Awakening from the Passive Warrior Mode of Ego and its Karmic Cycles

In this article, I want to show you how the warrior mind evolves out of the false passive voice of ego, and how the evolution out of this false passive ego-mind can occur only through awakening out of the karmic cycles that spin from that ego. The awakening happens when consciousness develops the awareness thatContinue reading “Awakening from the Passive Warrior Mode of Ego and its Karmic Cycles”

Meditation: All there is, is Love

You are here to learn that you need nothing other than who you are. The problem is that mind believes that you are everything other than nothing. The ego-mind lives to chase and to flee; to run from and to run towards. Fear and desire, wants and negations. The energy is dual and it tearsContinue reading “Meditation: All there is, is Love”

Dementia: The fragmentation of ego

This article was prompted by one of my readers, Mary, whose mother in law is experiencing dementia. I had mentioned dementia in my article On ego: the trickster and the conundrum. My grandmother had dementia as well, but knew what it was when I saw it and I know what it is even more now thatContinue reading “Dementia: The fragmentation of ego”

On ego: the trickster and the conundrum

This article is about the tricky nature of the ego and how it manifests its trickery in all aspects of life, particularly the spiritual new age aspects such as twin souls, twin flames, manifestation techniques, and others. Always remember that the mind doesn’t distinguish between knowledge and experience. This is because the mind cannot experienceContinue reading “On ego: the trickster and the conundrum”

Plato’s Phaedo: The Religion of Body/Soul dichotomy (64c- 66b)

“It is near supernatural,” said Simmias, “how true this is, Socrates!” – [66β] This article is the ninth installment of my translation of Plato’s Phaedo. Please read the previous installment before continuing. If you are just jumping in, please begin with my introduction.The body/soul dichotomy is endemic to western philosophical thought and permeates all aspectsContinue reading “Plato’s Phaedo: The Religion of Body/Soul dichotomy (64c- 66b)”