How (Not) to Clear Your Energy

You cannot “clear your energy” without removing the roots. Reiki, energy work, spells, incantations, chanting, and prayers will not remove this energy. In fact, any gods or goddesses, beings, or energy that you call in, will bring more “darkness”, as you are dealing with energies that manifest in a dualistic world and are perfectly happyContinue reading “How (Not) to Clear Your Energy”

The Age of Sophia and the end of the Matrix Grid

If you told someone that everything that they know about themselves, their family, friends, and partners is a lie; that everything they know about the world is based on layers of deception and contrivance for deception, that someone would most like walk away from you, either in a rage, or in hatred, or both. TheContinue reading “The Age of Sophia and the end of the Matrix Grid”

Plato’s Phaedo: Ego drama is the spice of life (60e – 61c)

This article is the fifth installment of my translation of Plato’s Phaedo. Please read the previous installment before continuing. If you are just jumping in, please begin with my introduction. This section shows us the descent from philosophical awareness into dramatic ego self-absorption. It begins right after Socrates describes his beautiful Aesopian-style poem. The poemContinue reading “Plato’s Phaedo: Ego drama is the spice of life (60e – 61c)”

The Animals Who Speak

In this article, I want to talk a bit about the animals on this planet, how they help us, and how we have abandoned them, and what we need to be aware of moving forward. The first principle that must be understood is that our bodies are deeply connected to the earth and all theContinue reading “The Animals Who Speak”

Soul Manifestation and Freedom

The silos of reason make it difficult for us to see the one in the many, the integrity of the whole, the Soul in the Machine. When it comes to the intellect, to reason, to the profound thinking that infuses the substance of our modern, entirely contrived and complicated lives, we are very good atContinue reading “Soul Manifestation and Freedom”

Tales from the Matrix: The Suffering of Master and Slave

According to the philosophy of Zen, we are too much of a slave to the conventional way of thinking, which is dualistic through and through…. Zen, however, upsets this scheme of thought and substitutes a new one in which there exists no logic, no dualistic arrangement of ideas. Daisetz Suzuki, Essays in Zen Buddhism SeriesContinue reading “Tales from the Matrix: The Suffering of Master and Slave”

To conjure and summon the Black Lion

This is a difficult article to write, and I hesitated in doing so, because of the difficulty of the subject matter. I will do my best, however. What I write now is inspired from a vision I had last night, and many, many others I have had over the years. As one releases the genericContinue reading “To conjure and summon the Black Lion”

Telepathy: not as far as you think

True human communication is, by nature, telepathic. It isn’t the words, the symbols, or the gestures that are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to connecting with others.  Words and symbols, spoken or written or gestured, are simply a means of expression that often – but of course not always — serve more toContinue reading “Telepathy: not as far as you think”