Money: Synthetic Money Structures

Plato believed that, in order to know what is good for something, we must come to know the nature (physis) of that thing. When we become students of the nature of that thing, and have facility around using or interacting with it, we begin to develop what he called techne. This is pretty elementary to understand. The more I know about food, for example, more I can develop the techne called cooking. The more I know about money, the more I can be good with money.

However, the problem remains. Most people are terrible with money. Many people fear it, loath it, love, desire it, crave it. Many are greedy and rich. More are greedy and poor. The end result is that most people have a terrible relationship to money and have very little facility with it. If we were good at it, we wouldn’t be living in a country with trillions of dollars of debt, and ever increasing homeless population, and people who work hard all the lives to barely put food on the table.

We then buy books or purchase seminars that teach us how to get more money. We spend thousands of dollars to do this. Some achieve results. Others don’t. However, these methods of trying to get more money are simply symptoms of the original problem. The original problem is that we aren’t good with money. We have no skill with it. The solutions we come up with betray this fact even further and rarely solve the problem. If all these seminars solved the problems we had around money, they would have already been out of business by now.

The core problem with money is not that we don’t have enough of it. The problem is that we don’t understand what it is, and what we do understand is generally a misunderstanding. We have, for centuries, been manipulated into a looking at wealth and money in a certain way, and in a way that distracts us from the true nature of money and how it functions in human civilization. The distraction is located in very deep and highly destructive Synthetic Structures of money that are designed to keep you poor and limited in relation to wealth, possessions, and personal growth.

Now, please note that this article is not a technical article on the nature of the current financial system, fiat money, or gold backed currencies. For information on these topics, I highly recommend that you checkout the book, The Creature of Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. This article, as are all my articles, is designed to simply guide you or point you in a direction so that you can begin to see where you have been deceived around the nature of a particular issue. In this case, it is money.

Let’s look at the ancient Greek words for money. There are a few of them, and they can help us understand the confusion we are having today. Words are like trees, and many of those trees have been chopped to pieces. If we look at the original tree, we can see that the individual branches, the chopped up limbs that we hold don’t contain the whole picture in its entirety. The Ancient Greek word ousia is a feminine participle for the verb “to be”, and so it means “that which is” or “being”. It subsequently came to mean possessions, chattel, or money in general. The English word, substance, is the best translation of this word, because substance also means some kind of essence or material, as well as meaning wealth. Substance is something related to being. A person of substance, for example, is someone who has rich character, depth, or wisdom. Money, first and foremost, is an expression of we are as a being with gifts, powers, and latent skills and talents. The suggestion is this: that you are a being that is a treasure, a resource. That is your wealth. That is your “money”.

However, are you taught that you are treasure in society? Sure, you may read poems or books that tell you that you are treasure, that your life is precious, that you have infinite value. But do you experience this truly? Do you experience it both “spiritually” and “financially”? We are used to having one or the other, not both. Be honest with yourself. Do you feel, the person you truly are, and the latent or exercised talents you possess, has given you not only an experience of personal wealth, but wealth in the physical, of a life of abundance, and one that gives you absolute freedom? If it does, awesome! If not. Read on.

Reality is a compromised of Synthetic Structures that operate on what appears to be a fixed or semi-fixed trajectory or timeline. These structures work over swathes of the population and are designed to keep people trapped in erroneous belief systems, egoic structures that are based primarily on fear. Synthetic Money structures are completely disconnected from who you are, your natural substance and powers. Just as fiat paper money is no longer backed by gold, so too your understand of wealth and money is not backed by your natural divinely granted talents.  This is why so many people work to make money, and do not work in order to express their passions and share their gifts. This is considered normal by most people. It is what makes society tick. We have, humanity has, bought into the lie that there is always a choice between passion and money. Either we choose what we love and remain poor, or we choose to chase money and survive or become rich. You can see how money becomes something that we desire and chase after, without really loving it at all. It is not hard to then see – at that point – we begin to build anger and resentment towards money and everything it seems to pull us away from.

In the final analysis, the money structure has been designed to pull you away from the experiencing yourself as the true treasure. It isolates you from trust and courage in your own personal gifts and powers. It then creates anger and resentment towards money, by creating scarcity and sense of “never enough”. You lose sense of how much is enough, how much is not enough, and what the difference is between need and want. Money becomes something “you have to get” rather than something that flows naturally to and from who you are. This state of things puts individuals in a state of confusion about money, a state of ambivalence within themselves, and, eventually, a sense of futility about the possibility of things “getting better”.

The Money Structure is a form of mass mind control that has been been in place, and cultivated for centuries. It was designed to make you chase money rather than cultivate who you are, your dreams, your passions.

It is often said, especially in spiritual circles, that money is energy.  However, the statement is only half-true. It is half true because money in our society is not substance at all. It is not energy.  The Money Structure actually represents an abstract “debt of energy”. As debt, it carries lack along with it. So, when certain people tell you money is energy, they are simply perpetuating the lie that debt is something that is of value. They aren’t doing this to deceive on purpose. They are simply confused and unware of the Money Structure.

Since the Money Structure is debt and is decoupled from substance and true money, it only has value in speech through agreement. Synthetic Intelligence alone has no power. It needs to use yours and it will create through the bondage of agreement. Money itself is not something that is very useful or something that has inherent value. It’s a piece of paper or a number on a computer. When you get a loan, more money is added to your balance, numbers of a computer. This is the lie and the illusion. The “money” you get to buy that house has nothing behind it but the trust you and others have in it. Nothing else. This is how all Synthetic Structures create the illusion of power. The acquire the public trust. The trust bonds you to the Structure. You cannot undo this easily. Spiritually, you have tied yourself to it and so, in the process, have allowed your power to be syphoned into it.

The truth is that people, we the people, support and fund a Structure that has us feeling powerless, defeated, separated, and weak. The Structure has you feeling this way so that it can harvest your energy, the true money and the true treasure, into their system. This allows them to gather the resources of the planet, while you chase fiat paper money. Isn’t it a brilliant scheme? Convince everyone that paper money is valuable, while you acquire all the oil, the gold, the resources, the land. This is the con-job.

The good news is that you can unbound yourself from these Structures, if you are willing to take a look at how they influence your world, who you are, and prevent you from being who you truly know you already are. Once you see these systems for what they are, they are easy to remove. The reason for this, as I have said above, is that these Synthetic Structures are illusions, and so they, as they by themselves, carry very little weight. Think about a movie you used to like when you were a child. If you looked at it today, you’d think it was absurd. It doesn’t have the same effect on you, does it? All of these structures are similar. When you begin to detach from them, you see that they have very little power, and in fact, are more absurd than real. You’ll wonder how you wasted so much energy on them, and depriving yourself of your full unabashed creative expression.

I can help you look at these synthetic structure is in your life, the bindings you have to them, the agreements, and the realities that are holding you back. These are not get-rich-quick schemes or instant lottery wins. What I can help you access is the enormous treasure that you are, so that you can unleash it on the world. Contact me if you are interesting in working with me. My work is always tailored to your individual requirements. I do not offered fixed templates or universal applications of healing, modalities, or channeling of any kind.

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