Synthetic Structures

Synthetic Structures are essentially virtual reality programs that run inside your biological operating system. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, or how many PhDs you have, or how much money you make, when you are running these programs, you do lose your common sense, your natural instinct, and your sense of truth and authenticity.

Synthetic structures depend on two things: ignorance and fear.

Our ignorance of the universe is naturally deep and vast. But this ignorance of ours, this fundamental ignorance that lead Socrates to say that the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing, is what fuels our passion to seek things out anyway. We seek because we ask questions. We wonder because we are unaware. Our ignorance of who we are, when we first arrive on earth from the belly of our mother, is what naturally and organically leads us to wonder, curiosity, and discovery of what the world is and who we are in it. It is the seat of all our passion and zest for life.

Synthetic structures do not want you to expanding, wandering, wondering, or seeking out the nature of the universe. Why? Because you would find out just how much we don’t know, and just how powerful we are in our little world. Instead, they want you to just stay ignorant, and instead of exploring the world, they want you to be afraid of it. So now we are at the second thing these structures depend on.

Fear is what gives birth to arrogance, the desperate desire to control and rule, to limit, to set down draconian rules, to be inflexible, unmoving, and stubborn. So, the end goal for Synthetic Structures is to setup a structure keeps you ignorant, and at the same time having a fear of that ignorance. For example, if the structure is a Love Structure, you will always feel insecure in love, even if you idealize it. You will have expectations around love, desires, needs, wants, etc. However, due to your ignorance, you will always fear either not getting love, or, if you “got” it, that you will lose it. In these structures there are always elements of dependency, loss, lack, and limitation.

Synthetic Structures are designed to hide, destroy, or completely remove you natural resilience, freedom, growth, wonder and curiosity. They are designed to create fear around what is natural to us, fear around learning, around growth, around questioning and seeking. They are written to make us addicted to knowledge, knowing, and certainty at all costs, including the cost of our own soul. Synthetic Structures are little programmatic realities that overlap with other realities. They can absorb both individual and collective consciousness and subconscious. Most of our society, most individuals are programmed by being triggered into “loading” these structures into their consciousness. They cause disturbance in the biological system, mental disorders, physical disease, and emotional disturbances that all prevent us from living our life in the way we truly and deeply desire.

Imagine that you are a child in the world, and you see the moon in the sky. Your parent tells you a story about that moon, that it is made of cheese and that is watches you while you sleep. Because you are a child, you will most likely believe the story. This is how we begin learn about the world. We begin with stories. As we grow up, we learn more stories about the moon, and then perhaps we seek out the truth, and discover more interesting answers – and questions – about the nature of the moon. This is a natural and beautiful process, the process of learning, growing, and expanding. Even if we never find that actual truth about the nature of the moon, we can still keep on searching, and as we search, we can attempt to weave one story after another. Unraveling the last, or using threads from other stories in order to build the next one. Perhaps, we finally come to an end, like Socrates came to an end, when he declared that, after all his searching for wisdom and the truth, he found that the only thing he knows is that he knows nothing at all.

Now consider being in a space where you can watch all knowledge and stories and still say you know nothing. It’s a space where you can see and even feel every opinion in the world, and understand every argument and point of view, and yet still see that you know nothing. It is a state similar to the final state and goal of yoga, which is to release the self from identification with all thought patterns, opinions, and structures. That is the goal of living on earth, it is to find unity with our being and to be able to be the great witness of all the world: to participate, to refine, to grow, to expand awareness, and create more beauty in the world as a result.

However, what happens if that process of learning, growing, and expanding is somehow blocked or inhibited? Well, for the answer to that question, all you have to do is allow yourself to experience the way the world is today, in the year 2020. The majority of the population is completely consumed by what I call Synthetic Structures. Synthetic Structures are not designed to encourage exploration, curiosity, or expansion. They are instead designed to keep you trapped inside a particular reality or appearance of reality. There are specific Synthetic Structures for specific areas of life, such as Love Structures, Victim/Victimizer Structures, Spirituality Structures. There are Structures designed to imitate presence or being. There are Structures designed to feign wisdom and awareness.

These Structures are programmatic in nature and design, and most human beings have no idea that they have become biological operating systems for these programs. A Synthetic Structure is designed to trap your consciousness in a limited reality that can manipulate your emotions, thoughts, and actions in the world. When you are absorbed in a Synthetic Structure, you cannot see beyond it. It feels like there is no other way to be, no options, no alternatives. For example, if you are absorbed by a Love Structure, you will see love in a certain way and look for it in a certain way. This structure could present love as something that you always long for, and yet can never attain. It will present to you possible mates, and they will never work out. You will experience your love life as a pattern that seems real only because the same thing happens to you over and over in regards to love. In the end, structures such as this are designed to deplete you of energy, distract you from your soul, your gifts, and ultimately the essence of your life. It permeates your dreams in the day, and your dreams in the night, and your attitude in reality.

These structures are not personal either, however, they do adapt to the personal. Most of these programmatic structures are co-created in any given population and are supported by the majority. Take a look at Love Structures, such as Romantic love, as presented in movies and music. You will easily find repetitive patterns and attitudes around love that are accepted as if they were natural and true. People then, at that point, embody those structures.

When we embody Synthetic Structures, we disconnect from our natural body. Our natural body, that is connected to the true planet and biological universe, has a more difficult time communicating with your consciousness, because your consciousness is trapped inside of one or more structures. Consider that most people are absorbed in many structures at once, and the structures are related, and actually pass information between them. For example, a Love Structure can interact with the Money Structure. Most Money Structures express a lack of money, or not enough of it. It often triggers the consciousness to wander inside the Love Structure. There is deep overlap between structures. This makes them feel like a “world” when you put them altogether. They are, however, more like a virtual reality game, rather than a world.

Now, when you start to perceive these programs and sees what they are doing, you will find some resistance. There are all sorts of programs designed to prevent your escape from the programs, and combat this kind of awakening. This is why the process of awakening has seemed to be so challenging and difficult. Awakening is our natural way of being – it isn’t supposed to be hard. The only reason why the awakening process is experienced as challenging is because of our attachment to these programs, which cause deep emotional experiences of pain, fear, and even horror when you try to release yourself from them.

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