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Awakening 6

Dwelling in the Mystery of the Sacred

eídos (a neuter noun derived from 1492 /eídō, “to see, apprehend”) – properly, the sight (i.e. of something exposed, observable), especially its outward appearance or shape (J. Thayer). 1491 (eídos) emphasizes “what is physically seen” (BAGD) before mentally or spiritually apprehended. See 1492 (eidō, oida). Example: eídos (“visible appearance”) […]

Awakening 0


The deeper truths beneath the surface is what they don’t want you to understand. The more we argue and play with the shadows, the monsters, the fear that they project, […]

Awakening 0

No Shame

The thoughts we don’t like. The dreams that disturb us, even about ourselvesare all projections. Maybe from your own lifetime, or the lifetimes of ancestors, or the collective. Don’t fall […]