Spiritual Contracts: The Foundation of Human Suffering and Fractured Souls

contract (v.)

late 14c., “to draw into a smaller compass, become smaller, shrink” (intransitive); early 15c. “make an agreement, enter into a contract, agree or establish to undertake mutually,” from Old French contracter and directly from Latin contractus, past participle of contrahere “to draw several objects together; draw in, shorten, lessen, abridge,” metaphorically “make a bargain, make an agreement,” from assimilated form of com “with, together” (see con-) + trahere “to draw” (see tract (n.1)). Related: Contracted; contracting.

One of the most difficult challenges when it comes to the awakening process is dealing with your relationship to other people. We have grown up in a world that has, for many centuries, placed a huge importance on not being separated from the group or the village or the society.  During certain times in the past, this made a lot of sense because our physical survival often depended on it. There continues to be certain cultures in the world who live in this kind of survival mode, where the individual exists only to serve his village and his culture (relationship to the gods).

I am going to assume that those who are reading this post are not villagers. I just want to get that out of the way.

There is much talk about the Great Awakening in the political arena. In that arena, the awakening is treated as if it were a process of discovering “truth”. This is not what awakening is. Awakening is a shifting of consciousness such that the entire basis of reality is suspect: not just “theirs”, but your understanding of who you are, your identity, your relationships, and your aspirations. Awakening is not “outer focused”. It is inner focused. When we fuss about what others are doing or not doing, that is when we are off the path of awakening. However, getting off the path is actually part of the path! When we start focusing and fussing over what others are doing or not doing, we can take that opportunity to look at our bondage/contracts with others. If we are seeking the truth of our being, we will eventually realize that these contracts are just in the way of our awakening process. We will want to release them, and not making a lifestyle out of being a warrior against the enemy of what we think truth is. Fighting against the world, is like fighting about a contract you signed and agreed to. If the solution was to simply dissolve the contract, it would be a lot easier. If the world could be freed from slavery through the dissolution of such contracts, wouldn’t you do it?

In this article, I want to talk about why many of us are too focused on what others are doing and not doing, believing or not believing. It doesn’t matter what “side” you are on. The attitude is the same: the other side is not doing or saying what they are supposed to: “They aren’t listening to me.”, “They aren’t listening to the right people”. This is all combative and will never resolve the fundamental problem, which is the contracts.

Contracts show up first in the way we relate to others. Most people feel that their own joy is deeply connected to the conditional joy of others or the profitability of an event. “I won’t be happy until he does this or that”. “How can I be free when everyone else is in chains”? “How can life by joyful when this or that is going on?”.  All of these statements reflect the same programming which is “joy is conditional”. That joy, however, is easily derived from this programmatic statement which is “My light/power is conditional”.  That our power and joy are conditional is the greatest lie of all. It is the lie of the Matrix programming.  Currently, the Matrix programming is falling apart, and the contracts we rely on are falling apart. That is why everyone is so angry with each other and there is so much divisiveness. We have a choice. We either believe to fall apart because the programming is falling apart or we believe we can let go of the thing that is dividing us in the first place, like a bad marriage. We can continue to fight, bicker, scream and harm each other. Or, we realize that there is something strange going on – why are we so attached to what others are doing? This relationship is not working. There is an underlying expectation from all sides that something should be a certain way, but isn’t. That underlying expectation is the contract or contracts involved.

