Spiritual Contracts: The Foundation of Human Suffering and Fractured Souls

contract (v.)

late 14c., “to draw into a smaller compass, become smaller, shrink” (intransitive); early 15c. “make an agreement, enter into a contract, agree or establish to undertake mutually,” from Old French contracter and directly from Latin contractus, past participle of contrahere “to draw several objects together; draw in, shorten, lessen, abridge,” metaphorically “make a bargain, make an agreement,” from assimilated form of com “with, together” (see con-) + trahere “to draw” (see tract (n.1)). Related: Contracted; contracting.

One of the most difficult challenges when it comes to the awakening process is dealing with your relationship to other people. We have grown up in a world that has, for many centuries, placed a huge importance on not being separated from the group or the village or the society.  During certain times in the past, this made a lot of sense because our physical survival often depended on it. There continues to be certain cultures in the world who live in this kind of survival mode, where the individual exists only to serve his village and his culture (relationship to the gods).

I am going to assume that those who are reading this post are not villagers. I just want to get that out of the way.

There is much talk about the Great Awakening in the political arena. In that arena, the awakening is treated as if it were a process of discovering “truth”. This is not what awakening is. Awakening is a shifting of consciousness such that the entire basis of reality is suspect: not just “theirs”, but your understanding of who you are, your identity, your relationships, and your aspirations. Awakening is not “outer focused”. It is inner focused. When we fuss about what others are doing or not doing, that is when we are off the path of awakening. However, getting off the path is actually part of the path! When we start focusing and fussing over what others are doing or not doing, we can take that opportunity to look at our bondage/contracts with others. If we are seeking the truth of our being, we will eventually realize that these contracts are just in the way of our awakening process. We will want to release them, and not making a lifestyle out of being a warrior against the enemy of what we think truth is. Fighting against the world, is like fighting about a contract you signed and agreed to. If the solution was to simply dissolve the contract, it would be a lot easier. If the world could be freed from slavery through the dissolution of such contracts, wouldn’t you do it?

In this article, I want to talk about why many of us are too focused on what others are doing and not doing, believing or not believing. It doesn’t matter what “side” you are on. The attitude is the same: the other side is not doing or saying what they are supposed to: “They aren’t listening to me.”, “They aren’t listening to the right people”. This is all combative and will never resolve the fundamental problem, which is the contracts.

Contracts show up first in the way we relate to others. Most people feel that their own joy is deeply connected to the conditional joy of others or the profitability of an event. “I won’t be happy until he does this or that”. “How can I be free when everyone else is in chains”? “How can life by joyful when this or that is going on?”.  All of these statements reflect the same programming which is “joy is conditional”. That joy, however, is easily derived from this programmatic statement which is “My light/power is conditional”.  That our power and joy are conditional is the greatest lie of all. It is the lie of the Matrix programming.  Currently, the Matrix programming is falling apart, and the contracts we rely on are falling apart. That is why everyone is so angry with each other and there is so much divisiveness. We have a choice. We either believe to fall apart because the programming is falling apart or we believe we can let go of the thing that is dividing us in the first place, like a bad marriage. We can continue to fight, bicker, scream and harm each other. Or, we realize that there is something strange going on – why are we so attached to what others are doing? This relationship is not working. There is an underlying expectation from all sides that something should be a certain way, but isn’t. That underlying expectation is the contract or contracts involved.

The Matrix survives through contracts – not natural or divine connection. The contracts are restrictive and confining and involve a conditional agreement between two or more parties.  They always involve an exchange of energy. You give up something to get something. You share a bit of your energy in exchange for some kind of experience. This is how fame and success is acquired in the Matrix. Fame and success can happen naturally, but is extremely difficult because the Matrix has so much control over that area of consciousness. Society survives on fame and success, on leaders in the spotlight and a proof of their benefit.  So, the contract defines the terms of the exchange. When both parties receive what they want, they are happy. When they don’t receive what they want, they aren’t happy.  A happy society is working well beneath the contract and likes its leaders. But these social contracts run through our personal lives as well. Consider that every person in your life can hold a contract with you. It is unspoken, yes. These are spiritual contracts, but they are powerful, especially if you try to let go. All contracts are energetic exchanges of some form, either physical energy or ethereal or both. They can be established through blood, through semen, through the simple touching of hands: some kind of exchange of DNA.  The more control of the DNA we have, the more we control the contracts. This is the true reason for genetic/DNA research. The mRNA “vaccines” are an attempt to lay a platform for genetic contract manipulation of the population. As you can probably imagine, most of the contracts we bind to are completely beneath the radar of our consciousness. This is why “higher consciousness” isn’t necessarily going to help you remove the contracts, unless you see them with that higher consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you can find your place of peace and joy. If you fall away from that when interacting with the world, then you are still bound.  But there is good news there.  You can take the opportunity of this uncomfortable and limited feeling to notice where you are bound. At that point you can release it by bringing in the light of your soul, through energetic transmutation and calling the contract “null and void”. If it still won’t budge, then you might have to use some other strategies for your particular circumstance.

It is important to keep in mind that nature doesn’t require contracts. All the beings of nature, on this planet, and beyond, simply work together as they are. They encounter each other. There is an event. They leave each other. No drama. No attachment. There is no energy loss – only exchange. With energetic contracts, we feel depleted by others, not fulfilled or empowered. Or, we feel animated by others, excited, inspired – but it doesn’t last very long. In the world of contracts, relationships are shaky, dramatic, and can only be maintained through eventual compromise. I am going to use animals as an example of natural energy exchange. I am not suggesting that we act like animals. I am suggesting that we have the ability to navigate life that is not filled with energy loss or a feeling as if all love is fleeting and ephemeral.  Animals do not have to compromise in order to interact. They can reflect their natural awareness to us by the way they handle life in the wild. The bird doesn’t fuss over what to do next. It does it. The bird knows where to fly in the flock. It doesn’t have to fumble around. We call it instinct.  Natural beings do not suffer greed or dependence the way human do. They hunt when they need food. They don’t hunt for sport. When a snake is ready to die, it wants to die. It’s will is aligned with nature – unafraid, just being. On the other hand, human beings create contracts and, because they are not aware of them, do not know how to resolve them. Promises of all sorts – to live forever. These are interesting ones. There are ones that promise safety to you. There are others that promise that you will be taken care of, or loved. All of these contain fine print. For example, since most people don’t know who they are, they don’t realize “who” is the one getting to live forever. It is a tricky deal that is individually fine-tuned.

To explain contracts, I like to use fame as an example. The reason is that fame is a contract that attempts to give us universal love and acceptance. The cost is true unconditional love of soul. The more fame we want, the more we “sell” our soul. Unconditional love is exchanged for the conditional. The soul agrees to give parts of itself into the matrix and those pieces are passed out like candy under the conditions of the contract. Other people receive them and then reflect adoration back to the original owner. The result is that the original “owner” feels love and acceptance from others. This is why cult leaders get into so much trouble. This is why many famous celebrities are left broken and dissolved, ruined and plagued with abuse and addiction. The average human being also experiences this, but not on the same scale. During the past fifty years it has become increasingly easy for every human being to become famous to some extent, through social media, podcasts, and various other means.

Every contract we make is an exchange of energy. This is the true meaning of currency. Paper money is a ruse. The true money is your energy, your focus and your attention in the heart space.  There are some who like having lots of people around them for support, help, assistance, friendship, etc. This is why fame is so attractive and gets most people every time, if given the opportunity. There is a cost for this, as there is a price in everything. Nothing is free, because everything is energy. Again, contracts are made by transferring pieces of soul to others. This gives them a sense of comfort, that you are somehow connected to them. It enlivens them in some way. This is a good thing between mother and child, as it is a natural energy exchange. Fame and contracts is an unnatural and synthetic attempt to imitate that. The effect of course is that humanity has become infantilized, always looking for others to give it the love and comfort it needs. It seeks that in fame, whether that fame is through Facebook likes or through stardom. Either way, the individual is completely controlled and bonded to the community giving it the very love that it could be giving to itself all along. The reason why people are addicted to certain ideas, philosophies, points of view, people, is because of these contracts. This why people stay in abusive or detrimental situations. The spiritual contracts are a million times more powerful than our conscious ones.

In the Matrix, love works like that. It is fragments of a broken mirror that we can get lost in, chasing other people, thinking we are chasing love, friendship, wealth, fame. The truth is that we are just chasing pieces of ourselves. It is very strange. The number of fragments we can create and pieces we give away are innumerable, because the number of contracts are undefined. The reason that it is infinitely possible is because the energy is actually generated from an infinite source, which is the soul.  The soul is who we are, and it is the soul that has infinite and unbounded energy or love.

