The Human Dreaming

What if we are not only the human being but are also the human dreaming. If we shake up some of the false misconceptions of what we think we are, of what our superficial consciousness tells us, what the experts say, what the religious men say, this ice on the surface will crack and theContinue reading “The Human Dreaming”

A Magical Unspeakable World.

The modern hologram in which we currently live is an amazing spectacle that has attempted to create a realistic objective reality that survives, or outlives consciousness enough to make people believe that it is more real, and more true, than their own soul. This is quite the reversal! If you spend any time with poetry,Continue reading “A Magical Unspeakable World.”

A Paradise in the Wasteland

Earth teaches you how to survive it’s end, your own soul’s guidance leads the way. You chose this, your life as it’s presented,the timelines and their inevitable ends;Although you don’t remembersuch an out-of-worldly request.Memory can, after all, ruin this game. Did you have a rattling dream? Did you loose a loved one?Did you friends abandonContinue reading “A Paradise in the Wasteland”