Soul in the machine

  • Awakening: The Ego that Must Shatter

    Awakening is a Threat Awakenings are always heart-breaking.  The reason for this is that the ego, as it begins to ground itself, forms something like a shell, a protective avatar that is designed to protect you in the world. The ego and all its attachments and systems are attached to the heart space, like skinContinue… Read more

  • The “gods”

    At length they gradually deviated into a taste for those luxuries which stimulate to vice; porticos, and baths, and the elegancies of the table; and this, from their inexperience, they termed politeness, whilst, in reality, it constituted a part of their slavery. Tacitus, Agricola & Germania They pretend to be powerful because they are slaves,Continue… Read more

  • Managing fear: The Dog, the Soul, and the Underworld

    I posted “this” article last night. I was attempting to articulate fear. It was a rough article to write, I will be honest. It was very much like rummaging through the darkness, and with very little light. It makes sense, that darkness I experienced, because fear is what keeps things in the dark. So, whenContinue… Read more

  • The Poets Rule

    The word art in Ancient Greek is poesis, from which we get our word poetry. It means “creation”. In our current programming, we have been taught that art is useless, and that it is simply an expression of personal perspective, but nothing more. This is a lie that has been propagated to make you willinglyContinue… Read more

  • New Earth: A Divine Spirit Runs Through It

    The idea that a higher power speaks through us is a common one. The reason it is common is simple: it is true. That is why most people will understand us when we say something like “God speaks through me” or “my Soul shows me the way”, or other such things, especially when it comesContinue… Read more

  • Dark Energies: How to Deal with Them

    Many are starting to experience and identify dark energies in their lives. The reason so many are starting to experience these is because the entire planet is undergoing an enormous shift in consciousness. Things we weren’t aware of, are rising to the surface. Dark energies are the first things we notice. It’s a bit likeContinue… Read more

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