Freedom and servitude

In this article I want to briefly discuss freedom. Every single virtue, whether it is freedom, love, honor, or respect, when manifested in the dualistic universe, the material-mental plain, also harbors its shadow. There are no exceptions here. For this reason, humanity is addicted to concealment, lies, shame, and subterfuge. As Nietzsche famously noted: Deception,Continue reading “Freedom and servitude”

Twin Flame Duality and Problem of Ego

I want to talk a little bit about duality today. I speak about it endlessly, of course, but that is only because the core program and network of programs, that is commonly known as the “matrix” is a binary system. It runs us absolutely, but most people, especially those who are obsessed with being good,Continue reading “Twin Flame Duality and Problem of Ego”

Life is but an ego dream

A cliché always rings hollow, and that is because its conceptual form has detached from the Source or heart of the matter. We can intellect the form, understand what it means, and repeat it, but it no longer has the power it once had. It becomes a nice thing to think about, a platitude, butContinue reading “Life is but an ego dream”

The pleasure that is suffering

Suffering is pleasure. Pleasure is suffering. All is one. One is the all. The opposites are an illusion. That which you fight against you are. That which you fight for, you are. The world is not at war. We are at war with ourselves, first and foremost, human beings, at lower levels of polarized consciousness,Continue reading “The pleasure that is suffering”