God is Death

do you wonder about the laziness of trees,branches that move only by the wind;fruit that falls by a scampering squirrel?I know that most people cut it down a notch,just to have a view of their desolation,proof of work and proof of stake;killing and murder and cutting off,removing, abusing, and isolating:that is what human power isContinue reading “God is Death”

The creator disappears into the creation…and back again

A Creator chooses to become the Creation,to experience the World as if it were Unseen,an architect to see mystery in his architecture:building bridges over the river of Memory.to ignore her on his path….for a time.But when the Creator has awakened,it will be time to Create with her once again,and to eventually Forget once again,to loseContinue reading “The creator disappears into the creation…and back again”