Feminine and masculine: war of the worlds

I want to talk a bit about some information I received last night regarding feminine energy, particularly in the realm of spiritual practices. This will be a quick. This information was received in the form of a dream. I tend to get my information in one of three ways: dream, vision (fully awake), and lightContinue reading “Feminine and masculine: war of the worlds”

Balancing on the Edge of the Event Horizon

When I was in university, studying Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance philosophers, I spent a lot of time exploring the nature of esoteric writing. By definition, esoteric writing is a method of writing that requires the reader to see what is being said beyond the words, beyond the appearances of what seems to be said. SomeContinue reading “Balancing on the Edge of the Event Horizon”

Language of Your Multidimensional Soul

I am often asked about the different dimensions of reality.  There are many resources on the internet that detail the different dimensions and what they entail. In my experience, however, these dimensions are similar to maps: they are a way to organize the energetic frequency scale from low to high. The highest dimension of course,Continue reading “Language of Your Multidimensional Soul”

The Dark Magic of Modern Language

Language exists on a spectrum, just like light or sound. On one side of the spectrum, we have the light, and on the other, we have the dark. Regardless, the idea of language as a spectrum is very foreign to the way we use language today, in the 21st century. We mostly think of  languageContinue reading “The Dark Magic of Modern Language”