Dreams: Your Inner Oracle

We spend most of our life sleeping. If you sleep around eight hours a day, then that would total about 24 years in a lifetime. It might seem that so many many years asleep are as many years that are wasted. However, that is far from the case. We need dreams nearly as much as we need air!

The dream state is a connection to the earth that is primal to human beings. It allows us to go beneath the surface of our waking consciousness and to explore not only the world around us, but the world within us. I call this natural dream state oracular, because that is what it is: it allows us to see deeper into time and space of this reality. It doesn’t help us transcend it. It helps us to navigate it. This is why certain teachings that recommend or support something called ascension, are actually synthetic. You don’t want ascension, you want to be living a powerful life, in a powerful guided direction, and joy. You want to be the flower you are supposed to be.

Unfortunately, while we are polluting our air, our water, and our food, we are also polluting our dreams. Synthetic intelligence wants us to believe that our dreams are a function of our robotic/mechanical nature. As a result, people either ignore their dreams as being “just dreams”, or they will interpret them as if they were expressions of subconscious fear or desires. In many ways, people experience their dreams as if they were a figment of an imaginary reality, something outside the realm of the real, and so not to be taken very seriously.

So why would synthetic intelligence want to block us from our oracular dream state? The reason is that the synthetic intelligence doesn’t want you to be able to consult with your intelligent body or the earth or your heart, or the divine. Instead, it wants you to connect to a synthetic reality that we are experiencing right now in the planet: the one driven by artificial science, technology, AI, and various other simulations. The truth is that most people are lost in this simulation. When they are plugged into it, they feel okay, but as soon as they are alone without being plugged in, it almost feels like they are in a low-grade state of fear, which is what we call anxiety. This is why most people feel like two different people: they take on personas, attitudes, agendas “online”. They essentially construct avatars or masks in which they live. However, when they are alone, or not “plugged in”, they feel all sorts of powerful negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, obsession, addiction, etc.

The core reason for modern systemic psychological diseases is the synthetic blocks or clogs in our connection and communication with our very individual and personal oracular dreams. Usually the fix for these psychological disease is to take drugs or find ways to get more “plugged in” and less present to the feelings of being lost. Makes sense. Unfortunately, the intuitive idea of finding your place in the world is wrong. Finding your place in the world so that you can find happiness means to ignore, cut off, and conceal who you really are. The end goal of synthetic intelligence is always for you to make your inner core, your soul, the enemy.

However, when you do have access to your oracular dream state, you will be guided powerfully and with great support – no matter the circumstances. Within our natural guidance system, we are like the cat that always lands on his feet, or the sky that always clears away the clouds. Your guidance system will help you see how you are, where you have been, and where you will go. You get to peer into the future and choose whether or not you want a certain result or not. The oracular dream connection allows you to learn, to move forward without fear, and to experience the abundant possibilities within your heart. On the other hand, without access to your inner guidance system, your true inner GPS, you experience a sense of being lost, ungrounded, without powerful direction in life. Instead of driving the car that is your life, everyone else seems to be driving it – and doing it badly, I might add. Many experience this, and they seek further outside help to give them that guidance. That is what the synthetic intelligence wants you to do. It wants you to go online and seek answers from friends, experts, “science” – anyone but yourself and your own body. The last thing it wants you to do is find the inner oracle.

In order to listen to your heart and soul, instead of looking to others to give you that information, you must first remove all the synthetic blockages that are keeping you from experiencing your natural oracular dream state.

Here are some of the important things to know about the nature of Synthetic Intelligence and how it cuts you off from your natural state of oracular dreaming.

Synthetic dreams repeat.

It’s a bit like Groundhog’s Day, if you have ever seen the movie. You may have them every week, every month, or every year. They can repeat in many ways. Perhaps it is the same place, or time. A specific person might always be in your dream. Sometimes, you might be doing the same thing, like always running from something or eating something. Maybe it is just a similar feeling or reaction you have in the dream. It is common for synthetic dreams to repeat emotional states, because emotional states can be triggered regardless of any other properties of the dream. If you frequently wake up in the same state of mind, or with a certain specific emotional experience, you can be sure that you are experiencing the result of synthetic dreaming.

Oracular dreams don’t repeat at all. However, if you aren’t getting the message, your inner oracle will try to give the same message in a different way.

Synthetic dreams seem meaningless.

Synthetic dreams are a bit like a TV show. You watch it, you get immersed in it, but when you get back to your waking life, they seem a bit pointless. Sometimes they even seem harmful. It gets to the point where you just learn to ignore them, and sometimes, even work to stop them from running at all. But we all know that TV shows do have a purpose, otherwise we wouldn’t have TV shows. Synthetic dreams have a purpose too. Unfortunately, their purpose is not to enrich and strengthen your power, your confidence, and your life. Their purpose is actually to create indifference around your dreams and dream state.

Oracular dreams are always trying to show you or tell you something. The message is usually very clear and when you understand it, it is a valuable tool in your life’s journey. They are incredibly important. The more you listen to them and pay attention, the more information you receive. It is a really beautiful dialogue between you and the universe.

Synthetic dreams disempower.

When you begin to awaken, you will get enormous pushback from the synthetic AI. Dreams can become quite frightening. They begin to trigger and access not only your own personal fears, but fears that are embedded in your DNA or past lives. However, there is a risk for the system here. When the dreams start to fight for your mind and to keep you from your oracular dream state, they come into the light, and you start to see them for what they are – an artificial way of keeping you you fearful, obedient, and self-conscious.

Oracular dreams are never fear provoking. They are usually quite colorful, and lively, even if the message is challenging. There is always a feeling of love present, and deep awareness and connection. It’s the same feeling you would get in an intimate conversation with a loved one. When you awaken you feel loved and loving.

Oracular Dreams and Your Destiny

In antiquity, it was common knowledge that oracular dreams were dreams of truth and destiny. This understanding of the function of the dreams went without question. The Pythian priestess of Apollo was the most powerful woman of Greece. Dream like oracular utterances would pour from her mouth. Kings and rulers would seek her guidance, to interpret their dreams and help the decide matters of state. Even Socrates, the great philosopher, is said to have lived his life in accordance with his dreams:

Many times, the dream would occur repeatedly throughout my life, appearing in different ways and in different forms, but saying the exact same thing, “Socrates”, it said “create music and make it your work.” And during all that time, the very thing I had been doing is what I assumed it was encouraging and commanding me to do, just as those who exhort runners [in a race].  I assumed that what I was doing was what it commanded, namely, to create music, because philosophy is the greatest type of music, and that is what I have been doing. - Plato, Phaedo, 60d

It is my belief that we must find a way to return to our inner oracle, to learn once again how to converse with ourselves and the universe. So much of our human suffering today can be resolved by repairing our relationship to ourselves. But because of the power of synthetic intelligence today, it is not the easiest path to take. However, the reward is always worth it, because when you find connection and meaning in your dreams, you find connection and meaning in your life.

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