The Matrix always carries distortion of the soul and soul energy. Doesn’t matter if you talking about love, awakening, spirituality, etc. Even now, because I am using the common language of English, my energy is being distorted.  Awakening cannot happen if we remain bound to the Matrix. It is that simple. So, talk about “The Great Awakening” is fine, but it is only the beginning. Knowing horrible things about politicians is not an awakening. It is not about discovering that you have been lied t o. Awakening is not about learning the truth of something. It seeing that the entire foundation of belief and knowledge that you had was a lie. It is about learning that you were the one who was lying to yourself.

Remember, the meaning of the word ‘contract’ is to make smaller. Contracts make things small and limited. You are immediately restricted, fractured and fragmented. The more contracts that bind you, the more restricted you feel. The more you release, the more freedom you experience in the world. This is not a conceptual thing. You actually experience yourself as a free autonomous being that can choose the life you want to live, regardless of what is happening around you or what others are doing or not doing.  You see and feel that they don’t limit you in any way. It is truly the road less travelled. Most people cannot be with that. They especially can’t be with it in totalitarian society that attempts to control in every way it can. The truth is that it cannot control these spiritual contracts. If these contracts release, the totalitarianism in the physical will fall.

The most difficult part about awakening is coming to terms with these things, coming to terms to the fact that in being bound to these contracts, we have chosen bondage, and not freedom. Most people point to others in order to blame them for the misery they have caused in the world. People have, in the Matrix, an ardent desire to make the “other” the problem, the one who is keeping them from safety or happiness or whatever.  If you wish to truly help the state of the world as you see it, work to dissolve your contracts between yourself and the beings who wish to keep you enchained. No external forcing, persuading, convincing, or arguing is going to change others to your point of view. You don’t need to change your point of view in order to change the world. All you need to do is dissolve your contracts, your limitations, your smallness, your idea that you need others in order to be free.  As you dissolve your contracts with them, you give them a little more freedom as well. If we all do this on a planetary scale, then we will see the change we want to be in the world. So the best remedy for life is freedom, and the best way to freedom is to cultivate what brings you joy, despite the darkness in the world, the evil, the demands and shackles that the world seems to want to live inside of. Just be free. Just be joyful. That is the beginning. Let there be light.

Mirrors of Light (One)

Spirit works through us,
as the sun stretches far into deep caverns,
even as it dances upon the surface of things,
it still falls down to inconceivable foundations
where dark creatures are free in their mysteries.

Every living creature breathing,
has the sun shining through it,
for light we are,
and to light we will return,
flowing like the waters;
but unlike the waters,
we cannot be contained.
So, we flow into and out of one another,
organ from organ, cell to cell, pain to memory:
we are one, but not even parts of the whole,
for we are invisible to the naked eye,
nudging us as we arise into new dreams
while we are still sleep walking.

This is what love is.
Not the desire.
Not the romance.
Love is the sun that showers,
The light that floods us all.
You can see them if you ask,
If you stand in the Present.
If you awaken from your sleep.

The harmless words we speak in the theater
can shatter the heart of those who hear us,
launching them into unknown darkness;
for the shadows contain more light,
than the intentional speeches of mind.
These are acts of love.

We live here on the earth in ignorance.
Nothing works as we expect.
We do not love who we think we love.
Our intentions fall like leaves in autumn,
for spirit uses our mind like pawns
so that we might love more.

We are that for each other.
We are that for Spirit.
we are the others for each other.
Mirrors within mirrors never-ending,
encouraging, goading each to see the truth,
that we are one and where one goes, goes all.
that if you are in pain, I feel it;
that if you are in joy, I feel it;
the boundaries are all illusion.
can you feel each cell’s desire to be free,
not by itself, but in the body’s entirety?

But mind wants to understand by dividing:
are these words a poem or a bit of prose?
do they rhyme? is the rhythm right? do I like it?
But this is nothing at all, just the spellings on screen,
a strange uncanny bit of light flickers in between,
an attempt to point towards a living being dreaming
that wants its soul, its planetary body, to see.

When you hate the other one,
you hate forgotten pieces of you.
When you love the other one,
You love forgotten pieces of you.
That is why, when you reach out,
you are reaching out to shadows,
phantoms that dissolve as they say,
as the dust in the wind,
as child’s dream dissolve.

The others are there to remind you of yourself.
The other is never other.
The other is what you have abandoned in yourself
When you return, the other dissolves.

We are not the mirror,
but we pretend to live in all the reflections of the mirror
like children playing house or school
before they know what is a house or school.

By the light of the Spirit working through us,
We live in fantasy and play in order to grow,
fed by a light showering light through all by all,
until the day where we as Source do see
and in silence stand we speechless
in the Presence of what love is,
that it is One,
that it is We.

Prison Planet: Choices vs. Free Will

Communities, like a flock of birds, are a natural and beautiful part of living and life. Supporting each other, working together, communicating and the sharing of wisdom and knowledge is not only necessary, but one of the great joys in life. Every group, every organization, whether that is a group of friends or a group of associates, volunteers, etc. exists by virtue of the investment of its members. This means that every individual in a community has a role to play, and, as a role, is either contributing, consuming or both. The more casual the group, the easier it for the group to grow as a unit, transform, and change direction. This can happen relatively easily – though not always –  in a group of friends or family. However, in larger organizations, change is slow and laborious and so is usually avoided. But its not avoided only because it is slow and laborious. It is avoided because larger and more embedded organizations have taken on, not only a strong egoic identity as a whole, but also strong mandate and contract for the individuals who consider themselves as members. A strong national identity is associated with this kind of organization. Also, a corporation such as Microsoft or Amazon provides a clear direction, goals, and inner character that is expected to be upheld by all its members. Members of communities are expected to follow the community guidelines as a rule. As individuals, most of us are members of various communities, in various roles.

The problem, however, with communities today, is that they have become, not natural formations, but synthetic structures of control.  Even communities such as groups of friends and family are affected by this phenomenon. This is because of the overlap of communities and the infiltration of one inside the other. For example, an individual can belong to political party with which his family is not affiliated. , When a political party becomes more associated with the identity of the individual, the ego offers less room for family and friends. Ego is always about role and identity. Egos cannot carry too many roles because it requires a reconciliation of incompatible roles,  a process that, to the mind, seems impossible (although this is a lie). More and more, we are seeing stories of families being toward apart simply on the basis of political beliefs, or beliefs in, for example, whether or not vaccines are harmful. These beliefs, that are planted outside the immediate communities of friends and family, are somehow easily being able to tear those more organic groups to pieces.

This phenomenon is rooted in the inability to reconcile difference, as it shows up in our lives.  The political party might believe that capitalism is bad, and the individual yet still has desires to open up a photography business. Which view does the individual choose? With which idea does the individual identify? On the surface, it appears that the ideas are not reconcilable, and so the individual most choose which role he wants to play. Choice is not free-will, however, and it is very crucial to notice this. The individual, in this state of two possible choices, is not utilizing his creative energy to actually merge the two together.

So, the individual will choose whichever choice most appeals to him at the time. “Appeals” is a broad term, and encompasses pretty much everything. We can choose things because others expect us to, or we fear losing something if we don’t. We can have all sorts of reasons for the choice, but in the end we also choose what seems to be to our advantage in the context of a particular group. In this case, the group could be the political party, or the family. Family is usually tied up with our identity as a child, and so is associated with our past, ancestral, and immediate. For that reason, we tend to choose the groups that promise something to us in the future, like a future in a political party, or in a point of  view that will be advantageous towards getting friends, a mate, and success. There are those interesting individuals who have had parents who have made a point of placing themselves in control of their child’s future. In those cases, the individual will generally choose family.

But these choices, as they prevent themselves, are just choices. We aren’t, when we experience life as an array of choices, engaging in our natural ability to create the life we want.  Choice is of course more comfortable.  Having limited options means you don’t have to exert too much effort in making a choice. The greater the array of choices, the more difficult it does become, however, especially when you are not in any awareness of what your soul really wants to create. The world today spends most of its time in choices and options, not in creation.  When we are spending time in choices or options, you will find that there are groups or organizations behind those choices and options, meaning that they are not yours and  they never will be. Groups always provide options and choices. This is great for a  while, but choices and options are like the spaces in between the prison bars. Sure, you get to see outside pretty well, but you can’t really go anywhere outside the boundary of the group, without free falling into  the void of free-will. This why Rousseau said that man is born free, but is everywhere in chains.

To be creative in the world is to let go of the choices and options, and create your own. Many creative people reach a point where they truly exhausted in trying to find a “group” that works for them. People such as artists, entrepreneurs, healers, teachers – all sorts of people who want to go a different path – fear that creative path because it won’t immediately guarantee to provide the success that the organizations may offer in return for their hard work. Contracts are attractive because they promise something. Creativity doesn’t have a contract. It only expresses itself. The choice between choice (or contract) and creation often seems to be the choice between a certainty and uncertainty, and wealth and poverty.  Fortunately, this dichotomy is an illusion of the highest order – designed precisely to keep you controlled, and inside the boundaries of surveillance and manipulation. There is no choice between choice and creation. There are choices, and then we go beyond choices – where the choices are actually created.

