You Cannot Wield It: AI Matrix in the Lord of the Rings

This article initially was going to focus on the nature of the world beyond the matrix, the world that is the true natural world. As I was writing, I kept being nudged to look at aspects of the Lord of the Rings, a story that is a favorite of mine, simply because it is theContinue reading “You Cannot Wield It: AI Matrix in the Lord of the Rings”

a smile over quiet ice

it’s funnyhow he believes silence concealswhat he loves and what he does not;as if the wordless treescould hide their breathing limbs,from me,as if they could suppress such majestyfrom the eyes of a goddess. I can even feel the limbs that’ve fallen,who remain as still and untouchedas that unused dictionary,as solemn and as dusty as churchContinue reading “a smile over quiet ice”

By Pencil and by Sword

Sacred spacesgrow from within the heart,the heart of God, of You,sky rise or blade of grass,firm in the soilholding to the winds:these are the creations. Even the birds hold to earthand fly over the a great lightilluminationfrom Sun and Eyethat speaks its presencein its foundation,in its decorationand adornments:God is singing who you arethrough theContinue reading “By Pencil and by Sword”

Sophia, who has forsaken thee?

logos, (Greek: “word,” “reason,” or “plan”) plural logoi, in ancient Greek philosophy and early Christian theology, the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning. – Britannica I could knock on your door again,but it wouldn’t be there,that door in my mind,red with golden trim.You remember brown with bronze outline:Either way,imaginaryContinue reading “Sophia, who has forsaken thee?”

The Horses and the God

“Everyone is the other and no one is himself.” ― Martin Heidegger, Being and Time Being. Being is the core around Plato’s teaching. It is the core around the teaching of Buddha, Nietzsche, Yeshua (Jesus) and Eckhart Tolle. The dance however, the songs that they create to awaken the awareness of being is different, not onlyContinue reading “The Horses and the God”

Awakening: The Ego that Must Shatter

Awakening is a Threat Awakenings are always heart-breaking.  The reason for this is that the ego, as it begins to ground itself, forms something like a shell, a protective avatar that is designed to protect you in the world. The ego and all its attachments and systems are attached to the heart space, like skinContinue reading “Awakening: The Ego that Must Shatter”

New Earth: A Divine Spirit Runs Through It

The idea that a higher power speaks through us is a common one. The reason it is common is simple: it is true. That is why most people will understand us when we say something like “God speaks through me” or “my Soul shows me the way”, or other such things, especially when it comesContinue reading “New Earth: A Divine Spirit Runs Through It”

The Ego Avatar: Your Artificial Soul

ego (n.) by 1707, in metaphysics, “the self; that which feels, acts, or thinks,” from Latin ego “I” (cognate with Old English ic; see I); its use is implied in egoity. They that have pleaded against Propriety, and would have all things common in this World, have forgotten that there is a Propriety, in our present Egoity, and Natural Constitution, which rendereth some accidental Propriety necessary to usContinue reading “The Ego Avatar: Your Artificial Soul”