Ego death, dark night of the soul, the drama continues…

The direction of consciousness, the formation of your life, the habits and patterns and “self-evident” appearance of reality is all a function of the ego. The ego is interesting on a number of levels because it is in a way a unifying principle. It is unifying because it allows us to understand “me” and “world”.Continue reading “Ego death, dark night of the soul, the drama continues…”

Twin Flame Duality and Problem of Ego

I want to talk a little bit about duality today. I speak about it endlessly, of course, but that is only because the core program and network of programs, that is commonly known as the “matrix” is a binary system. It runs us absolutely, but most people, especially those who are obsessed with being good,Continue reading “Twin Flame Duality and Problem of Ego”

From The Chaos To Which We Return

Who we are is an energy of presence. That doesn’t seem to say much, does it? The Greek poet Hesiod began his Theogony with Chaos, commonly translated as “void”. It is also the Nothingness of the Zen Buddhism – the emptiness and the experience of solitude that the emptiness seems to deliver. First Xaos (Chaos)Continue reading “From The Chaos To Which We Return”

Awakening: The Descent of Soul into Body

Many modern spiritual teachings speak about ascension.  What they are doing is creating an orientation, a spatial representation of the relation of ego to Soul. From the ego’s point of view, awakening means that it becomes higher, and so better in some way, more aware, closer to God, or what have you.  Yet, because theContinue reading “Awakening: The Descent of Soul into Body”

Another Falling Star

All masters desire their slaves.All slaves desire to be masters.Love around the mulberry bush,They circle round the clock,time ticking away at their heelsClick clock click upon the tired stage:These are the stars that fell long agoto display their shock and awe and glow,Greedy for praise and appraisal,these dying stars aim to hold God’s glory:Some areContinue reading “Another Falling Star”

The Dissolution of Dualism or Heaven on Earth

One of the most important and fundamental principles of this reality is the illumination and expression of the one/many duality. It’s a challenge to speak about this one/many duality directly, because it is, through the mental plane of our existence, expressed either in a pure abstraction by way of number, or, more frequently, inside visualContinue reading “The Dissolution of Dualism or Heaven on Earth”