Creation is the source of all things, communities, parties, families, choices. Our world is something we create, but we cannot do that if we are living in reality structures and constructs that are not ours to begin with, and that are designed to actually keep us in low-grade fear, similar to the fear of a child. The inner-child movement seeks to reconnect us to that inner child for healing. This is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. The inner child actually needs to be merged into who we are now – the child needs to grow up, not be coddled and attended to.  That is just an imagination, that creates more division within the psyche of the individual. The creativity and joy of a child is not the same as the creativity and joy of an adult. A child is meant to be limited by the choices of the parents, for his safety and education. The adult doesn’t have to be.  Plato said that the Greeks are like children.  But when Plato said “Greeks” he generally meant all of civilization.  The manipulation of our energies has had us become increasingly infantilized, which is evidenced by the preponderance of victim mentalities and a general experience of being insubstantial, powerless, and uncurious about the scary world outside of us and within us.

So groups provide something like a romper room, or a place to make us feel more comfortable. They give us a role and a job, and so a sense of identity. There are people who are thirty years old, living out identities that were structured when they were fourteen. Some undergo modest adjustments over time, but they are kept inside the same circle of influence, the same recurring role in the play.  Most of us do not know what it is like to actually experience the fresh air of creativity, because we are only using a very small percentage of it. The rest of our energy is being utilized to fuel the energetic structures designed to keep us  trapped inside our playpens.  Plato wrote about this over two thousand years ago, in his Cave Allegory. Things haven’t changed much. In fact, the deception and the nature of the prison planet has grown more and more powerful. Yet, the good news is that, as the deception has grown into ridiculous proportions, so have those of us who can see through it and help others to see through it. There is always the light at the end of the tunnel. The hardest part is letting go of the toys and the playthings that have kept us distracted from the powerful being that we are.

Some people might say, well, how can I escape this kind of thing? The world can seem like a tangled mess, with all sorts of manipulations threaded through apparently benign groups and organizations.  Some might look to a leader to save them, or some kind of organization to rid the planet of all the nonsense once and for all. This cannot happen. To want to be saved is to a child hoping mom will get rid of the monster under the bed. What needs to happen is the awareness needs to emerge that the monster doesn’t exist and so there is no need to be saved. What must happen is that each one of us must choose to clear ourselves of the illusion. The illusion is just an illusion – the synthetic realities most of us live in, feel limited by, and – strangely enough  – defend, are the things that we must let go of. A great deal of what we are hanging onto are the projections of group dynamics, commonly called peer-pressure or group-think. Everyone knows what group think is. Most seem to avoid detecting it in their own lives. There is a deep seated fear of being left out, of being alone, have being free and of being in the presence of your own free will.  That terror, of being alone is the very thing that is used to keep the sheep in check. The projection of the scary wolves is just a reinforcement of that fear. But if you face the fear itself, you’ll see that everything you have been running from has always been yourself.

When you are in the presence of your creative power – solutions appear and many problems cease to exist. Problems are simply a result of the systems, and when they are the result of systems of control, the false realities we live in, they dissolve along with those false realities. So if you believe there is a race problem because of the structure of reality that emphasizes that, you will think it is a real problem, and you will try to fix it or help fix it. The problem however will not go away, because the structure wants there to always be a problem. The solutions will become increasingly painful as time goes on, if the system proliferates unchecked. But if the system reaches saturation and releases itself and deletes its processes, it will cease to exist and so will the problem. Magically, racial problems will be no more. The solutions to problems in all systems, programmatic or otherwise, is a reprogramming of the system, or a the displacement of that system with something else.  You can never fix a bug in any system by removing the effects of that bug.  You need to change internal processes. That requires creativity and the ability to stand outside the system. Who is willing to stand outside the system that generates issues concerning race?

This is why we have to be very cautious when the world announces that there are problems that must be addressed, especially when the propaganda is immense, and a great deal of money is invested in keeping the problem around. Books, philosophies, educational courses, medical treatments, the manipulation of society – there are all sorts of agendas that profit from the false illusion of problems that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Often, these sorts of systemic problems are sourced in small incidents that could easily be resolved on the local level. But there is no profit in low level problems. There is only profit in large scale problems like wars, pandemics and global racism.  In all of these, solutions will always lead to more and more problems. It is different kind of war, this information war. The casualties are not bodies, but billions of souls who were born free, and reduced to slavery.

In all these problems, the rising of consciousness is never introduced as a solution, and that is because there is an interest in keeping the world in a state of retroactive unconsciousness. It keeps us in a state of believing that we are trapped in a past action, for which we must pay the consequences in both the present and the future. Today, much of the world is living in a world where they are paying for the consequences of things that have happened in the past. Many are willing to call this a life worth living. I am not willing to call it that, and that is why I choose a life that is not fortified by or nourished by the identities those structures are offering. Every day, I discover something new and strange about the programmatic multidimensional systems we are living in, and every day, it gets easier and easier to simply remove them from my eyes wide open.

Awakening: The Ego that Must Shatter

Awakening is a Threat

Awakenings are always heart-breaking.  The reason for this is that the ego, as it begins to ground itself, forms something like a shell, a protective avatar that is designed to protect you in the world. The ego and all its attachments and systems are attached to the heart space, like skin is attached to the body – it keeps it together, protecting it, and nourishing it.  The ego is programmed to do this in many ways – it makes sure it belongs in society or groups within society, follows all the rules, is considered good, valuable, and productive etc.  This does work for a while – until it doesn’t.  Awakening is not something that we choose. It is something that happens to us. As a result, it can be a shock to the egoic system. It doesn’t like it at all, because something is urging it to come out of its protective shell. And the ego would be exactly right, because awakenings are a natural process of expansion, the expansion and growth of consciousness. The world, meanwhile, doesn’t make it any easier. The world encourages us to stay in our egos, because they attachments we create through ego want us to stay where we are. They too don’t want to lose what we feed them.  There is not a single society in history that welcomes consciousness expansion. Socrates was sentenced to death for it. Jesus was hung on the cross for it. Pythagoras’ work was destroyed. Plato’s school was burned to the ground, killing many of his students. The struggle to be allowed to grow out of old structures is real, and it is what has driven all of what we call the history of human kind, in its attempt to control, dominate and prevent the awakening of human consciousness.

Resistance and Surrender

It is always up to the individual, to either allow the soul to expand, or to remain within the confines of ego. But if the individual resists, they will find themselves in a life of pain and difficulty. They will never find true happiness, because the soul cannot possibly be happy and joyful in a limited egoic structure that doesn’t it allow proper expression and expansion. This is why many people, when they experience awakening symptoms will revert to many addictions and distractions to rid themselves of the urge to leave behind what has become comfortable to them and comfortable to those around them.   They will use the mind to make excuses, to keep it going, to keep the lie alive – anything to avoid the scary prospect of expanding in a direction they don’t feel they can expand to. The more limited the ego, the more restrictive and co-dependent, the more difficult it will be for them to expand out of it. However, the results, if they manage to finally escape, will be enormous joy, a sense of freedom and love that is beyond comprehension.

When the time comes, and the consciousness is willing to let go of the ego, awakening is a natural process of the soul to shed that ego-skin once again, recognizing that the skin is not who “I am”, and never was. This is where the heart-break is experienced, the thing the ego was resisting before. The heart-break comes because this period usually means that the ego’s relationship to the world begins to shatter, and fall apart.  The universe, at first, is very kind during this process and will always give you an opportunity to easily and willingly lose the attachments to the ego-skin, but most of us don’t hear our soul’s calls, and we dismiss them, simply because we don’t want to let go. We want to hold on to the belief systems, the relationships, the agendas, and even the familiar worries and preoccupations. This is what is often referred to as attachment. Letting go of attachment, is a letting go of the ego that no longer truly feels comfortable – it actually begins to feel foreign.  When the consciousness sees this ego as foreign, it naturally and more easily lets it go. It stops resisting and surrenders to the process.

The Problem of Other People

Many will try to allow the expansion of their soul, but hold onto the old attachments at the same time.  This is also called trying to have your cake and eat it too. This too brings on much pain, because the old ego’s ways are no longer able to fit into an expanding universe that is beginning to express itself in wider, different ways.  This pain can easily turn into anger and frustration that others are not willing to follow you on your journey, or even anger at yourself for not being willing to keep your old ways for the sake of those others. If you observe yourself wondering when others will catch up or wake up, you can be sure that you are holding onto what was once your own state of sleep. The egos – and yes, we formulate many in any one lifetime – are by nature an unawakened state, and we generally, once letting go of the ego and its structures, soon find another to take its place.  This is why to be awakened is very challenging, because it is only possible if we are able to completely remain unattached to any egoic structures of any kind – including people around us.   The good news is that it is often the case, that those people will eventually rise with us. However, they will not do so if we force them with expectations or anger. It is always best to let them just be in your presence, and to allow the process to flow through you and into them. That is where the true magic happens, because when you begin to align more with your soul, you are giving permission to others to do the same. All of us are on different stages of our own special journey. There is no right way or wrong way here. We are all headed towards the same destination, which is to completely embody the soul, without attachment to an egoic structure. Jesus and Socrates were purported to be individuals who were able to embody their pure light soul energy while on earth.  Both men knew that they were eternal souls, and were only hear to serve others in their process of growth and expansion. Neither was interested in fame, followers, fortune, or popularity.

