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Tag: Poetry

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The Heart that Sees

What is truth?You should ask “What is the heart?”Start with all the eyes who weave around it,fixed and staring, locked and loaded:The psychological plumbing,The medical diagrams,the stories of love and […]

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Death doesn’t concern us,nor does loss or dissolution;when the hard raindrops endnow is the doorway for the sun to come in,my footsteps walk on dead leavesthat crack and crumble like […]

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the world hasn’t time to wait,for the seeds to grow,for the cows to eat the grass;for the moon to wax and wane,and for the water to flow,the time it takes […]

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God is Death

do you wonder about the laziness of trees,branches that move only by the wind;fruit that falls by a scampering squirrel?I know that most people cut it down a notch,just to […]

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and then there is the butterfly whose wings – if you can hear them –laugh the most when they’re yellow,a tiny light who giggles in the shadows,against the stolid wood […]

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What does wisdom look like to you? Does it look like Socrates?Does it look like a monk sitting on a rock?Does it look like a yoga teacher?Does it look like […]

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The Rivers

the Rivers,the great waters who roam,between the fingers and the toes,those who fill your cups and pails,and who prod and poke the lazy rocks,to goad a primal impotence to move,wasting […]