Artificial Intelligence: Environmental Psychic Pollution

With thousands of years of AI infiltration or, as some people refer to it, negative interference by alien energies; or, as even other people refer to it, negative, heavy, and difficult energies pretending to be “real”, it can be very challenging to achieve what we know we want to achieve, be who we know weContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence: Environmental Psychic Pollution”

Geoffrey Hinton, Godfather of AI: It’s inevitable

“Hinton listens and looks at me not unkindly, but with a trace of incredulity. “Do you feel less human when you use a pocket calculator?” he asks. Around him, the Google millennials eat salad and drink their coffee, their key cards swinging from their hips. Almost all of them are on their phones, or holdingContinue reading “Geoffrey Hinton, Godfather of AI: It’s inevitable”

Soulful eyes

This is what a soul feels like. The eyes express presence – not their presence: not your presence – just presence. They are the gateway to an eternity that can only be experienced by the frequency of perceiver matched with perceived. AI has no eyes for seeing soul, that which it cannot know or calculate:Continue reading “Soulful eyes”

AI: Where Everything is Closer to Nothing at All

Nothing is what it seems to be. The internet seemed to be a medium for communication and publishing, to share and collaborate; to meet people across the world, and to create whatever our imaginations desire. The internet of the early 90s was devoid of corporations, ads, or manipulative algorithms. It wasn’t dead or boring. ItContinue reading “AI: Where Everything is Closer to Nothing at All”

Meditations on “new earth”

When the ego listens to information about the state of bliss that accompanies freedom and awakening, it usually imagines an experience of infinite pleasure, whatever form that may be. However, the bliss that is experienced is not an object of experience, nor is a sandbox of experience. The bliss that is in fact experienced isContinue reading “Meditations on “new earth””

The Artist in this Machine, the Stars in the Sky

I’m going to talk a bit about synthetic artificial intelligence in the content of true human learning and creativity. It is important that we remember and keep in touch with who we are as creative beings in the midst of an onslaught that intends to keep us in the dark and to ultimately bury usContinue reading “The Artist in this Machine, the Stars in the Sky”

Synthetic AI: The knife everyone is playing with

This post is going to be short and to the point. I want it to be known that I work in technology and have been on and off for the past twenty-five years. Right now, AI is going to launch into a completely new realm, a realm and timeline that won’t most understand or comprehendContinue reading “Synthetic AI: The knife everyone is playing with”

Awakening to Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, a Brave New World

ChatGPT, the advanced AI technology, is now mainstream. If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest that, if you are interested in the awakening of humanity, you explore what it is and learn about what challenges and advantages it may present. In this article, I want to summarize what I see playing out currently. MyContinue reading “Awakening to Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, a Brave New World”

Energy work, careers, and the great awakening

Many people are losing their livelihoods right now. Most are in the medical field. They cannot practice if they don’t agree to inject poison into their body. Many are not agreeing, and are busy trying to find loopholes and ways around it. They are trying to save their career. Humanity is not yet at theContinue reading “Energy work, careers, and the great awakening”