The Matrix survives through contracts – not natural or divine connection. The contracts are restrictive and confining and involve a conditional agreement between two or more parties.  They always involve an exchange of energy. You give up something to get something. You share a bit of your energy in exchange for some kind of experience. This is how fame and success is acquired in the Matrix. Fame and success can happen naturally, but is extremely difficult because the Matrix has so much control over that area of consciousness. Society survives on fame and success, on leaders in the spotlight and a proof of their benefit.  So, the contract defines the terms of the exchange. When both parties receive what they want, they are happy. When they don’t receive what they want, they aren’t happy.  A happy society is working well beneath the contract and likes its leaders. But these social contracts run through our personal lives as well. Consider that every person in your life can hold a contract with you. It is unspoken, yes. These are spiritual contracts, but they are powerful, especially if you try to let go. All contracts are energetic exchanges of some form, either physical energy or ethereal or both. They can be established through blood, through semen, through the simple touching of hands: some kind of exchange of DNA.  The more control of the DNA we have, the more we control the contracts. This is the true reason for genetic/DNA research. The mRNA “vaccines” are an attempt to lay a platform for genetic contract manipulation of the population. As you can probably imagine, most of the contracts we bind to are completely beneath the radar of our consciousness. This is why “higher consciousness” isn’t necessarily going to help you remove the contracts, unless you see them with that higher consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you can find your place of peace and joy. If you fall away from that when interacting with the world, then you are still bound.  But there is good news there.  You can take the opportunity of this uncomfortable and limited feeling to notice where you are bound. At that point you can release it by bringing in the light of your soul, through energetic transmutation and calling the contract “null and void”. If it still won’t budge, then you might have to use some other strategies for your particular circumstance.

It is important to keep in mind that nature doesn’t require contracts. All the beings of nature, on this planet, and beyond, simply work together as they are. They encounter each other. There is an event. They leave each other. No drama. No attachment. There is no energy loss – only exchange. With energetic contracts, we feel depleted by others, not fulfilled or empowered. Or, we feel animated by others, excited, inspired – but it doesn’t last very long. In the world of contracts, relationships are shaky, dramatic, and can only be maintained through eventual compromise. I am going to use animals as an example of natural energy exchange. I am not suggesting that we act like animals. I am suggesting that we have the ability to navigate life that is not filled with energy loss or a feeling as if all love is fleeting and ephemeral.  Animals do not have to compromise in order to interact. They can reflect their natural awareness to us by the way they handle life in the wild. The bird doesn’t fuss over what to do next. It does it. The bird knows where to fly in the flock. It doesn’t have to fumble around. We call it instinct.  Natural beings do not suffer greed or dependence the way human do. They hunt when they need food. They don’t hunt for sport. When a snake is ready to die, it wants to die. It’s will is aligned with nature – unafraid, just being. On the other hand, human beings create contracts and, because they are not aware of them, do not know how to resolve them. Promises of all sorts – to live forever. These are interesting ones. There are ones that promise safety to you. There are others that promise that you will be taken care of, or loved. All of these contain fine print. For example, since most people don’t know who they are, they don’t realize “who” is the one getting to live forever. It is a tricky deal that is individually fine-tuned.

To explain contracts, I like to use fame as an example. The reason is that fame is a contract that attempts to give us universal love and acceptance. The cost is true unconditional love of soul. The more fame we want, the more we “sell” our soul. Unconditional love is exchanged for the conditional. The soul agrees to give parts of itself into the matrix and those pieces are passed out like candy under the conditions of the contract. Other people receive them and then reflect adoration back to the original owner. The result is that the original “owner” feels love and acceptance from others. This is why cult leaders get into so much trouble. This is why many famous celebrities are left broken and dissolved, ruined and plagued with abuse and addiction. The average human being also experiences this, but not on the same scale. During the past fifty years it has become increasingly easy for every human being to become famous to some extent, through social media, podcasts, and various other means.

