The City

shadows from another life and time keep you covered
as sun goes down and to winter begins its surrender
even in the summer your heart feels its cold outside
for they have kept you far from the spiraling light
familiar creature comforts they have kept you safe,
a friend’s words of grace or another enemy to erase:
they’re all the same in this simple dream you’ve made
crowding open minds with faces and opinions to chase
souls in decayed idols for their spirits to imitate

Songs of a World Torn Asunder

i would imagine you in a child’s dream or fantasy,
scales of shimmering gold and the breath of fire
or of dark eternal eyes slippery alienese attired;
how many imaginations has society stripped away
from my eyes and how many lies have replaced them?

there is a cord the binds me to what you seem now
and to what you have been forever in mist hidden
yet reaching for you, you would quickly spin away
fear was the back of your head till that very last day
when anger fueled your step, rage giving black wings

what does it feel like to be in love with the whole,
and watch that world tear apart from lighted soul?
perhaps a child would cower and imagine to be other
in some tired corner waiting too for his redemption,
crying, eager to write songs of a world torn asunder.

Before Beginning and till the End of Time

they’ve been singing about Love for many eons
the color of its sky, its book of charming lullabies
but they never taught me about your subtle moon,
how you’d appear to me unexpected out of nowhere
inside my heart, beyond the edges of my smart mind
I cannot resist you without also resisting myself
in mirrors, in daydreams, in nighttime dreamings.
I feel you smile as if it were sun’s bright shining
I feel it when you are crying clouds’ silver sighing
falling quietly between shining stars’ awakenings
I feel you as I rise and as I put my head to sleep
like breath or the wind that sweet comforts the dying
whispering graces of a universe so magic and so alive
I love you before beginning and till the end of time