Loneliness is your home

Loneliness is your home.Loneliness is all the stuff you hide from them in the dark places.Loneliness is your own tears you mock and burn with fire.Loneliness is the volume you raise in order to avoid listening to your heart.Loneliness is the noise and busy-ness of life that consumes you.Loneliness is the raw matter of you,Continue reading “Loneliness is your home”

Loneliness on the Spiritual Path

Many people believe that the fear and desire for objects, people, places, experiences, are the primary motivating forces for human life.  On a surface level, that theory may work. However, fear and desire are two motivations for all things, that are propelled towards the same thing: wholeness and oneness, and, and therefore, loneliness. When weContinue reading “Loneliness on the Spiritual Path”