The Great Work of You as Creator

As many of you know who have been reading this blog for a while – or even a short time – I don’t tend to take the traditional route when it comes to spiritual growth and teachings. I don’t even take the traditional route when writing. I like to be messy because life is messy,Continue reading “The Great Work of You as Creator”

Twin Flames and Shadow work

Twin flames, like all archetypes and forms, are an illusion.  I am not going to get into the New Age historical evolution of the twin flame concept. You can find that easily on the internet. But, like all concepts and beliefs, they have their place and time, and then have it no longer. This doesContinue reading “Twin Flames and Shadow work”

The Ancient Problem: Mind vs Presence, Seeming vs. Being

When we are in a state of matrix-designed fragmentation and programming, we are unable to experience being, which is also called the I AM PRESENCE. The reason for this, as I have said again and again is that the matrix structure is based on a binary code base. Our experience at that point is onlyContinue reading “The Ancient Problem: Mind vs Presence, Seeming vs. Being”

From The Chaos To Which We Return

Who we are is an energy of presence. That doesn’t seem to say much, does it? The Greek poet Hesiod began his Theogony with Chaos, commonly translated as “void”. It is also the Nothingness of the Zen Buddhism – the emptiness and the experience of solitude that the emptiness seems to deliver. First Xaos (Chaos)Continue reading “From The Chaos To Which We Return”