Lion’s Gate of Infinity: Unconditional love

“A pen went scribbling along. When it tried to write love, it broke.” – Rumi We are nearing what is known as the lion’s gate, the portal that opens on 8.8 of every year. 8 is the number of infinity, the multiplication of the 2, the first number after the ONE, the polarity that manifestsContinue reading “Lion’s Gate of Infinity: Unconditional love”

Shattered love incarnate

Everything that you see and notice is there for you to explore. That is it. It is not there to punish you, to betray you, to make your life difficult. They are not there to upset you, or to make you do anything or not do anything. The world is a trigger symbol or patternsContinue reading “Shattered love incarnate”

The New Earth is Here

Most of you are familiar with the notion of a higher dimension, the arrival of the fifth-dimensional + consciousness, or the new earth. Essentially, all of them are just different perspectives and concepts pointing to the same thing. In the Republic, Plato referred to it as the real world, beyond the cave. He also refersContinue reading “The New Earth is Here”

The Mask that is the Political Position

The news and the media is a mask worn by many faces, many in your communities; many in your family; your circle of friends, neighbors and co-workers. The issues provoked by the media so easily consume us because we believe they are real. They are also the easiest problems to have because not only areContinue reading “The Mask that is the Political Position”

Matrix Network Cults and Autonomy

In this post, I am going to start by saying that every single one of us has the potential to experience and express our gifts. I am not talking about birthday gifts or any other form of holiday gifts. I am not speaking of skills. I am speaking about the gift of who you areContinue reading “Matrix Network Cults and Autonomy”

Timeline Collapse: The Ancient Tree is falling

This post is a documentation of some of the visions and experiences I have been having over the past few months. I am going to make this as brief as a can. I apologize if I am unclear in any way. Please feel free to ask questions if you like. I am writing this forContinue reading “Timeline Collapse: The Ancient Tree is falling”

The Dissolution of Dualism or Heaven on Earth

One of the most important and fundamental principles of this reality is the illumination and expression of the one/many duality. It’s a challenge to speak about this one/many duality directly, because it is, through the mental plane of our existence, expressed either in a pure abstraction by way of number, or, more frequently, inside visualContinue reading “The Dissolution of Dualism or Heaven on Earth”

Holograms, Money, and Love

A holographic system, just like any other computer system, contains its own integrity. It doesn’t matter whether it is good, bad, or ugly. It doesn’t matter if it is just or unjust. The holographic system is what many call “reality”, like death or taxes.  But this idea, that the holographic system is reality, is theContinue reading “Holograms, Money, and Love”

Create in the Image of Love

The “matrix” lives inside each individual on the planet.  What the matrix is, is a complex technological program that was originally designed to create a holographic environment in which infinite beings can navigate in terms of that environment, in order to master that environment. In order to care for this environment, an environment which PlatoContinue reading “Create in the Image of Love”

A light for everywhere in the night

I wanted to make a quick point about the nature of “spiritual mission”, for those who are here on Earth as lighbearers to guide humanity into the next age. In the old earth timelines, good and bad were labels that people would give to certain groups, individuals, places, both imaginary and real. If you areContinue reading “A light for everywhere in the night”