Synthetic New Age Spirituality

New age spirituality is an incredibly complex and diversified form of what is essentially a religion. However, unlike the traditional forms of religion, new age spirituality can be anything you want it to be. That is why there are so many forms of it, so many diverse modalities. Each individual practitioner has their own beliefs, methods, and experiences. They also have their own guides, angels, and gods, many of which are borrowed from other religions, cults, and cultures in various locations, times, and places. Some new age practitioners work with off-world beings or civilizations. Many trace their lineage back to these. Most new age religions rely upon occult symbols and beings of occult significance. Others may use Native American or more indigenous types of symbols.

However, as the current Synthetic Structure of the planet is being dismantled, so too will all of these Synthetic new age structures. All teachings on the planet are and will become null and void, as more and more people awaken to the true nature of the divine or Source, that is within them, their own divine autonomy, their deep and God-given freedom. The word religion, after all means, binding or contract. All of these teachings will become null and void because the dismantling of the current Synthetic System or Matrix is based upon a contract that we, as human beings, have not consciously agreed to. In other words, we have been tricked into believing in these new age religions, healers, and psychics. We have lost ourselves in Synthetic Systems, because our natural oracular and spiritual nature had to be sidelined and diverted into something that would not threaten to dismantle the system.

The Function of New Age Religion in the Synthetic System

The reason they seek out healers and psychics is due to FEAR. All new age religion thrives off of and is nourished by fear. If people were not fearful, no one would seek out psychics and healers outside themselves. We as human beings on planet birth have natural inborn God-given abilities to heal ourselves, to experience our spiritual nature, our infinite soul, without the aid of a healer. Seeing a healer is a bit like seeing a professional every day to feed you food because you can’t feed yourself. And that is what the Synthetic System wanted us to be – entirely dependent and subservient to itself.

In the Synthetic World that has taken over the planet for centuries, we have been increasingly controlled and dominated by a world that wants us to lose our power: our power to create, to feed ourselves in a healthy way, to heal ourselves, and to be autonomous beings in our own right. Instead, the world has been designed for us to be manipulated into Contracts from birth, and to become subject to bondage and addiction, and to allow those who rule over us complete control. It wants to need others, to feel lost without others telling us what to do, feel, and experience. The Synthetic System wanted absolute power over your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical life – all four suits of the deck.

However, the Synthetic System isn’t perfect, and so there were still many people who experienced the first stages of awakening. These people, who were actually experiencing their true nature, needed a place in the Synthetic World, a place where they can experience their spirituality in a limited and controlled way. All new age religions, modalities, and philosophies have been relegated to this small artificial space within the Synthetic World construct. That is why healers, light-workers, and psychics have had, in the past, very little impact on dismantling the evils of the world. Most of them, actually, have very little interest in the world, as many say they “choose” to work on higher levels of energy, such as 5D. Staying in 5D has kept many spiritually aware people unware of the true nature of the world and its Synthetic overlay. In fact, many of them have unwittingly been led to support that false system, through philosophical concepts such as unity, love, and peace. The political structure has been designed to keep most spiritually-minded people in support of it. That is why many rarely question the government, or understand much about history or geopolitics. Many either say they are “above” it, or they simply don’t question it, and find a place for themselves inside one political agenda or another. They are “spiritual people’ as opposed to the “non-spiritual”. This sectioning off and boxing in of spirituality, mirrored a sectioning off of spirituality within each individual. Instead of spirituality being a part of our life, our spirit, our essence, it became something to dabble in, a hobby, a separate “business”.

Teacher/Healer Synthetic World

The old new age system created teachers or healers or both. In most cases, the teacher/healer believed that they were a guru or somehow endowed with powers that they could channel or transmit into others. In the Synthetic System this would appear to help some people because most people who seek out healers are looking for direction, understanding, and wisdom. They are very vulnerable. The invulnerable, of course, don’t seek out spiritual healers. Most healers have some sort of psychic gifts that have been granted to them inside the Synthetic World. it is important to realize that all psychic gifts are granted in exchange for something, some sort of allegiance, or contract with other beings. Beings can be ancestors, off-world beings, spirits of the dead, angels, gods, and of course demons. All healers and psychics are bound to the contracts they have made with these beings. Some of these beings could have good intentions, but some may not. In the Synthetic World, a healer is not necessarily consciously aware of the contracts they have signed, and so it is very risky to work them. When you work with a healer, you are getting tangled into their web of contracts and alliances.

When a healer works with their client, they attach their own energy field, any of their own attachments or alliances to that client. Or, they enter the client’s energy field, and just bring in who and what they need to do the work the client requests. The requests that client makes are a request for a contract. Agreement is absolutely essential in new age healing ceremony.

Many clients become addicted to seeing healers/psychics because of the contracts. They rely on them to give them direction, create more contracts, and feel uplifted and supported. The fear that the client had when going into the healer’s care transforms magically into a feeling of safety and nurture. This is what the healer might call true connection, or feelings of love. It is not really love however. Love, in the Synthetic World, is actually safety or comfort. Love, in the Oracular World, is neither fear nor safety. Love in the natural world is freedom, freedom of movement, expression, creativity, and livelihood.

Most people are always searching for freedom from a healer, but what they get is assurances, comfort, and a feeling of safety. That is why people get addicted to healers. The seek and and they need more, like any other addict. To understand this mechanism, please see my article, Synthetic Pain and Pleasure Systems.

Teachers in the Natural World

All teachers in the natural world, understand that they have one goal and one goal only – to assist their clients in accessing their true nature, and learning to consult it as an oracle – free of “small print”, contracts, and bondage to other beings. No one can “heal” another in a spiritual sense. They can guide their clients in way so that they can learn to no longer be afraid to listen to their own heart. They can help people access areas where they may be compromised due to the old Synthetic control system. For example, most people are possessed by Synthetic Structures and beings that they have allowed to inhabit their space. They have been bound by contracts and ties to others that they may be unware of . The teacher in the natural world can help the client to unbound themselves to these false systems. That is why it is critical that the teacher also be unbound by the systems, otherwise the teachers can inadvertently create new bindings and contracts without the client even being aware of it.

Love is the Journey and the End

Love is freedom in the natural world. It is the experience of living life freely and creatively, and to support others in the same. Love is not attachment. It is not feelings of fear and attachment. Love is not addiction. Love is life. Love is power. Love is something we all are, every single one of us. We are able, as human beings on this planet earth, to celebrate who we are in a way that supports and lifts up everyone around us. We are the shining stars of and to each other.

It is this love that guides me in my life and is what shows me where to go and where not to go. As the old Synthetic system crumbles around us, we will realize how blind we have been to our own autonomy, our infinite soul, and the infinite possibilities for our world. We are all truly blessed to be alive and walk the earth to create new opportunities at this time. God speaks through us and we embody the divine in our expression to create heaven on earth. When we allow ourselves to embody who we are completely and fully, we heal not only ourselves, but each other.

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