the world hasn’t time to wait,for the seeds to grow,for the cows to eat the grass;for the moon to wax and wane,and for the water to flow,the time it takes to ride a thought,to know which way to go,the upheavals and the angles,the voice that says: go! Advice is a cool cup of waterbefore aContinue reading “Patience”

No Apple without the Worms

Up into the apple tree.Is the apple an apple?Or, is every apple one of that apple?each.this.that.Apple. They make you think you’re smartwhen they put it out of your mind. (Does this poem make you sleepy?) Truly, when you bite,the apple dissolves,into flesh, into body,to be releasedback towards the sun,resting inside the earth,food for worms,everywherenowhereeach thatContinue reading “No Apple without the Worms”