The Dissolution of Dualism or Heaven on Earth

One of the most important and fundamental principles of this reality is the illumination and expression of the one/many duality. It’s a challenge to speak about this one/many duality directly, because it is, through the mental plane of our existence, expressed either in a pure abstraction by way of number, or, more frequently, inside visualContinue reading “The Dissolution of Dualism or Heaven on Earth”

Modern Society and the disconnection from Spirit

Modern society, like a tree, depends on the nourishment of its roots. The strange about this tree, however, is that it is a tree that supplants anything remotely like roots or a natural center or force. The roots of this system, for lack of a better symbol, require that the spirit of human beings beContinue reading “Modern Society and the disconnection from Spirit”

Energetic Projection, Source, and Dragon Energy

In this post, I’m going to talk a little bit about source energy (and dragon energy!) and how it is limited by energetic projection. I work with dragon energy which is a formulation of source energy through the power and fire of the dragon. Yes! Dragons do exist on other planes of our existence. WeContinue reading “Energetic Projection, Source, and Dragon Energy”