No Apple without the Worms

Up into the apple tree.Is the apple an apple?Or, is every apple one of that apple?each.this.that.Apple. They make you think you’re smartwhen they put it out of your mind. (Does this poem make you sleepy?) Truly, when you bite,the apple dissolves,into flesh, into body,to be releasedback towards the sun,resting inside the earth,food for worms,everywherenowhereeach thatContinue reading “No Apple without the Worms”

Beyond the Field of Good and Evil

I am going to talk about something that I have never spoken about in public before. But it’s time, and I am no longer going to sugar coat what I have to say.  Fundamentally, as human beings on this earth, we have no idea who we are. In fact, we probably have as much knowledgeContinue reading “Beyond the Field of Good and Evil”