Experiencing the Pain of Contrast

The rest of us, who are not yet egoless manifestations of soul, are in the process of working with our egoic structure and the natural flow of our soul. That means, we must confront both the shadow and the light of our existence. The contrast of shadow (ego) and light (soul) is a powerful experience that the universe uses to assist you in the process of letting go of the old ego skin. It can kind of be like using your own soul against (actually for) you! Your soul is light after all, and what shows the shadows better the light of your own soul?  For example, perhaps you have ideas about what success looks like, and how you have to get it.  Your ego programming had you running around, reading books, taking seminars, trying to find a way to get your business or project started, to get the money and the notoriety and respect.  You spend a lot of time networking, and making contacts in the hopes of getting the word out.  All of this stuff is great, but this is not how the soul operates. Yes, the world likes loud, splashy, and catchy, but the soul does not. Your soul knows that every opportunity that has come your way, has come your way like magic, like a gift from the universe, regardless of what the ego does or doesn’t do.  So, here is how the universe might provide contrast to you. Imagine you have allowed your consciousness to follow your soul’s calling – life seems more positive, more beautiful, more magical. However, the next day you wake up, and feel some kind of negative emotion. You lost that “lovin’ feeling” somehow.  This is an indication that you haven’t quite let go of something, that you are still holding onto something attached to the ego.  Your soul will help you get to the bottom of it, if you work with it and ask – pay attention to your dreams especially. Many dreams provide contrast by putting yourself into situations and mindsets that you had when you were younger. These mindsets actually still hold onto you, beneath your consciousness, within the subconsciousness. Your soul is using your newly found bright light to reveal this situation to you. It can be painful to go “back to the past” like that. But this is a gift, and it is also a realization that you never left it in the past at all, and that it has been with you all along. Once you see the contrast, you will see the problem, and that will enable you to clear it. It is really that simple.  The contrast experiences happen very frequently, and it is very common to think that you have back-tracked or have lost your way. This is far from the case. Knowing the truth of who you are involves knowing the whole truth, comfortable or not!

All Work, No Play Makes Ego a Dull Boy

During the awakening process, when we begin to work as soul instead of ego, and allow the ego’s expectations and habits to go by the wayside, we experience our work as something joyful. Life, when we work on that level, is very much like when we were children, just daydreaming while looking at the stars, or playing with stuffed animals, creating all sorts of adventures, or playing house like the adults do. Joy is the nature of your soul, joy in all aspects.  The ego however, regards joy as being a limited commodity that is only present under certain conditions. The ego says: “I will be happy when I get this deal.” “I will be happy when I get famous or rich.” “I will be happy when my business takes off.” “In the meantime, I don’t have time to be happy.” “Only rich people are happy. I am poor.” To the ego, everything takes time and hard work. And that makes sense, because the material plane of existence is slow and does run on linear time. The material plane is also designed to keep you experiencing yourself as a being that doesn’t have enough resources, skills, or knowledge to be successful. It has gotten so bad that there are sections of the population who are creating timelines that tell people that they are victims of other people, or are somehow prevented from having what they want in life because of certain circumstances that are out of their control.  These are all lies to keep most of humanity under control, unawakened, and resentful of those who attempt to awaken them.

Fun with Frequencies

The  soul – our true nature – doesn’t work in the material realm – It works on what could be called the invisible realm.  Some people call it the fifth dimension and upwards, but dimensions are just more egoic constructs so that egos can feel good about being higher up the totem pole than other egos. The truth is, dimensions or not, we are all energetic beings of all sorts frequencies, from low (material realm) to high (energy faster than light).  When our consciousness is focused on the lower frequency realm, things happen slowly and seem hard – it’s always a tough slog, this earth.  Mind tells soul it is limited because of the limited body and timelines.  When our consciousness, however, is focused on the higher frequency realms, our thoughts don’t take a long time to implement. They happen at a rapid pace.  This is why raising your frequency is important – it helps you shed the ego skin quicker, because you can change your entire world with a simple shift in thought programming. In the denser frequencies this is not as easy and usually ends up in frustration and failure.

So, as we rise in frequency, we become more aligned with our soul essence. This does not mean, however, that we leave our bodies behind. No. Our bodies are our home on this planet earth.  It does mean, that we begin to experience our body in a different way, as we start to intuitively understand its purpose in relation to soul expansion.  Ego, after all is not your body. You don’t want to leave your body. Your soul, as it expands, naturally heals your body in miraculous ways. It will make you feel and look younger, heal old stubborn wounds, aches and pains. When you expand your soul, and let go off the false limitations and doubts of the ego, that you once held, your soul can work absolute magic in your world, without you having to anything other than change your thoughts. This is what is meant by creation, and creativity.  The more you consciously connect to your soul, the more you realize who you are unconditionally, and what you want. At that point, you know that you choose the thoughts that you want to work for you in the world.

About that Manifestation Thing

The idea that you can create your world through thoughts is often called manifestation. I don’t talk much about manifestation, even to myself, because you don’t need to talk about it. The soul really isn’t interested in manifestation, because manifestation to the soul is like child’s play or breathing. The soul is by nature a manifester. In fact, the soul already knows it has whatever it already desires – all that’s left for it is to play!  Isn’t it an absurd idea to tell a child who likes to play, to learn how to play with proper technique?  The ego, on the other hand, is the one that wants to gobble up as much information as it can on manifestation techniques.  It has lost its sense of play, and so it needs to learn how to do it. That is the nature of manifestation and the way it is sold as spiritual guidance. It is really just ego-guidance. So that’s about all I have to say on that topic.

Embodying Your Soul

As I mentioned above, the purpose of this earth-school is to learn how to master the energies here.  Our mastery is derived from our joy, the joy of expanding and creating and witnessing the creations of others. As our soul expands in that manner, we begin to see that the soul of whole shines through all things, the dark or the light. That is why neo-Platonists talk about emanation as being a function of the One Light, the highest consciousness, or Source/God. We, as individuals are just fragments of that light, and each one of us can shine into any object we place or focus upon. This is why it is so important to shine our light wherever we can, bring our joy no matter who laughs or grows angry.  Each one of us is asked to dare to be ourselves unconditionally, with unconditional love, no matter rich or poor, high or low. As souls, as light we are all made of equal substance. Don’t let the world’s tricks make you forget who you truly are.


There is one thing in this world you must never forget to do. If you forget everything else and not this, there’s nothing to worry about, but if you remember everything else and forget this, then you will have done nothing in your life.

It’s as if a king has sent you to some country to do a task, and you perform a hundred other services, but not the one he sent you to do. So human being come to this world to do particular work. That work is the purpose, and each is specific to the person. If you don’t do it, it’s as though a priceless Indian sword were used to slice rotten meat. It’s a golden bowl being used to cook turnips, when one filing from the bowl could buy a hundred suitable pots. It’s like a knife of the finest tempering nailed into a wall to hang things on.

You say, “But look, I’m using the dagger. It’s not lying idle.” Do you hear how ludicrous that sounds? For a penny an iron nail could be bought to serve for that. You say, “But I spend my energies on lofty enterprises. I study jurisprudence and philosophy and logic and astronomy and medicine and the rest.” But consider why you do those things. They are all branches of yourself.

Remember the deep root of your being, the presence of your lord. Give yourself to the one who already owns your breath and your moments. If you don’t, you will be like the man who takes a precious dagger and hammers it into his kitchen wall for a peg to hold his dipper gourd. You’ll be wasting valuable keenness and forgetting your dignity and purpose.”

Rumi, The Soul of Rumi : A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave: An Original Translation

I’ve spent a few hours today translating Plato’s “allegory of the cave”. For about a year, I have working on and off on a full translation of Plato’s Phaedo, however Plato’s famous passenger in Book VII of the Republic kept showing up for me, so I decided to do my own translation and post it here. Walking with Plato is a quite a journey, and and it grows deeper, as your consciousness expands. This is why it is so challenging to translate his dialogues. However, the cave metaphor, and other metaphors that Plato expresses, are easier to mange, since they are formulated as stories or pictures. Everyone can look and understand a picture.

The “allegory of the cave” is a description of the awakening process, the challenges of awakening, and the reactions of others who are not yet ready to become awakened. Remember, Socrates was put to death for teaching the youth how to ask questions about what Athenian’s took for reality. In our world today, where people are being censored, not only for their political views, but for even questioning the view of others, this passage of Plato is even more relevant and is why I have been called to take a break to translate it, and include a good amount of footnotes.

