Black holes and the Spirit over the Void

The pull to go within is become stronger every day. I am sure many of you are feeling that pull. Even people who are still very much immersed in the daydream that they call “their life”, are feeling the pull to ask more questions, to become more curious, to question their assumptions, to take theContinue reading “Black holes and the Spirit over the Void”

I speak a beautiful bird

I speak a beautiful bird,and your eyes place him there,blue and red and yellow,you put him there, sweet bird;heart suddenly finds its wings,Oh, your light is his great sun;but I myself can barely see for longas he flies away into the great fog,through the tears in your eyes,that fall only to your lover’s kneeswho spellsContinue reading “I speak a beautiful bird”

Manifestation: How your thoughts become you

We often think of our thoughts are being our own private, little blogs of conceptual energy. Well, not even that. Most people live in their mind, and they are acclimated to thinking and conceptualizing and being in that world, as if it were the only reality to be in. Creativity happens for many as anContinue reading “Manifestation: How your thoughts become you”

Soul Manifestation and Freedom

The silos of reason make it difficult for us to see the one in the many, the integrity of the whole, the Soul in the Machine. When it comes to the intellect, to reason, to the profound thinking that infuses the substance of our modern, entirely contrived and complicated lives, we are very good atContinue reading “Soul Manifestation and Freedom”

Awakening: The Ego that Must Shatter

Awakening is a Threat Awakenings are always heart-breaking.  The reason for this is that the ego, as it begins to ground itself, forms something like a shell, a protective avatar that is designed to protect you in the world. The ego and all its attachments and systems are attached to the heart space, like skinContinue reading “Awakening: The Ego that Must Shatter”