Dead Energies and Hauntings

For it seems to you that I am a weaker prophet than swans who are able to sense that they must die. For although they always sing during their life, the time when they sing the most often and most beautifully is when they know they’re about to die. They’re delighted that they’ll be returning to the service of god. But human beings, through their fear of death , lie about the swans, and say that they are singing dirges in grievance due to their death.

Plato, Phaedo, 84c

We all know that nature flows, and that everything in nature must be born and must pass away. Even the rocks – bit by bit – are worn by time. Time, in that sense, gives us the limit on all things. It is the end of life, the end of the story, the completion of a physical form.

Yet most of us have a very difficult time letting go. The modern psyche is in fact a hoarder of memories, identities, and past situations. Guilt, regret, longing, and fear are all symptoms of holding onto to things that we don’t want to let go of. We are not good at death, and we are not good at endings. We don’t understand why things have to end at all, why friendships must dissolve, professional relationships, romantic experiences. Some of us wonder if something is wrong with us or other people. We blame, chastise, and spend a great deal of time constructing even more drama about the ending of the other drama. In addition to fearing death and endings, due to what Plato would call lack of skill in life (techne), we are obsessed with the dramatic storylines of our life. We create layers upon layers of interpretations and the accompanying emotional baggage. Then, since our consciousness cannot possibly handle all this tragedy, we hide our memories in the darkness, memories which surface from time to time in dreams and nightmares.

What we are doing is failing to release dead energy. When we do this, we begin to feel like part of us is dying and dead. Fear takes hold even more. Our quality of life decreases over time, and the more we hold on, the more it strangles us, until we find ourselves in old age, regretting that we didn’t really do what we wanted to do in life.

It is time that we learn to bury the dead – properly, and to honor them in their perfection.

Death as Completion

In the Phaedo, a dialogue about death and the soul, Plato uses many words for death. The ones he uses most frequently are constructed from the root -tel-, which means ending, completion, perfection. The word teleutai refers to the initiates of the Elysian Mysteries, who, once initiated would experience the truth about the immortality of the soul and the illusion death. Death, in this sense, marks the completion of a passage, the perfection of a work, and a time to let go in order to begin anew. Life is comprised of thousands upon thousands of little deaths and big deaths. Our cells are constantly dying, to make room for fresh new cells. Stars in the universe are dying. Stars are being born. People are born. People die. There is nothing new under the sun, is there?

But modern humanity has been fooled. We have been led to believe that our jobs are forever, or that we have to stay in the same industry. We have been told to believe that our identity is fixed and solid over time. We say things like, “this is me, and this is not me.” We think we know what we want and who we are, and we cling to that throughout time. We fight hard to maintain it. We are told we should sacrifice and suffer and, through hard work, we will get what we want. But nature always rules, the flow of life and death always rules. The only way we can hold onto who we are is to cling to the past and pull into the future, kicking and screaming. Or maybe not kicking and screaming at all, because what we are doing is trying to maintain structures that are not supposed to survive. We become bonded to those structures that we think are important. We justify them. We defend them. We start to relate to life as the enemy of our structures, our plans, our expectations.

When we start to live and hold onto unnatural structures, we are living in what I call Synthetic Intelligence. Synthetic Intelligence is not natural intelligence. Our natural intelligence understands that their is a time to live, and a time to die, and that the time to die is a milestone, worthy of song.

Some things, many things in our lives, must be allowed to resolved and complete. Not only does that allow us to go with the flow of nature, but it allows us to learn about what we have let go of, and that something more peaceful and natural is awaiting us. We don’t begin our lives knowing what we are going to do or be, and yet we think we know, and we think it is a crisis when we reach a point where it seems like nothing is working in our lives, and that changes must be made.

But it is not a crisis. It is a time to end, to resolve, to learn, to grow.

Holding onto Dead Energy

So, when we resist death and endings, we resist not only nature in the world, but our natural process of becoming and transformation. Transformation and awakening are not isolated events in special people’s lives. Transformation and awakening is the natural state of mankind when we are not being manipulated by Synthetic Intelligence

Yet, because of our detachment from our natural way of being, we get caught up in synthetic realities that
not only prevent us from moving forward, but haunt us in our dreams and nightmares. These types of hauntings are in many way hauntings of your past. And, the reason for this is that you have carried the dead with you, and you have carried what must be released into your future. In that sense, you are “stuck in the past”. For more info on the role of dreams in our lives, see Dreams: Your Inner Oracle.

When you are haunted, you may just wake up feeling anxious. Maybe you frequently have disturbing dreams, filled with old fears of your childhood, that have carried on into your current time cycle. Some people are able to hear voices, or see shadows or dark energies. Some people see the presence of the dead. Most people, however, don’t experience anything, but a looming sense of resignation.

Learning to Release Dead Energy

Regardless of how we experience the dead, we are allowing those energies to feed off of our own life and energy. So, we are not really “living in the past” as much as we are allowing dead energies to attach to us, and continue their life. In the meantime, we are actually damaging the integrity of who we are, our self-expression, and our ability to create. When we carry along dead energy, things and people, beliefs and ideas, that need to be released, they get in the way of our powerful creative self. So, you may find yourself wanting to move forward in your life, maybe with a book to or a painting to create. Maybe you are a musician and you want to express yourself in the world. However, you find that things fall through with you. You can’t seem to get things going. You lose heart, or find yourself distrusting the direction you are going in. Nothing seems to work out, no matter how hard you try. It seems like disappointment is always around the corner. You may even have come to the point of expecting failure.

The only thing that could ever block you from your full creative and transformative self, is something that has kept you of alignment and dialogue between your natural oracular self and nature. You are, at this point, held in a literally death grip by old structures, embedded in your mind, and manipulating your emotional state. To remove these, requires a great deal of will-power and intention. You, must first of all, want to be free, want to find peaceful self-expression. You must be willing to let go of what died long ago, releasing all of the hauntings. You must be willing to cut the cords of the energies that are sapping your life force.

Why People Resist Releasing Dead Energy

The reasons people resist releasing dead energy depends on the individual, but most people do it because they have been tricked into believing that the dead energy is part of who they are. They hold on, because they think it is part of them. Otherwise, I don’t think a person on the earth would want to hold onto them.

There are actually many people who see the dead and other energies and believe they have some kind of powers. Some people will channel these energies or regard them as angelic hosts or beings. They become attached to these energies and might even create a business off of them. These people would be very unwilling to let them go. However, the cost of doing this is tremendous.

When you work with dead or dark energies, you are literally trading in parts of your light, allowing them to “feed” off of that light. It’s simply your own vibrant energy, like when you were a young child, full of curiosity, life, and wonder. Unfortunately, children are very attractive to the dead energies that aren’t released.

How I Can Help You Clear Dead Energy

The truth is that I can’t help you, but I can guide you. No one can help you clear out your dead energy. But I do know how to support you to gather up your will to do so. I can also help you to identify key areas of blockage, and show you how to work with your natural energetic powers to release those blockages.

Once you start to release them, you will find that you have had a lifetime’s worth of stuff stashed in your brain. Your emotional triggers and fears have all been made possible by that stash of information. Once you release the information, you will not be able to be triggered at all. You will lose the constant nagging fear and doubt. You will be able to find the courage to live the life that you truly want to live.

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