Meditation: All there is, is Love

You are here to learn that you need nothing other than who you are. The problem is that mind believes that you are everything other than nothing. The ego-mind lives to chase and to flee; to run from and to run towards. Fear and desire, wants and negations. The energy is dual and it tearsContinue reading “Meditation: All there is, is Love”

Meditation: That who you are

Every thought is a tombstone, a memento, of what was once was, and no longer shall ever be. When you cling to thoughts, you are holding onto what doesn’t and cannot exist. What doesn’t exist can never truly hold you. If you listen closely, you can hear fear whispering between the thoughts, clinging especially toContinue reading “Meditation: That who you are”

Home is where the Hearth is

There are certain days or weeks in which I do not write. Usually the reason is because some area of the egoic structure has been dissolved and the hordes begin to pour in. When that happens, I get to experience what ego was once protecting (or hiding) me from: all the good; all the bad,Continue reading “Home is where the Hearth is”

Nothing is as it seems

Everything in your world is a portal, or a clue to who you are. Every enemy is your friend, and every friend is your enemy. When someone hurts you, they are showing you where your wounds are. This is necessary for healing. Friends are often afraid to hurt you, friends are the ones who hideContinue reading “Nothing is as it seems”

Finding Zen: To Awaken from the Dream

When you were small, you probably learned out how to swim. But before you could swim on your own, you needed someone or something to help you learn how to float. That support was necessary in order to create more comfort in the water, and to help you build your confidence in yourself enough toContinue reading “Finding Zen: To Awaken from the Dream”

From the Ruins of Relationship, Emerges the Phoenix of Self

On this blog, I have written a lot about relationships, both directly and indirectly. Here, I want to discuss the power of relationships, their current configuration in the collective consciousness, and the possibilities that are emerging for an energetic way of formulating and experiencing relationships, not necessarily in that order, but only in the orderContinue reading “From the Ruins of Relationship, Emerges the Phoenix of Self”

Shattered love incarnate

Everything that you see and notice is there for you to explore. That is it. It is not there to punish you, to betray you, to make your life difficult. They are not there to upset you, or to make you do anything or not do anything. The world is a trigger symbol or patternsContinue reading “Shattered love incarnate”

How long can you stand in love?

I haven’t been posting a month or so because I have completed what has essentially been a year-long cross-country move. The move was a calling that uprooted me from old attachments in order to assist in planting me in a place that is more suitable to my grounding, and my growth. We are all, inContinue reading “How long can you stand in love?”

Bottled energy

We are the energy that they sell to us. That is the great swindle and illusion. They play in the wires and the wireless and they are the magicians who pull rabbits out of hats for those who sleep through dreams and those who walk through them, as they believe that they are collecting rocksContinue reading “Bottled energy”

Rocks in the Labyrinthine Mind

The picture above is a magnified image of sand. It is a remarkable world that we cannot see with our eyes. After all, we often see the rock as the lowest beings of all the beings on earth, and this is because they appear to be hard and unmoving, without consciousness, and without the abilityContinue reading “Rocks in the Labyrinthine Mind”