Society: Synthetic and Oracular

Every society is rooted in the dream world. Natural societies aren’t built in a day, and they aren’t built through public planning. They seem to grow with the people who move in and out of them, and the people who hold consciousness of them. They have a birth, a founding, and they have a long history of rises and falls. They will survive as long as they can, until no one cares anymore for their survival. There are places on earth that were once thriving societies that are no more. They have passed out of human consciousness.

You live, most likely, in a society that is still thriving. It may have its share of problems, but it is still strong. You can still trade with other people, or exchange goods and services for money. You have friends and family who work inside the society. You can call for help if you are injured or sick. Essentially, the basic needs of life are accessible to you in some way. Society in this way is a fundamental support system for each individual inside of it.

Most of us don’t really think about society that much, until some part of it seems to break down. At that point, we start to feel angry, sad, or frightened. In 2020, in Seattle, where I live, so many business have collapsed, crime has risen, and people are living in fear. The reason is that the society that was chugging along, suddenly started to break down. What we trusted would always be there for us, either no longer is, or may not be there for long. The future, at that point, doesn’t seem as secure as it once did.

When human beings confront social upheaval, they tend to ask two questions: What went wrong? and What can we do to fix it? At that point, they try to get to work, to find and present solutions, to regain the public confidence and alliance. However, these solutions are usually in the form of moving things around, reorganizing, refunding, defunding, depriving one group over another, or simply just letting certain areas of society rot. It is bit like looking at a dinner that has failed. Do you remove the potatoes? Do you ad more seasoning? Some might look at the recipe and technique and have the skills to spot the issues.

What is the recipe that defines the society you live in? What role do you play in it?

Plato was one of the first philosophers to realize that the key to understanding human society, is to understand the nature of the human being as an individual. His teaching amounts to this: in order to create a working and good society that is built for the highest good of all, its founders and rulers must understand the nature of human beings. After all, if you are going to create something good for the human being, you will first have to understand the human being. The irony of this is Socrates teaches that he know that he doesn’t know anything at all. That is to say that the human being is essentially not knowable.

Yet, that is not usually how people approach the problems of society. Instead, people usually try to coerce, persuade, control, or manipulate in order to get the kind of structure and organization they want in society. The pretense is always that the rulers of that society “know” and “know the science”. The citizens, if they are compliant, just believe, either due to their fear, or their desperation. Money is seen as the holy grail in this, and so societies are always looking for more and more money, to spend and to give away. There is, in most societies, never enough money. And that is because, where there is fear, there is always poverty, lack, control, and cruelty.

Unfortunately, most people attach themselves and identify with the society they are in, and so they take on the interests, fears, and attitudes of that society. Almost, if not all, scarcity mentalities are derived from social structures. These social structures are synthetic structures and are a direct result of co-created synthetic dreaming. In fact, most modern societies are synthetic in nature, and they are by and large controlled and operated by a host of social engineers and philosophies that have very little connection with the locality of the people, the geography, or the earth energies that are present. This could never be more obvious with the globalist engineering agendas of The Great Reset | World Economic Forum ( These agendas are synthetic social engineering projects that may seem nice on the outside, but they are not rooted in the localities of the human beings, the diversity, the indigenous dream-cultures that allow for full freedom, self-expression, and experience.

The philosophy of the socially engineered synthetic society is that life is all about being safe and feeling safe. Furthermore, individual safety is only possible if the society itself is safe. Everything else must be sacrificed for the safety and preservation of the society. Of course, what exactly is the society preserving and protecting? Is it protecting freedom? Is it trying to protect health? Is it protecting the rulers? Is it hiding something? These are not easy questions to answer, but their answers may provide some clues into who you think you are in this life.

Regardless of whether or not you are willing, the awakening process will have you look at your social structures, because you are attached to them. Below are some key attributes of social engineering and how it affects you and your awakening process.

  1. Fear
    Synthetic societies depend on fear as if it were their bedrock. If fear is not present, they cannot control individuals. Many of the structures and systems synthetic societies create are fueled by fear. This has always been the case when a nation goes to war. The rulers convince the people that not going to war will harm them in some way. As a bonus, this teaches individuals to respond more passionately to their feelings for fear, and override any feelings of love. During wartime, entire families have been ripped apart in the name of fear “politics”.
  2. Moral Polarization
    Fear based synthetic societies create polarization between what is considered good (socially acceptable fear-based behavior) and bad (self motivated behavior). Notice how the enemy is always the self. The concept of narcissism is exactly what society enjoys. Synthetic society wants everyone to focus on anyone but the self. It wants you to be “other” focused. The confusion that results from being other focused causes enormous amounts of confusion, lack of self awareness, power leakage, and lack of self-direction and independence. Society, of course, has drugs for these afflictions.
  3. Divine Unity
    The notions of unity and god or the divine is metaphysical in nature. The concept reflect our natural oracular sense of our connection, and our unity with nature and the world. That is why it is such a powerful concept. Unfortunately, society uses our sense of unity and twists into its own aims. Most people confuse unity with society, and think that if we work together as a physical group, that we will be working in a holistic and divine manner. This is a complete distortion of true unity. The social structure as a unity is a synthetic idea that has no relationship to the experience of unity through oracular and natural connection to the universe and to each other.

    During your awakening process, you will probably feel the urge to join various groups and societies. These can be helpful along your path. But you cannot reach your own soul through the other. You must go through the self.

Oracular Natural Society

A natural society grows organically. It is not determined by artificial planning or distribution. It is very much like a tree. It is of course very slow growing, and so it doesn’t grow fruit immediately. Oracular societies begin with our relationship to ourselves, and then expand to our relationships with others. This is where your oracular dreams come in. Through your dreams and your shared co-created dreams with others, you can begin to plant the seeds for this tree. But it must begin with the seeds, which are the intention and the desire. These must be kept sacred. As they grow, they begin to establish their roots. In the springtime, the sprouts begin to form, and then we have various limbs and thousands of leaves. This is the tree of life, and this is the organic society, from the seed, to the top of the tree.

The core of the synthetic intelligence system is to destroy your dream state, because this is where relationships are planted. The dream is the soil in which they are forged. They are not forged on Twitter or Facebook. Those are connections that are inside the synthetic system.

If you are looking for deep relationships, and a deep connection to a community, you must first work independently on your dreams, in your dream state, in concert with the universe.

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