What does wisdom look like to you? Does it look like Socrates?Does it look like a monk sitting on a rock?Does it look like a yoga teacher?Does it look like meditation?Does it look like martial arts?Does it look like music? But wisdom is found only in the waters,keeper of the memories of what is hidden,harbingerContinue reading “Wisdom”

Plato’s Phaedo: The mystery of dying, the lies of the living (61c-63a)

This article is the sixth installment of my translation of Plato’s Phaedo. Please read the previous installment before continuing. If you are just jumping in, please begin with my introduction. it’s very easy to get lost in the superficial conversation of the dialogue. Phaedo is still telling us the story, but the dialogue is startingContinue reading “Plato’s Phaedo: The mystery of dying, the lies of the living (61c-63a)”