Black holes and the Spirit over the Void

The pull to go within is become stronger every day. I am sure many of you are feeling that pull. Even people who are still very much immersed in the daydream that they call “their life”, are feeling the pull to ask more questions, to become more curious, to question their assumptions, to take theContinue reading “Black holes and the Spirit over the Void”

Spirituality: Deus ex machina

Spirituality has become, in the egoic-mind system, an object of study or lifestyle. It defines fashion, health, decor, music, modes of speech and expression, and many other things that serve as presentation. As a program, spirituality has an enormous number of variations, and the sheer power of the human body-mind machine has allowed to beContinue reading “Spirituality: Deus ex machina”

Synthetic AI: The knife everyone is playing with

This post is going to be short and to the point. I want it to be known that I work in technology and have been on and off for the past twenty-five years. Right now, AI is going to launch into a completely new realm, a realm and timeline that won’t most understand or comprehendContinue reading “Synthetic AI: The knife everyone is playing with”

Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening

As someone who uses common words to express what is usually referred to as spirituality, I am always aware of the limits of every word, every concept I express, and every image I attempt to present to you, the reader. Words are symbols like musical notation is a symbol of the particular frequency of aContinue reading “Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening”

Why the ego must die and other stories

It may seem rather radical to say that we need to let the ego dissolve, or perish, or die. It can be an uncomfortable concept, or a concept that the ego will try to prove that is not even possible. If psychologists claims that the ego is a critical component of the soul, then ofContinue reading “Why the ego must die and other stories”

Twin Flame Duality and Problem of Ego

I want to talk a little bit about duality today. I speak about it endlessly, of course, but that is only because the core program and network of programs, that is commonly known as the “matrix” is a binary system. It runs us absolutely, but most people, especially those who are obsessed with being good,Continue reading “Twin Flame Duality and Problem of Ego”

From The Chaos To Which We Return

Who we are is an energy of presence. That doesn’t seem to say much, does it? The Greek poet Hesiod began his Theogony with Chaos, commonly translated as “void”. It is also the Nothingness of the Zen Buddhism – the emptiness and the experience of solitude that the emptiness seems to deliver. First Xaos (Chaos)Continue reading “From The Chaos To Which We Return”

Bottled energy

We are the energy that they sell to us. That is the great swindle and illusion. They play in the wires and the wireless and they are the magicians who pull rabbits out of hats for those who sleep through dreams and those who walk through them, as they believe that they are collecting rocksContinue reading “Bottled energy”

The Age of Sophia and the end of the Matrix Grid

If you told someone that everything that they know about themselves, their family, friends, and partners is a lie; that everything they know about the world is based on layers of deception and contrivance for deception, that someone would most like walk away from you, either in a rage, or in hatred, or both. TheContinue reading “The Age of Sophia and the end of the Matrix Grid”

Soul Manifestation and Freedom

The silos of reason make it difficult for us to see the one in the many, the integrity of the whole, the Soul in the Machine. When it comes to the intellect, to reason, to the profound thinking that infuses the substance of our modern, entirely contrived and complicated lives, we are very good atContinue reading “Soul Manifestation and Freedom”