Playing the Victim: Victim Structures

victim (n.) late 15c., “living creature killed and offered as a sacrifice to a deity or supernatural power, or in the performance of a religious rite;” from Latin victima “sacrificial animal; person or animal killed as a sacrifice,” a word of uncertain origin. Perhaps related to vicis “turn, occasion” (as in vicarious), if the notion is an “exchange” with the gods. Perhaps distantly connected to Old English wig “idol,” Gothic weihs “holy,” German weihen “consecrate” (compare Weihnachten “Christmas”) on notion of “a consecrated animal.”

victim | Origin and meaning of victim by Online Etymology Dictionary (

This article is one of a series that intend to describe specific Synthetic Structures that are used by what I call Synthetic Intelligence to manipulate the natural heart and mind of human beings across the entire globe. Synthetic structures are essentially virtual reality programs that run inside your biological operating system. They are programs that are embedded into our body and are used to shape our conscious and subconscious reality, all in order to prevent us from access our true natural and oracular intelligence. We have all heard about mass mind control, propaganda, and various other ways to control the public. All of these topics are spoken about in terms of concepts and ideas. I am attempting, with these articles, to give a general overview of how these structures operate. I have very unique perspective on the nature of this programming, because my knowledge is not derived from intellectual mind-based scientific research. I am a psychic intuitive who has been blessed with the ability to see these programs as they operate, both in dream and waking states. It is not possible to experience these things in any other way. Your intuitive understanding, your natural oracular intelligence will grasp what I am talking about with ease.

The purpose of the Synthetic Victim Structure is to indoctrinate you into the idea that you, your life, and things and people you love, are food for either gods, or beings who are perceived as being higher than yourself. The meaning of the word victim is best seen in the etymology of the word. The Victim Structure is a program that easily adapts to every individual who runs it. It is integrated into the individual’s biological system, and can use the individual’s memory, DNA, and energetic information to adapt to that system. This is why you hardly notice it, and if it has been with you for a long time, like in most people, it will feel quite natural.

The Synthetic Victim Structure is not new to humanity, but it is something that most sages and wisdom seekers have struggled against for millennia. The Structure intends that humans forget anything prior to their birth. In other words, the structure is designed to cause people to forget that they choose to live on this earth in this particular lifetime, and that they had good reason and purpose for doing so. Plato spends a great deal of time discussing this issue in the Phaedo (73a-78d). However, Plato also mentions that something has caused human beings to forget who they truly are, namely, an eternal soul. Instead, the Synthetic Structure wipes all memory of this. We experience ourselves as immediate victims of life, in a body limited by time and space. We didn’t choose our parents. We don’t remember choosing our DNA. We didn’t choose things to be this way. The rain falls on our parade. The rich eat the poor. We feel victimized by life. We feel like we are the food for the “gods” or the “stars”.

The Synthetic Victim Structure is very ancient and it is designed to keep humanity in chains, and willing to give up their life, their energy, to something that they believe is more powerful, more worthy, and better than they are. The Synthetic structure dictates that what you get in return is a sense of unity, a sense of connectedness, of partnership with a higher being. This structure doesn’t care if the higher being is good or bad. Spiritualists who channel, or work with “higher” beings or gods or spirits are working inside of this Synthetic Victim Structure. They don’t believe they can achieve anything without their help. They teach this to others, that they must pay certain sacrifices in order to “work with” these entities. The sacrifices vary from individual to individual. Sometimes the sacrifice is simply letting go of personal possessions or people, even family. On the dark side, we have actual human sacrifice, as depicted in the attempted sacrifice by Abraham in Genesis.

As you can probably imagine, martyrdom is a function of this program structure. Playing the martyr is simply playing the victim. It is the inverse of the hero being the hero. Playing the martyr in this virtual reality is a role that many of the more prominent victims tend to play. The purpose of the martyr is use any energy that has not been completely consumed by the victim role. Some people are more difficult than others to subjugate, and so they are given the role of the martyr, either in their own mind, or in the public, depending on the situation. Most people play the martyr in their own mind. They don’t realize that they are fulfilling a role or variable in a program.

Due to the veil that the Victim program casts over our consciousness, we have very little experience with what the Ancient Greeks called tyche, or divine fate. We don’t experience fate if we are embedded inside the program. It is seen as something random or given to us by a higher power. If it seems to benefit us, of course we are happy and feel rewarded, like a child feels when their parents praise them. If it seems to not benefit it us, we are dismayed and feel that we are being punished, as if we did something wrong. This is not a natural way of perceiving divine fate. Divine fate is always divine and is natural to your divine soul, and is what Nietzsche would call “beyond good and evil”. In other words, it is a gift, but to see that gift, you have to get out of a Synthetic Structure that sees things only as as rewards or punishments from the higher powers, gods, nature, or whatever.

Most of what people experience in the Victim Structure is “bad luck”. The reason for this is limitation, lack, and addiction to control. Each individual has different controlling “beings” who determine what they can and can’t do. It could be in the form of parents, gods, entities, teachers, religions, etc. In those cases, you are like a dog with a shock color. If you stray away from what people call the “comfort zone”, you will be met with nightmares, fears, or anxiety. You are completely controlled. The comfort zone is actually a prison in your mind that has been perhaps agreed upon by those around you, or within your mind. It is a very small place indeed, and it is, essentially, where you will remain for the rest of your life if you don’t escape from it. It is, in that sense, a coffin. Because the truth about being a victim is that YOU are the sacrifice. And that gest me to the final section of this article.

So, why again is the Victim Structure running in so many people? Well, it is designed to keep you in place as food for other beings who know better than you, and who rule over you. This is not the place to talk about who these beings are. They show up in human form. They can show up as gods/angels/entities/spirits of the dead/ancestors. I have seen them all. Not many people can see them because if they could, they would know the truth.

You are an infinite soul in your true nature, and you are able through your natural biological body, able to create amazing things on this planet. You are able to expand and grow your consciousness and to live in peace with the world and with others. You are not meant to be a slave, to just survive. You are on this earth for a limited time in this particular body. You chose to be here to experience something and to contribute to life here in some way. The Victim Structure doesn’t want you to fulfill what you are here to fulfill. It wants you to reincarnate again and again and again, never learning what you want to learn, never growing, never expanding, always just providing energy to whatever needs to feed of your energy.

When you free yourself from the Victim Structure, it releases many of the other structures that rely on it. You realize that your experience as a passive participant in the world is a message that guides you to learn how to be more active in the world. If something happens to you that is unexpected, you can then seek to find out why it happened, and go from there. If the boat you built sinks, you go back to learning how to build a better boat. This is the game. This is the biological game of life that is planet earth.

The truth is that we are always experiencing life in both an active and passive way at the same time. That notion has become completely lost. In the Ancient Greek language, verbs had three voices: active, passive, and middle. In modern languages we only have active and passive voices. So for example, in Greek, you can take any verb and express an idea of actively doing something and also simultaneously having it done to you. This middle way is the way of the mean, and the way of neutrality. To much active is too much control. To much passive is too much victim. The middle way is always the way of wisdom, of body/soul equilibrium, of peace in the earth and the heavens.


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