Timelines and Train wrecks

In this post, I want to talk a bit about timelines and the end of this current age. I’m sure you have heard of parallel worlds or universes. When we here about these worlds, we tend to imagine that the world is just like “this” one, the physically manifested world that the ego sees andContinue reading “Timelines and Train wrecks”

Dementia: The fragmentation of ego

This article was prompted by one of my readers, Mary, whose mother in law is experiencing dementia. I had mentioned dementia in my article On ego: the trickster and the conundrum. My grandmother had dementia as well, but knew what it was when I saw it and I know what it is even more now thatContinue reading “Dementia: The fragmentation of ego”

Create with eyes wide open

Every moment of every day of every year, you are co-creating your world, your experience, and all the characters who contribute to it.  This is the true nature of reality: we all get what we deserve because we ourselves are making what we serve. This can be a hard thing to accept, because so manyContinue reading “Create with eyes wide open”