Footnotes are really necessary, due to the fact that the Ancient Greek cannot be translated directly into English. Plato is a master, if not the master, of the Ancient Attic Greek language, and he used it in many interesting ways to help his readers make correlations, connections, and insights into the world that Plato would have understood as the invisible realm of heart-intelligence, or phronesis. Phronesis is the activity of the soul, in its search for truth, unimpeded by the illusions of the physical senses and distractions. The heart is, after all, the place where we see all things as much as we can, as they are, in their true light form. For Plato, the true nature of the beings (the things we talk about) can be seen through phronesis, and, yet, as Socrates says, cannot be taught directly. The reason for this problem is revealed in the cave allegory, where human beings consistently and mistakenly believe that the shadows of things are the things themselves. In the end, the things themselves are the object of the seeker, or the lover of wisdom or truth, and it is a journey that doesn’t end, not even in death. But that is a whole other story that is reserved for that other dialogue I am working on, the Phaedo.

It’s important to consider the images of bondage in this allegory. To be unawakened, is to be transfixed, and held in place, beneath the surface of the earth.  Plato calls them puppeteers, but the translation could easily be “magicians”. The deceivers are the facilitators of this bondage and are the ones who are “putting on a show” for the captives. The captivation with the show, and the lies of the show, are what entertains the human beings when they are disconnected to nature and her true essence.  In this passage, the folly of being disconnected with true nature, is a disconnection from the soul and the heart spaces, phronesis. The opposite, could be considered synthetic, a phantasm, the lie, or the artificial. Yes, you can extend this to include artificial intelligence. Plato, through this single allegory was combining the problem of entertainment as mind control, artificial intelligence and representations, such as Deep Fakes, and various other technologies. As the Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun. That is the truth.

The deceptions that human beings are subjected to are created by other beings, who do “tricks” like puppet masters. To this day, we still refer to powerful people as those who “pull the strings” of others. Those who follow and do what they are told, are simply the puppets on the stage. The one’s watching only believe what they see in front of them. To them, there is no other reality than what they seem to see, whether they like it or not.

Plato doesn’t talk about, in this passage, who the puppet masters are, but their desire is to keep most of humanity in bondage, in their lies, instead of leading them out into the light. These are, in fact the gods, the theoi, the ones who see, but they are the ones that want to keep the humans in bondage, in worship to them. Socrates was sentenced to death because he didn’t believe in the gods that the Athenians believed in. Socrates, as the philosopher, which means “lover of wisdom” is the guide, or representative of the light, who wants to assist others in their awakening and their autonomous freedom. As such, he was a threat to the “gods” of the caves. It is remarkable that caves, in antiquity were always associated with holy places and the worship of gods/goddesses. By Plato’s day, these cults had become corrupt and dedicated not to wisdom, but to enslavement. Not dedicated to expansion and the light of consciousness, but determined to keep human beings in the dark and limited in their ability to see.

And that gets me to the light. Plato had no word for “consciousness”. In fact, the word “consciousness” is from the Latin, and it mostly means guilt.  In Ancient Greek, and during the Neo-Platonic era, consciousness as we understand it is simply the light, for the light is what enables us to see, to be able to watch and become aware. In this passage, Socrates uses the metaphor of the physical sun, to represent the light as consciousness, which to him is the ultimate good, or the Good, and, so is the God, of all things – beyond the gods.

Four Tips for Reading Plato

I will give you four tips in reading this small passage.

The first tip is to consider that it might be best to forgo the footnotes until a second reading. Get a sense of the linear story, and then dive into the footnotes.

The second tip is to understand that “being” is Plato’s way of referring to the essence of “things” or “stuff” we see. It may sound like abstract philosophical stuff, but he is only trying to express in language the truth, as opposed to the seeming/lies/deceptions in the cave.

The third tip is to notice that I have left out all punctuation for direct speech. There is no punctuation in Greek, and by putting it in, it creates a distinction that Plato didn’t intend. Plato often tells us something by moving in and out of embedded direct speech. It is best to be a little confused about who is talking, rather than try to make it clear and lose the ambiguity.  The entire Republic is told to us from the person of Socrates. So, the “I” always refers to him. In this case, the character he is dialoguing with is Glaucon, who was actually Plato’s elder brother.

The third and most important tip is to know that the Platonic dialogue is designed to make you notice things you didn’t notice before, to see something that wasn’t there in your mind previously. It encourages you to ask questions, and the more questions you have, the more you seek, the more richer your experience will be.

I hope you enjoy reading this translation as much as I have enjoyed writing it! I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Norman Maclean.

Plato’s Cave (The Republic, 514a – 517a)

So then, I said, liken[1] our nature in relation to its education and lack of education [2] to the following condition[3].   Consider human beings as those who live in a subterranean cavelike home, and although there is a passageway towards the light[4] beyond[5] the cave[6], the human beings are kept there since childhood, with their limbs and necks tied up in chains to keep them in place and to only see what was right in front of them. Because of their bondage, they are unable to move their head around, and so, to them, the light, burning from afar, comes from above and behind them[7]. In between the fire and the prisoners is a pathway that leads up towards a wall, just like the walls that are setup by puppeteers over which they present their wonders.

I see[8], he said.

Look further, and notice the human beings who are holding all sorts of props over the wall: artificial objects and statues resembling both men and the other life-forms, all made of stone and wood, and all sorts of things. As they carry these over the top of the wall, some are silent, but some make sounds like the animals and human beings they are carrying about.

You are describe a strange likeness, he said, and strange prisoners.

But they are like us![9], I said: Do you believe these people are able to see[10] anything of themselves or each other, other than the shadows that the fire projects to the opposite side of the cave?

How could they?, he said, if they have been forced to keep their heads fixed and unmoved their entire lives?

What about the objects being carried about? Isn’t it the same thing with them?

How do you mean?

Well, if they were able to dialogue[11] with each other, would you think that they’d believe that the things are[12] the very things they are seeing?


So, what if the prison could carry an echo all the way to the opposite side? Do you think, if someone passing by made a sound, that they [the prisoners] would believe anything other than the shadow passing before them is the one making that sound?

By Zeus, not I!, he said

So then, in every way, I said, these human beings would believe that the truth is nothing other than the shadows of artificial things.

Unavoidably so, he said.

So, consider, I said, what might be their possible release from bondage, and medicine for their folly, if they naturally encountered the following situation:[13]  As soon as someone is freed from their bondage, he would be compelled to suddenly stand up, turn his head around, walk and look up towards the light. While doing all these things, he would suffer pain and, due to the extreme bright light[14], would be unable to see those things, the shadows of which he saw before. [In that circumstance], what do you believe he would say, if someone else should tell him that what he knew previously was foolishness, but now he is closer to being, and that, by aligning himself more with being, he will see more correctly. Furthermore, by showing him each one of those who have been moving around [behind the scenes/wall], he would compel him to answer, by asking him what they are. Don’t you think that he would be confused and would believe that the things he used to see to be more true than the things he is being shown now?

By far, he said.

So then, even if the light itself forced him to look at the light, would he experience pain in his eyes, and turning away, would he run towards those things he was able to gaze upon, believe those things to be in reality clearer than the things that were being shown to him?

It is like that, he said.

But, if, I said, someone should drag him by force through the difficult uphill ascent and, refusing to release him until he is carried out into the light of the sun, wouldn’t he kick and scream as he was being dragged? Then, when he would finally arrive at the light, wouldn’t his eyes fill with the light of the sun, and he would be unable to even see what is now being called true?

No – at least not right away! he said.

I believe he would need to get accustomed to it, if he wanted to see the things above. First, he would be able to see the shadows quite easily, and after that, he would see the images of human beings and everything else in the waters. Then, finally, he would see the things as they are, from which things he would also see the stuff in heaven and heaven itself, more easily at night, by gazing on the light of the stars and the moon, rather than the light of the day and the sun.

How not?

Finally, I believe he would gaze upon the sun itself, not its reflection of the water, or in another place, as an illusion of the sun, but as the sun is by itself and in accordance with itself, he would see and wonder as to what it might be.

Necessarily, he said.

After all this, he might converse with himself and think that the sun is the bringer of the seasons and the years, nourishing all things in the visible realm, and that the sun in some way is the cause of all these things they[15] have been seeing.

It is clear that he would come to these conclusions, he said.

What then? After remembering his first home, what [is called] wisdom there, and all those who are in bondage there, don’t you think that he would count himself blessed from his transformation, but would pity the others?

Very much so.

