Meditations on “new earth”

When the ego listens to information about the state of bliss that accompanies freedom and awakening, it usually imagines an experience of infinite pleasure, whatever form that may be. However, the bliss that is experienced is not an object of experience, nor is a sandbox of experience. The bliss that is in fact experienced isContinue reading “Meditations on “new earth””

Twin Flames: Ego’s personal Jesus

Are you in ego or are you in love? Only the ego could ask such a question, and that is why I am going to attempt to address it here, as best I can. What has come to the surface from this question is that the twin flame story, the mythology is in fact aContinue reading “Twin Flames: Ego’s personal Jesus”

On ego: the trickster and the conundrum

This article is about the tricky nature of the ego and how it manifests its trickery in all aspects of life, particularly the spiritual new age aspects such as twin souls, twin flames, manifestation techniques, and others. Always remember that the mind doesn’t distinguish between knowledge and experience. This is because the mind cannot experienceContinue reading “On ego: the trickster and the conundrum”

We are creators, masters of frequency

I want to talk a bit about our frequencies on earth and the role of the ego. Our true being is here on earth to work with the entire spectrum of frequency light, from the densest matter, the creative material and medium, to the highest ether, which is closest to the source of creative energyContinue reading “We are creators, masters of frequency”

How long can you stand in love?

I haven’t been posting a month or so because I have completed what has essentially been a year-long cross-country move. The move was a calling that uprooted me from old attachments in order to assist in planting me in a place that is more suitable to my grounding, and my growth. We are all, inContinue reading “How long can you stand in love?”

The Vortex Self in the Mirrors of the Other

I hope you are all well and thriving in this incredible time. The world is looking, more and more every day like a three-ring circus! However, the world isn’t changing – it has always been this way. It is we who are changing. Yes, some are still participating in the circus, trying to keep theContinue reading “The Vortex Self in the Mirrors of the Other”

Bottled energy

We are the energy that they sell to us. That is the great swindle and illusion. They play in the wires and the wireless and they are the magicians who pull rabbits out of hats for those who sleep through dreams and those who walk through them, as they believe that they are collecting rocksContinue reading “Bottled energy”

The whole in the part

Wholeness is latent in all things. Especially within what appears to be chaos. We are able to see the whole hologram with each of its parts. This is a secret that has been long hidden from us. And so, as a result most people work too hard and long to create their lives. This isContinue reading “The whole in the part”

Tales from the Matrix: The Suffering of Master and Slave

According to the philosophy of Zen, we are too much of a slave to the conventional way of thinking, which is dualistic through and through…. Zen, however, upsets this scheme of thought and substitutes a new one in which there exists no logic, no dualistic arrangement of ideas. Daisetz Suzuki, Essays in Zen Buddhism SeriesContinue reading “Tales from the Matrix: The Suffering of Master and Slave”

The End of Power, the Beginning of Love

Over the past few days, I have been getting some powerful teachings and awareness around the nature of our power, both as we have known it, and as we will discover it. As I have said repeatedly on this blog, the earth is undergoing a transformation of awareness and higher frequency integration. The reason forContinue reading “The End of Power, the Beginning of Love”