Bottled energy

We are the energy that they sell to us. That is the great swindle and illusion. They play in the wires and the wireless and they are the magicians who pull rabbits out of hats for those who sleep through dreams and those who walk through them, as they believe that they are collecting rocksContinue reading “Bottled energy”

A Magical Unspeakable World.

The modern hologram in which we currently live is an amazing spectacle that has attempted to create a realistic objective reality that survives, or outlives consciousness enough to make people believe that it is more real, and more true, than their own soul. This is quite the reversal! If you spend any time with poetry,Continue reading “A Magical Unspeakable World.”

Create in the Image of Love

The “matrix” lives inside each individual on the planet.  What the matrix is, is a complex technological program that was originally designed to create a holographic environment in which infinite beings can navigate in terms of that environment, in order to master that environment. In order to care for this environment, an environment which PlatoContinue reading “Create in the Image of Love”

Spiritual Contracts: The Foundation of Human Suffering and Fractured Souls

contract (v.) late 14c., “to draw into a smaller compass, become smaller, shrink” (intransitive); early 15c. “make an agreement, enter into a contract, agree or establish to undertake mutually,” from Old French contracter and directly from Latin contractus, past participle of contrahere “to draw several objects together; draw in, shorten, lessen, abridge,” metaphorically “make aContinue reading “Spiritual Contracts: The Foundation of Human Suffering and Fractured Souls”