From the Ruins of Relationship, Emerges the Phoenix of Self

On this blog, I have written a lot about relationships, both directly and indirectly. Here, I want to discuss the power of relationships, their current configuration in the collective consciousness, and the possibilities that are emerging for an energetic way of formulating and experiencing relationships, not necessarily in that order, but only in the orderContinue reading “From the Ruins of Relationship, Emerges the Phoenix of Self”

The Mask that is the Political Position

The news and the media is a mask worn by many faces, many in your communities; many in your family; your circle of friends, neighbors and co-workers. The issues provoked by the media so easily consume us because we believe they are real. They are also the easiest problems to have because not only areContinue reading “The Mask that is the Political Position”

Welcome to the show, or – Why you are here

Much of what we are witnessing is a show, but it is a show that is deadly serious.  When people are asleep in the matrix, they play their roles. Some are actors, but most aren’t aware of it.  There is an absurdity in the global timelines now. The media’s contrived stories, the dramas, the celebrityContinue reading “Welcome to the show, or – Why you are here”