So, if at that time there were any honors, praises, or gifts amongst them, to award the one who could with greatest clarity see the things that go by, or the one who could remember which things were carried first, which things afterwards, and which things at the same time, or even further, one who is most powerful at predicting what would arrive in the future, do you think that he would be enthusiastic for these awards, and would be envious of those amongst them who were honored and the most powerful there, or would he instead experience the saying of Homer, and so would rather “be a farmer of the soil, a serf to another even poorer man, and to suffer anything else whatsoever, rather than to think or live  as they do?[16]

I believe this is so, that he would rather accept suffering than to live in that way.[17]

Consider this, then, I said. If such a one returned and sat in his old seat, wouldn’t his eyes be full of darkness, having all of a sudden arrived from the sun?

Very much so, he said.

If it was required that he search for knowledge in terms of the shadows there, where his eyes were still dim, and argue with those who have always been prisoners, before he could get clear vision – for it could take a long time before his eyes to adapt – wouldn’t he receive ridicule, and would be said to have ruined his eyes ascending above, that it really isn’t worth it to even attempt to do such a thing? Furthermore, if it were possible for them to take and kill the one who attempts to free and lead others, wouldn’t they do so?[18]

Absolutely, he said.

[1] Socrates calls on Glaucon to look at our human state of education in terms of a likeness. Remember, this is a parable that is about how we confuse the likeness of the beings, with the truth of the beings. The parable itself is a likeness about the condition we face as being attached to likeness. The metaphor of the cave is a paradox of mirrors.

[2] Education in ancient Greek is παιδείας. The root -παι- means child/of a child and so this word refers to all aspects of child rearing at home and at school. The word, education mostly focuses on institutionalized learning. The Greek is more expansive. It is good to keep this mind, as Socrates is not making a critique about the school system. To Plato, the world is where we learn, from childhood to adulthood. Education is synonymous with living. Learning is growing, expanding, and cultivating every day of our life.

[3] The word for condition is πάθει, from which we get our word pathos, or pathetic. It means suffering, in the sense of experiencing things outside our control. The human condition, in this parable, is one of slavery and imprisonment.

[4] This light is the light from outside the cave. It is not the fire that is described below.

[5] The preposition παρὰ is ambiguous. It is used a lot in this passage. It can mean besides (parallelogram), passed over (paraleipsis), beyond (para-normal), outside (para-dox), against (para-sol). So, the idea is that the light enters the cave, but it is not “in” the cave. It is there, but not there. I translate παρὰ as ‘about’ or ‘around’, just to keep that sense of ambiguity.

[6] Socrates refers to the cave-like home as σπηλαιώδει. But here, he uses the word cave, σπήλαιον. Notice that he quickly substitutes a world indicating likeness, with a word indicating being. This is important: language conceals that we are referring to likenesses. Keep this in mind as you continue to read the passage.

[7] Like cave and cave-like, Socrates is equating fire with the light, as if they were same. In the cave, the people can feel the fire at their backs, and they can, as we shall see, see the fire-light behind the shadows.

[8] Socrates told Glaucon to liken our nature to the conditions describe. “I see” has replaced “I liken”, which is a replacement of likeness, with identity/being. ἄτοπον

[9] Glaucon has distanced himself (projected) from the likeness by calling them “strange”.  The word is ἄτοπον, from which we get our word topology. Literally, it means “no place”, and therefore “non-existent”.


[11] Glaucon and Socrates are now dialoguing with each other. This is, after all, a dialogue of Plato.

[12] The things are represented by the objects, and those carrying them. Remember, the prisoners only see and dialogue with the shadows projected on the wall of the cave.

[13] The word that I translate as ‘folly’, ἀφροσύνης, is impossible to translate in English. The word derives from the Greek word for heart, and it describes a folly that originates in the blindness of soul, connected to the heart space.

[14] Like when you turn the light on in the middle of the night, and it is painful to the eyes.

[15] All of a sudden, it seems that the one person who ascends towards the light, is actually not alone. This is a fascinating passage. “They” and what the “they” have been seeing is actually all humans everywhere. It’s just the not all see it as clearly as the one who is awakening. It is worth meditating on this passage, because the suggestion is that the beings, in their illusion and in their being are all emanations or creations of what Plato understands to be the realm of the Good or God.

[16] The awards are given to those who see, those who can remember, and those who can predict.  In other words, the awards are given to those who deeply believe in the false reality structure, a structure that defines past, present, and future. This is how the cave-puppeteers control the narrative and award those who are able to repeat and reinforce it. Plato is showing us how timelines can be used to entrap consciousness in ignorance if we believe the stories we are told about the shadows on the wall. Public honors and awards keep the show going.

[17] The philosopher always chooses to live in truth, rather than chase the rewards of receiving good public opinion. Living in alignment with light consciousness, in the light of God is its own rewards. This sentiment is also amply expressed in the New Testament.

[18] This is hypothetical because awakening is not something that someone does to something else. Awakening is truly the awakening of the soul in connection with the Source/God/The Good, which cannot be “killed”. This is why Socrates did not hold any fear at his deathbed. They cannot kill the seeker of truth, because it is an emanation of who we are, as divine emanations of Source.

New Earth: A Divine Spirit Runs Through It

The idea that a higher power speaks through us is a common one. The reason it is common is simple: it is true. That is why most people will understand us when we say something like “God speaks through me” or “my Soul shows me the way”, or other such things, especially when it comes to inspired and artistic expressions. However, we usually speak this way in a conditional sense. Most don’t believe or have the experience that everything they do and say in every second of their lives is the divine speaking through them.  As a whole – and there may be some exceptions – if you are a part of this current matrix, you have been prevented from accessing the divine energy on a consistent basis, and so you find yourself in modes of consciousness that may seem completely opposite to how you feel when you are connected to the divine. Perhaps when dealing with a sibling, or a particular friend, career, or situation, you find that you can’t seem to make things work. Many are incredibly creative in some art form, but have trouble interacting with others in a way that is equally inspiring and uplifting. In general, it almost seems like their entire being is divided into tiny fragments or modes that shift as the circumstances shift.  It can be incredibly frustrating, especially to creative minds who want to share their creativity in all areas of their life, and know intuitively that they have something to share with the world.

The problem is not our access to Source or our creative energy. That is a silver cord that is always there, a great river of creative energy and surge. The problem is that we don’t quite understand our experiences in this world or what it is, and how they create blockages in that energy. The good news is that world has wonderful teachers and guides that show up in the most opportune ways. Most of us seek outside help, psychotherapy, spiritual modalities that are infinite in number and nature. Some people seek refuge in the Bible, church, or just friends. This is exactly what you are supposed to do. Many of those teachings, teachers, and modalities are beautiful and helpful. However, they are, it must be remembered, all delivered inside the world and are of the world. The river of creative energy runs through them, and into you. However, there will reach a point where you approach a “coming of age” and it is time for you to go forth on your own, without the aid of the “other”. At that juncture, many resist, and want to cling to their support systems. The longer you do that, the longer you forsake your own personal relationship to the divine, and you instead try to attach yourself to outside forces, people, and ideas, you will eventually find great resistance either from within yourself, or from the world outside you. That resistance is a gift, but it can often be a painful one. It is a gift because it is telling you that you cannot find yourself outside yourself, and that Source is speaking with you on your own terms. At that point, you are being called to return to Source through your own soul’s guidance, and not the outside guidance of others.  And, when we listen to the call to evolve and expand (awaken) and return to ourselves, we will spend time there, to yet once again return to the world, and interact, seeking guidance in new and often unexpected ways. This is a cyclical process. This process of looking outside ourselves, and then returning within is the movement and flow of expansion and contraction that is natural to every living being on the earth. As we grow, we expand. As we begin to die, we begin to contract. All of this is happening simultaneously, at every second and every moment of your life. You seek guidance from a teacher, you learn, you grow, and then you realize that it is not quite you. You keep the wisdom that is inspired through your soul, and you move back into yourself. The ironic thing is that when you contract from the world, you expand within yourself. This is the mystery of life: as the body withers, as the body contracts and grows old, your soul has an opportunity to expand. Life is a beautiful dance.  Death starts to appear as life, and life as death. That is the strange journey of the soul.

However, there is another component to this world that is not part of this dance, and doesn’t want you dancing at all.  I call this component Synthetic Intelligence – as opposed to Oracular Intelligence. Synthetic intelligence is similar to a virus in a computer system, that takes residence in the system and causes all sorts of havoc and confusion. I am not going to discuss the cause of this virus in this particular article. That is a whole other conversation. Some people are content with calling the cause Satan. Some call it alien technology or reptilian control systems. Either way, whatever the cause, the result is the same: to create havoc in our natural biological system on all levels, mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and etheric.   It is a system that doesn’t want us to love life, but to give our energy of love to their system of slavery, control, and dominance. It fosters self-doubt, self-loathing, stagnation, the loss of curiosity and wonder, the loss of innocence, freedom, play and creativity.  This is the essence and core of this system. It creates hatred of the soul, hatred of the self, and love for the system, worship of the system. The entire matrix system is actually the true meaning of religion, which means bondage in Latin. The moment we come into the world, at our birth, we take on the bindings of this system, as contracts. Your mother, unwittingly, signs that contract called your birth certificate, and for it, you become a number in the system.

