Each one of us,We start small,Babies learning to roll,then tumbling to fall,over and over again,until we grow up;until we can walk,and the universe beginsto expand… Strange:for although he grew taller,his ego became stronger,proud to discover a proven smallnessin the context of scientific scenery,stars and moons, planets and galaxies:“I’m just the dust in the wind”,he says,Continue reading “Dust”

Forgotten ocean

you don’t become who you are,you can’t go anywhere else:for you are only this stillness;as still as the ocean currents arestill,where you are and how they are,here,and patience isn’t very hard,not at all; in fact,for it remains too, going nowhere,waiting for nothing, waiting is nothing; all letters simply float to the surface,like noise scattered fromContinue reading “Forgotten ocean”

Meditation: That who you are

Every thought is a tombstone, a memento, of what was once was, and no longer shall ever be. When you cling to thoughts, you are holding onto what doesn’t and cannot exist. What doesn’t exist can never truly hold you. If you listen closely, you can hear fear whispering between the thoughts, clinging especially toContinue reading “Meditation: That who you are”

Silence of the sea

when blood drips from the angry needle, do you ask for proof of pain? when the bitter air blames fire for its burning,  do you demonstrate with a match? the train escapes and yet most jump on, to never learn how and what they missed for what the fish seeks in the water,  he imagines himself toContinue reading “Silence of the sea”


This is a poem that your ego won’t believe. The ego is not a person. It is not a self. It is not a character or an individual. When we become the ego, we become something other than human, or other than someone who is completely whole and complete. When we become ego, we experienceContinue reading “Nirvana”

Nothing is as it seems

Everything in your world is a portal, or a clue to who you are. Every enemy is your friend, and every friend is your enemy. When someone hurts you, they are showing you where your wounds are. This is necessary for healing. Friends are often afraid to hurt you, friends are the ones who hideContinue reading “Nothing is as it seems”

Music with no ears

Wouldn’t it be strange to see the whirling winds,storm’s center pulled by the strings of the sun,gathering all that is and all that was and will be,moonshine is the mirror, the ghosts in your head,you used to watch me well, my love,you used to see the magic, but now you see only faces and bodies,hairContinue reading “Music with no ears”

The Heart that Sees

What is truth?You should ask “What is the heart?”Start with all the eyes who weave around it,fixed and staring, locked and loaded:The psychological plumbing,The medical diagrams,the stories of love and pain,in music and literature,heavy and light:all are lost:in the whole. Everything you learn about the heartwraps the heart in darknessand keeps it from the subtleContinue reading “The Heart that Sees”

Trying too Hard (Karmic burdens)

Even the trees hold their memories,and the waters fall down the mountainsides  ice and snow as gifts from starry skies: does any soul remember these? does any eye seewhere they empty themselves? how much blood that’s formed from yesterdayand the day before, heavy like liquid ironand a solid heart, strong and weary,trying to keep its world spinningfrom headContinue reading “Trying too Hard (Karmic burdens)”


Death doesn’t concern us,nor does loss or dissolution;when the hard raindrops endnow is the doorway for the sun to come in,my footsteps walk on dead leavesthat crack and crumble like the fireeverything is brittle on the way to invisiblewhere no one even remembers them,where we all go when no one’s looking,and all are finally freesoonContinue reading “Autumn”