Soul in the machine

  • Roaring Twenties: The Great Energy and the Egoic Panic

    Roaring Twenties: The Great Energy and the Egoic Panic

    The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.I am trying to awake the energy contained in the air. These are the main sources of energy. What is considered as empty space is just a manifestation of matter thatContinue… Read more

  • What it means to be Human: Art, Magic, and Machine

    What it means to be Human: Art, Magic, and Machine

    Artificial Intelligence is based on machine learning. It learns from patterns and probabilities, and chooses output based on its estimation of the probability of a pattern or result that already exists and occurs in the world in some form. Machines learn from what is already existing, and do not create anything new, except by wayContinue… Read more

  • AI: Where Everything is Closer to Nothing at All

    AI: Where Everything is Closer to Nothing at All

    Nothing is what it seems to be. The internet seemed to be a medium for communication and publishing, to share and collaborate; to meet people across the world, and to create whatever our imaginations desire. The internet of the early 90s was devoid of corporations, ads, or manipulative algorithms. It wasn’t dead or boring. ItContinue… Read more

  • Dust


    Each one of us,We start small,Babies learning to roll,then tumbling to fall,over and over again,until we grow up;until we can walk,and the universe beginsto expand… Strange:for although he grew taller,his ego became stronger,proud to discover a proven smallnessin the context of scientific scenery,stars and moons, planets and galaxies:“I’m just the dust in the wind”,he says,Continue… Read more

  • Freedom and servitude

    Freedom and servitude

    In this article I want to briefly discuss freedom. Every single virtue, whether it is freedom, love, honor, or respect, when manifested in the dualistic universe, the material-mental plain, also harbors its shadow. There are no exceptions here. For this reason, humanity is addicted to concealment, lies, shame, and subterfuge. As Nietzsche famously noted: Deception,Continue… Read more

  • Understanding the Masculine-Feminine Abuse Dynamic

    Understanding the Masculine-Feminine Abuse Dynamic

    “YOGA IS THE RESTRICTION OF THE FLUCTUATIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.“- Yoga Sutras, 1.2 Yoga is the mastery of the activities of the mind-field. Then the seer rests in its very true nature. Swami Rama The masculine-feminine abuse dynamic is a difficult topic to write about, because it is something that the programmed egoic-mind is programmed toContinue… Read more

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