There is a lot to talk about regarding the state of the matrix, as it is commonly known. It is, on spirit level, a planetary grid or programmatic machine that captivates our entire conscious world. It manipulates the conscious world through the subconscious of every human being that is born on the planet. Our world, as it is today, is based on a sort of Base Operating System that requires all souls to inject their consciousness into specific personal egoic structures, more commonly known as “me” or “ego” or “my life”.  As a result, most modern human beings think of their identity as being something concrete, unified, and relatively consistent. Our personality, character, tastes, religion, or beliefs generally formulate what we come to develop as our identity. When we truly believe that the identity is who we actually are, we are placing our consciousness inside an avatar, like an actor places his soul inside a character. At that point, the consciousness and avatar are one unit. That unit is what we recognize as the ego. The ego allows us to say: This is me. That is not me. It has resulted in a population obsessed with and attached to the preservation (not expansion of) self on every level, whether that be the chasing of personal fame, fortune, or enhancement. The ego likes to dominate and it will survive at all costs, even if that cost is your soul. It is motivated by its underlying awareness that it is a fraud, and so it always aspires to exert itself through argument, defense mechanisms, stories of victimization, and self-righteousness. It demands contracts and obligations in order to preserve what it believes it owns. It doesn’t matter what form the ego takes – the possibilities are many and everyone on the planet participates in it as if it is a natural way to be in life. This is the only way the ego-consciousness understands what is possible. It always sees “stuff” as possible for it to own or “have”. The stuff it wants to have are the stuff generated in the system: the companies, the corporations, the government, and all the trappings of the “world” of the matrix.  It is a strange irony of the ego that it mistakes this possession for identity. Interestingly enough, this began thousands of years ago, before the word ego was even invented. Plato, for example, has no word for ego. However, the Ancient Greek word “to have” (echein) also came to mean “to be”, einai. This is what the egoic structure does. It tells y you that what you own is who you are (I have this skill, or that amount of money, or that girl, and this car). This is the very essence of the interference technology: it cannot exist without control and domination. That is why the mrix is based on systems of control, in education, government, relationships, and general interactions.

So, as a human species, we have been hijacked by an interference technology that essentially uses our energy to set us against one another on every level: male vs female, straight vs. gay, democrat vs republic, liberal vs. conservative, black vs. white, American vs. Indian, etc. This system is a system of divide and conquer, mostly based on lies and exaggerations, and faulty, but valid logical syntax. In addition to these wars being generated outside ourselves in politics and society, there are other more clandestine wars being generate within the individual, creating havoc within your own body. Not only does the system want you to work against other human beings. It also wants your body to work against itself.  The new COVID-19 vaccine is one way they are doing this on a biological level. For more information, see How Covid-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System or listen to this video by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. Creating disease (dis-ease) is the aim because, again, this fuels the pharmaceutical machine, generating enormous amounts of money, power, and domination.

The more they break down your consciousness and your body, to the point where you are at war with others, at war with yourself, and in complete and utter despair and fear, the more they can control you. That is intention of the Great Reset. They want you to see them as the saviors, not God, not source, not your own intuition. They don’t want you to dance in the expansion/contraction of the universe. They don’t want you to find out the truth about who you are, that you are of a divine and infinite soul, of tremendous power of insight, telepathy, empathy, and great love. They know that, if you knew this, that you would remove them – with ease. You see, these programs rely on your being weak and being deceived. They cannot rule you in your original natural state, because you are more powerful than they are. So, they weaken you enough on every level, like a torturer to its victim. That is how they usher in their own solutions to your problems and misery. That is how and why they encourage deep co-dependency on every level of your existence. It doesn’t matter if you have co-dependent issues with mom, dad, girlfriend, wife, husband, or some job. They don’t care about that. The only thing they are trying to keep you from is becoming present to who you are as an autonomous being of a divine and infinite nature, of God or Source, deathless and eternal.

In the year 2021, humanity is undergoing and deep and profound awakening, the likes of which we have not seen before in recorded history. The matrix system is under threat and the virus is running overtime to hold onto its power. In the past, very few would awaken from the slumber of the matrix, and these were seen as divine beings or beings infused with divinity: The Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, etc. The system was easily able to diffuse the power of those few individuals, and even use them to their own advantage by destroying their true teachings, and replacing them with something that is more aligned with the Synthetic System. Regardless of systems efforts, we are witnessing a massive awakening, an awakening that challenges us to free ourselves from the egoic structures we have lived inside of, and nurtured to our own detriment. This is not only a return to Source, God awareness, but also a return to the creation, which is nature, in all its forms: the true earth, our bodies, the animals, the true biological system that has been under threat by the control structures of governments and corrupt corporations. Imagine a world where instead of listening to the FDA about what is healthy, that we can listen to our intuition, and those who use their intuition to guide themselves in the wisdom of the body, herbs, and preventative medicine. True medicine people, who cultivate both knowledge and wisdom. Imagine living in a world, where nothing you experience or learn about life is a bad thing – that pain and suffering are never anything chronic, but are simple experiences that you, as an infinite soul, can use to your advantage and empowerment. Imagine a life where you and everyone else interacts with soul, instead of the fears and lies of the ego. We have, through cultural conditioning and propaganda, bought into the lies of the dominant control structures and mind control. We have lived inside a game that is rigged against us. We don’t have to do that anymore. We can create something different. We can all do it together.  That is the end goal of the Great Awakening – it is the creation of a new earth through which God speaks through all and moves all, in our creative energy, our love, and our eternal soul. The true is Earth has always had a Spirit running through it, and you are an expression of that spirit.

Awakening and Sadness: Let Go of the Caterpillar Dream, Butterfly

Awakening is supposed to be a time of awareness, hope, and light. Yes, it is. But it is also something else. It is loss, it is death, and it waving goodbye to what you thought you were, what you thought the world was. Awakening is saying goodbye to the old dream, and hello to new possibilities. Yet, many of us, due to social conditioning and a culture that has no facility with handling death and loss, feel a sadness and despair that we don’t seem to be able to – or perhaps want to – shake. Our modern culture doesn’t like loss. It doesn’t like change. We like to think of ourselves as being highly sophisticated with high tech, but we fall to pieces when we experience loss in our lives.

So, instead of cultivating an understanding of what loss is, that is is a natural – and beautiful – process of life, that it signifies a time of great change into perhaps an unknown and mysterious territory, we immediately get to telling ourselves stories about what we are experiencing. We begin to label it with a Mind map. Psychology has provided us many, many stickers by which we label our feelings. So we eagerly grab those, and stamp what we think is appropriate on our foreheads. Yet, does it really help? I don’t think so. It is just making it worse.

Depression, sadness, anxiety, hopelessness: these are all feelings that we have from time to time. Sometimes they last for a short period, maybe a few minutes or a few hours. Sometimes they linger for days, weeks, or months; for some, this can go on for years. But regardless of the length of our hopelessness, they all amount to the same thing: feelings of loss, a little brush with the unknown, the invisible, something like death.

This sense of something missing or not being right can lead to many things. It can lead us into fear or panic. It can lead us into making up intricate stories about our feelings, based on past memories and future expectations. Usually, when we feel sad, our minds immediately go to our habitual interpretation of that sadness.  This is why we feel like we are trapped in the sadness. The stories we create don’t feel like our creation. They feel real. When we are immersed in these stories, we take on a specific identity, a character. Others in the story also take on roles as well. They are either contributing to our sadness or they are trying to help.

When you are always using the same story about yourself in life, then that story feels real. So, for example, whenever you feel sad, you might use the same story or explanation, like “I don’t have love in my life” or “I am not lovable” or “Nothing works out for me.” These voices in your head are not coming from a good source and they can be quite stubborn. But you can wake up to them, to become a witness to them, rather than an obedient slave. In a lot of ways, what the voice is actually saying to you is: YOU DON’T BELONG IN THIS LIFE, IN THIS DREAM. When you realize that, you can start to see the absurdity of it. You are in this life because you are supposed to be in this life. It is that simple. Lies are not just on MSM or the media. They are swimming inside your head long after you shut off the television.

When you start to realize that you aren’t what your mind is saying about you, when you start to experience yourself as a Soul, rather than an ego/character/story, you start to realize that living life “in story” is very much like living life in a dream. That is when you start to awaken from the dream. The truth about the Great Awakening occurring on earth right now is that we are rising from the dream and dreams that we have had about ourselves. When we do this, we say goodbye to who we are. That conjures feelings of sadness and loss.