Every contract we make is an exchange of energy. This is the true meaning of currency. Paper money is a ruse. The true money is your energy, your focus and your attention in the heart space.  There are some who like having lots of people around them for support, help, assistance, friendship, etc. This is why fame is so attractive and gets most people every time, if given the opportunity. There is a cost for this, as there is a price in everything. Nothing is free, because everything is energy. Again, contracts are made by transferring pieces of soul to others. This gives them a sense of comfort, that you are somehow connected to them. It enlivens them in some way. This is a good thing between mother and child, as it is a natural energy exchange. Fame and contracts is an unnatural and synthetic attempt to imitate that. The effect of course is that humanity has become infantilized, always looking for others to give it the love and comfort it needs. It seeks that in fame, whether that fame is through Facebook likes or through stardom. Either way, the individual is completely controlled and bonded to the community giving it the very love that it could be giving to itself all along. The reason why people are addicted to certain ideas, philosophies, points of view, people, is because of these contracts. This why people stay in abusive or detrimental situations. The spiritual contracts are a million times more powerful than our conscious ones.

In the Matrix, love works like that. It is fragments of a broken mirror that we can get lost in, chasing other people, thinking we are chasing love, friendship, wealth, fame. The truth is that we are just chasing pieces of ourselves. It is very strange. The number of fragments we can create and pieces we give away are innumerable, because the number of contracts are undefined. The reason that it is infinitely possible is because the energy is actually generated from an infinite source, which is the soul.  The soul is who we are, and it is the soul that has infinite and unbounded energy or love.

The Matrix always carries distortion of the soul and soul energy. Doesn’t matter if you talking about love, awakening, spirituality, etc. Even now, because I am using the common language of English, my energy is being distorted.  Awakening cannot happen if we remain bound to the Matrix. It is that simple. So, talk about “The Great Awakening” is fine, but it is only the beginning. Knowing horrible things about politicians is not an awakening. It is not about discovering that you have been lied t o. Awakening is not about learning the truth of something. It seeing that the entire foundation of belief and knowledge that you had was a lie. It is about learning that you were the one who was lying to yourself.

Remember, the meaning of the word ‘contract’ is to make smaller. Contracts make things small and limited. You are immediately restricted, fractured and fragmented. The more contracts that bind you, the more restricted you feel. The more you release, the more freedom you experience in the world. This is not a conceptual thing. You actually experience yourself as a free autonomous being that can choose the life you want to live, regardless of what is happening around you or what others are doing or not doing.  You see and feel that they don’t limit you in any way. It is truly the road less travelled. Most people cannot be with that. They especially can’t be with it in totalitarian society that attempts to control in every way it can. The truth is that it cannot control these spiritual contracts. If these contracts release, the totalitarianism in the physical will fall.

The most difficult part about awakening is coming to terms with these things, coming to terms to the fact that in being bound to these contracts, we have chosen bondage, and not freedom. Most people point to others in order to blame them for the misery they have caused in the world. People have, in the Matrix, an ardent desire to make the “other” the problem, the one who is keeping them from safety or happiness or whatever.  If you wish to truly help the state of the world as you see it, work to dissolve your contracts between yourself and the beings who wish to keep you enchained. No external forcing, persuading, convincing, or arguing is going to change others to your point of view. You don’t need to change your point of view in order to change the world. All you need to do is dissolve your contracts, your limitations, your smallness, your idea that you need others in order to be free.  As you dissolve your contracts with them, you give them a little more freedom as well. If we all do this on a planetary scale, then we will see the change we want to be in the world. So the best remedy for life is freedom, and the best way to freedom is to cultivate what brings you joy, despite the darkness in the world, the evil, the demands and shackles that the world seems to want to live inside of. Just be free. Just be joyful. That is the beginning. Let there be light.

Programs, Contracts and the Matrix

program (n.)
1630s, “public notice,” from Late Latin programma “proclamation, edict,” from Greek programma “a written public notice,” from stem of prographein “to write publicly,” from pro “forth” (see pro-) + graphein “to write” (see -graphy).

The meaning “written or printed list of pieces at a concert, playbill” is recorded by 1805 and retains the original sense. The sense of “broadcasting presentation” is from 1923.

The general sense of “a definite plan or scheme, method of operation or line of procedure prepared or announced beforehand” is recorded from 1837. The computer sense of “series of coded instructions which directs a computer in carrying out a specific task: is from 1945.

