Feminine Ego: Queen of Hearts, Queen of Illusion, Goddess of Despair

I was given a character presentation last night, as a vision. I have these visions frequently, but I haven’t written them or described them in this blog, mostly because they are highly unusual and quiet a challenge to write about. Imagine having the vision of a goddess and how they, as programmatic forms transmitted throughContinue reading “Feminine Ego: Queen of Hearts, Queen of Illusion, Goddess of Despair”

Monsters Beneath the Bed

When something doesn’t work as it should,It is best to try a different approach.Don’t water the flower that is already dead,It cannot do your bidding.Dark evil is the flower of seeds called fear,fear of failing,fear of falling apart,fear of starvation,fear of dying,How many run,for fear of death,only to run into the arms – of death?WhenContinue reading “Monsters Beneath the Bed”