There is nothing wrong when you experience sadness in your life. We experience all kinds of emotions. Emotions are like water, and they flow through us like water. They take us up. They take us down. We built boats upon the water, stories, to help us understand who and what we are, where we are going, what to expect. But what happens when our hopes and expectations are dashed? Why does that make us sad? Well, there is a loss there, kind of like a death. We held onto something, a story, a person, an expectation, and we wanted it to be a certain way. But what if God and the universe has other plans. That is the best news because life, in its natural unmodified and unmanipulated state is designed to grow and expand. The best thing about human beings is that as our bodies age, our wisdom can continue to expand and grow exponentially. This is the true glory and wisdom of growing “old”, something that we have been taught to fear, rather than embrace. In modern society we have not only lost respect for our elders due to our fear of death, but we have lost respect for wisdom and our own Soul’s capacity for wisdom.

Even worse, we have been living in a world that wants and encourages sadness and depression. We are told, even by psychology, that prolonged sadness is a disease and is something bad and weak in us. But sadness, by itself, is an experience of loss. it is the death experience, the losing of something or someone you held onto in some way. In our culture we are just not equipped to handle loss in a beautiful way.  The story of Jesus’ death is an example of a teaching that is trying to show you that loss is not an end, but is only a beginning. Plato, too, showed the same, in his dialogue called the Phaedo. In the Phaedo, Socrates is about to die, but he has no fear, and no sense of loss. The only ones who didn’t want to let go of him were his friends, because they saw him as a physical person, not as an eternal soul. But he saw a new life and a new world because he saw that the soul is deathless.

When we are asleep, due to centuries of human slavery and programming, we believe that we are only this body here, and we believe what our mind has been programmed to think about ourselves. We have been trained to become attached to the expectation of a system of control, and the way we have taught that it works. Letting go of this system of control is going to take a while for many, many people. We are all awakening on the planet now. We are all going to confront, eventually, the mirror of who we have been in this life. This is will be a gateway towards our own personal freedom, where loss is a something that we can learn to acknowledge as being a stepping stone for future growth. The caterpillar needs to be willing to let go of her caterpillar-ness and all the expectations of the caterpillar in order to allow the transition to butterfly. That transition can be challenging.

The truth about human beings, and the truth about you, is that you are way more than you thought you were. Your awakening is leading you to more freedom, more agility, more joy and more awareness in life. You will no longer tolerate being a slave to anyone. You will no longer tolerate the forces that have kept you from growing, becoming, who you are, an infinite being of infinite Love, a true child of God. Consider that the world has, up until now, wanted us to believe that we are small insignificant creatures. That we should worship the stars and the celebrities who are better than we are. That we should have every aspect of our lives controlled by experts and those who know better than we do. That we should worship, but not participate. That we should keep our masks on and shut up.

So, your sadness is located in loss. Your sadness is located in the missing of something. Take a look. God wouldn’t show you or have you feel sadness in order to make you suffer. Sadness is a beautiful thing, but you have to be willing to let go and look. Look and see what you are holding on to that needs to be let go of. You know that your soul is whispering something into your ear. You know deep inside that you are on this earth at this time for a reason. Your light is the reason, your wonder and curiosity and growth is the reason. Let go of your caterpillar dream, butterfly.

Eyes for the Stars

This is not about politics.
Something far more sinister [evil] has been allowed to flourish through all parts of our society.
It has been protected and safeguarded.
It has been camouflaged to appear as trusted.
It has been projected [normalized] by STARS.

Q – 3931

Everything in the world has its truth and its lies, its being and its imitations. In our natural state, its very easy to spot a liar. It is also very easy to spot a lie. But what happens when we can no longer see the difference between what is true and what is false? What happens when our natural state is somehow muted or blocked? Well, we know what happens. Because we have been living in it.

In modern life, the pineal gland has been shut down through mostly diet, drugs, and various forms of addictions in modern life. For the most part, the pineal gland has been calcified due to fluoride. The real reason fluoride is pushed on the public, is to remove our ability to communicate with God or Source through our pineal gland. This effectively blocks our access to our soul, our awareness of our eternal nature, and our ability to see reality as it is. As a result of being blocked from our own soul, we become “sitting ducks” when it comes to information. We are either bewildered or we seek answers from an external “authority” as quick as we can. Our addiction to MSM news sources is a result of our weakened abilities to intuit the truth. These days, most people do not seek God for answers. Instead, they load up Twitter.

But true perception, in the ancient world, has always been associated with the divine, with deep knowing, with seeing, with prophecy, and wisdom. It is no wonder that the Ancient Greek word for god is theos.  The English word, theory, meaning to speculate, see, or consider, is derived from the Greek root -the-. The gods are the ones who “see”.  The gods are witnesses. They each express consciousness. For that reason, the gods are, by default, the judge of all things of the world that they perceive. They hold a domain of consciousness. But, because they are not the highest God, Source, they only hold a small aspect. The highest of all the gods is symbolized in the Egyptian Eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye. Plato mentions this highest Seer as the ultimate highest God. He calls him either First Cause, The Good, or the Highest of Beings, or simply the unnamed One.

So, all the gods (watchers) are different aspects of consciousness, or different personalities and characters (egos). Each one has a certain area of wisdom or knowing that they “rule” over, just like human beings see themselves today has having specific skills or talents. These lesser gods, the theoi, derive their power from the highest God, Source. The pineal gland, the inner eye of each human being allows human beings to live a life in accordance with the eternal soul, in accordance with God as Source. This ability, to see the truth is rooted in the ability to know thyself (gnothi seauton), to know that you are an eternal soul with a specific purpose on this earth. Once you know yourself in this manner, it is very easy to have an inner knowing that is connected to God, the Good, and Grace. This is like being an expert in the nature of a particular animal, like a dog. If you know the nature of dogs, you can help them to thrive. If you don’t, you can do a lot of harm. We are no different with ourselves. If we do not know who we are, it is very easy to do harm to ourselves.

Unfortunately, because the pineal gland has been calcified and under-utilized, many people seek knowledge outside of themselves and outside of their divine connection. When you talk about self-knowledge to them, they don’t think of the soul. They think of the ego and what it can do or can’t do. The ego is simply an avatar that is very much like a lesser god (theoi). It has a very limited viewpoint, and it believes it can work without God, or that it is separate from God. To seek oneself, in this world, to the ego, means to seek out what one likes, one’s abilities, one’s personality. As people try to live their lives inside an avatar with certain properties and characteristics, they must face a great deal of unhappiness, as sense of loss, the feeling that something is not quite right in their lives. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or famous or healthy. Something will at the very least feel “off”. Many people suffer mental and physical disorders due to not following their true soul’s nature. Why? Because you are an infinite soul that is being starved on a steady diet of irrelevant information, unhealthy habits, and misguided judgements, all of which are derived from data that is sourced outside the boundaries of who you are. You are, as a consciousness, effectively lost in in an artificial Matrix construct, trying to be an avatar that isn’t even real or appropriate. Life is at that point hard work. You imagine that it would only be a dream to be able to do what you love, whatever that might be.

So, if most people aren’t working with God or the soul to live their lives in accordance with their own nature, who are they working with? Well, all you have to do is turn on the TV or the Twitter or the Spotify or the MSM and look to the stars.

This is the third-eye symbol. The stars are here to replace your own inner eye. Some of them are Hollywood stars; some are politicians; some are experts; some are authors. It doesn’t matter where they are. They are ubiquitous like all false gods are. To a population that is lost, to a population that has forgotten how to access their soul essence and God, the stars easily replace that function by being models to emulate, imitate, and aspire to. This is why our society loves stars. They can sell anything to the population, even a worthless meme coin called Doge. They tell us how to dress, how to wear our hair. We aspire to be famous and rich like them. They seem to be everything we desire.

In my next article, I will look at how these “stars” actually possess most of the population through fixation, obsession, fear, and dependency. When we worship stars of any kind, you are allowing them “free rent” into your body. It can get extremely crowded and confusing in there. The spiritual ramifications for this can get quite complicated and interesting at the same time. But just note that, when you are in state of spiritual weakness, when you are in a state of fear, and you seek “help” outside yourself, you will risk letting the wrong ones in. Of course, some experts and stars can serve to be beneficial in some way, but it is important to simply know when they can stay in your body, and when they have to go. It is really that simple. And when God is your guide, through your soul, it is easy to learn how to set up proper boundaries and systems to prevent open access to your most precious possession, your infinite soul.

Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.  For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.

John: 2:15-16

Love into Every Atom Spinning

all my days the waves have broken upon my quiet lonely shores
and the water weary of my tears would leave me standing forlorn

mind paralyzed by fear of the heavens dancing with passionate sea
mixing sun with seashells and the moon whose mirrors only seem;

My Love, the storm arrived today to break this frightening glass
into a billion sandy pieces crashed illusions between our souls

and the oceans stole them all, every grain upon my coast is lost
sinking to the bottom of the careless salty sea to be forgotten
finding tiny places to hide falling deeper into dark and rotten;

now our hearts freely dive into our river streams’ awakening
lullabies playing with the windy rhythm of our trees breathing
inhaling Spirit into universe and Love into every atom spinning