting (or hiding) me from: all the good; all the bad,Continue reading “Home is where the Hearth is”

Ego Awakening: In the song of the trees

The ego is as the rings of the tree. Days pass; months go by; years and decades and centuries. All the growth, the great walls, flourish around it, in accordance with the nature of the times, the conditions, the waters and the sun. The ego immerses itself in it, as a reflection, into its being,Continue reading “Ego Awakening: In the song of the trees”

Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening

As someone who uses common words to express what is usually referred to as spirituality, I am always aware of the limits of every word, every concept I express, and every image I attempt to present to you, the reader. Words are symbols like musical notation is a symbol of the particular frequency of aContinue reading “Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening”

How (Not) to Clear Your Energy

You cannot “clear your energy” without removing the roots. Reiki, energy work, spells, incantations, chanting, and prayers will not remove this energy. In fact, any gods or goddesses, beings, or energy that you call in, will bring more “darkness”, as you are dealing with energies that manifest in a dualistic world and are perfectly happyContinue reading “How (Not) to Clear Your Energy”