Ego: From little wave to ocean

The ego is defined by its attachments, with which it identifies at any giving period. The more attachments an ego has and the more stuff it needs around it (money, decorative objects, life goals, skillsets, ideas, people), the more work the ego has to put in to maintain itself and its identity. Most egos areContinue reading “Ego: From little wave to ocean”

Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening

As someone who uses common words to express what is usually referred to as spirituality, I am always aware of the limits of every word, every concept I express, and every image I attempt to present to you, the reader. Words are symbols like musical notation is a symbol of the particular frequency of aContinue reading “Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening”

How (Not) to Clear Your Energy

You cannot “clear your energy” without removing the roots. Reiki, energy work, spells, incantations, chanting, and prayers will not remove this energy. In fact, any gods or goddesses, beings, or energy that you call in, will bring more “darkness”, as you are dealing with energies that manifest in a dualistic world and are perfectly happyContinue reading “How (Not) to Clear Your Energy”

A spider’s web of trauma bondage

As the timelines collapse – and they are collapsing – as one by one, each individual releases the role that they have long mistaken as their identity, we are witnessing something of a collective humpty-dumpty event, never to be put back together again. The breaking of the timelines happens as the roles that carry theContinue reading “A spider’s web of trauma bondage”

Plato’s Phaedo: The Legal Ego (63a- 63e)

This article is the seventh installment of my translation of Plato’s Phaedo. Please read the previous installment before continuing. If you are just jumping in, please begin with my introduction. In this section, Plato wants us to see something, specifically, he wants us to see how society is a function of the legal system, andContinue reading “Plato’s Phaedo: The Legal Ego (63a- 63e)”