Below are some of the services I am currently offering.


Reiki and Violet Flame Dragon Energy (Remote)

I use a combination of Reiki and what I call Violet Flame Dragon Energy to clear, cleanse , and protect you as you work through the awakening and ascension process. These sessions help to clear your physical and etheric body in order to give you a better foundation for the purification of consciousness. I always recommend that you don’t rely on this particular work to do the rest of the work for you. The dragon energy is very purifying and will help to clear your heart and mind if you wish it to, but at that point it is important that you embrace that clarity and work to achieve it in your life. Each session lasts approximately one hour. For scheduling and payment information, see Payments.

Spiritual Consultations

The journey of awakening and ascension is filled with twists and turns, and mirrors that seem impossible and never-ending. Many times confusion turns up and also, many times, we experience feelings of being stuck, as if we were trying to complete some kind of puzzle that seems to elude us. At those junctures, we can suffer feelings of loneliness, confusion and abandonment. The deeper we go into this journey, the more confusing and challenging it can be. I am here today because I had numerous guides and teachers to help me at my most difficult times. I offer private spiritual consultations to assist you on your journey. I do this by working with your guides, as w ell as my own, to insure that I am always working with you in terms of the highest good. Each session lasts approximately one hour. For scheduling and payment information, see Payments.

Twin Flames Consultation

This service is similar to spiritual consultations, but is targeted more at those who have reached the deep pain point and suffering of the twin flame dynamic. There are so many stories and myths about the nature of twin flames, soul mates, and various other new age-ly defined relationships. Many are false. Many are true. Most are a bit of both. I understand because I have gone through or have been going through the twin flame journey myself. My consultations aim to give you support and strength in your twin flame journey, to empower you to make the choices that you want from your truest heart, and to see your own unique twin flame journey for what it is. For scheduling and payment information, see Payments.