I am going to talk a bit about programming at how it works at the soul or psychic level. You will also get at glimpse into how this relates to psychic agreements and contracts.  Many of us have been told to follow our intuition, or heart, when it comes to questions about our lives. The challenge with following intuitive messages is that there are many kinds of messages. Some messages are created by and through artificial intelligence, or what I call Synthetic Intelligence, and others are send through the natural biological universe, through and by Source or God.

The Agreement to Programs

I used to work as a software engineer, both in a practical and theoretical capacity.  With vast swathes of the population addicted to phones and devices, I can assure that nearly all of the content you see has been sent to you based on your past behavior, as well as you current interests. There is a lot of information about how your phone is spying on you, and I won’t get into that here. Everyone has been amply warned, and not many people have really cared.  We must always keep this in mind before we start complaining about how brainwashed people are these days. The truth is, that we agreed to it.

So what did we agree to? Well, many things, but I am going to focus on a general agreement, a contract. In the physical world, we signed it by checking a button, and clicking OK. We agreed to exchange our data for their data. They can take our data and use it to deliver even more content to us. The content they deliver back to us is determined by algorithms.  And, the algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to be aware that they are being targeted by profit seeking enterprises.  To the average person, they are enjoying their internet content. They are being entrained by the entertainment.  Whether you are a content creator or a consumer, your content will be trafficked in this manner, for the sake of profit both to yourself and the system. For the most part, people agree to this as long as there is a perceived benefit.

The Cancel Cult

The relationship between content creators and consumers seemed to be going quite well for a while, until the elephant in the room started moving around so we could see him.   People started noticing that their follower numbers would be suddenly diminished, or that their content would no longer be picked up by the algorithms, thus losing reach. This was happening all over social media platforms. It seemed that certain accounts were being reinforced by the platform, while others were being deliberately reduced in scope. This was a slow process, and yet has picked up speed. In the beginning, a select few were being targeted, and because their voices were not being heard due to algorithms, their cries for help were going unheeded. It is always the case that when a few eggs are cracked, the rest of the eggs show very little concern. This is why all true revolutions do not happen suddenly. Destruction, if it wants to succeed, must occur at a snail’s pace, so that it is able to work without anyone really noticing anything.

The end goal for the algorithms, and the snail’s pace, is to completely remove the undesirable eggs from the ecosystem. This is happening now. Millions of people are being censored and cancelled. They have been forced to use other platforms that are more permissive of free speech. However, the fact remains, that the internet is now segregated and divided between those who can speak anywhere, and those who can’t. If the snail has its way, these smaller platforms will be removed as well. A few already have, such as Parler.

The internet was originally conceived as a place where ideas are platformed and shared throughout the entire world. The internet, from the very beginning, was designed to create a virtual community of ideas and content. Over time, however, that freedom has dwindled, and controlled by software programs that centralize idea expression and control. As long as participants obey the contract, they benefit. Fail to obey, and you not only lose reach, but you lose discoverability. Google, the search engine will only display what it wants you to see. Through the use of algorithms and centralized control appearing as private “companies”, this virtual community has been shaped and molded into any form the “owners” of the internet desire. Now, the owners of the internet are the owners of the content of the internet. In fact, we are a stage in the game where many of us defend the right of the owners to censure, de-platform, and remove anyone who is saying or introducing ideas that the masters do not want. This was the goal of the snail, to essentially create digital armies of people, no matter how artificial – some of them are paid mercenaries – to not only spread propaganda, but to engage in trolling, abuse, and cheerleading for the masters who engage in censorship. This is a virtual nation, one based on the contract that everyone signed. In that sense, again, we chose what we have as our reality. At that point, or should I say, at this point, censorship is deemed as being an act of courage and virtue in the community. There is truth to this because of the contact – we signed it. In other words, we are the participants of the program and the programming. The good news is, however, we can, as a collective undo the contract. The question is: are we willing?

Messages for Your Soul

We are like radio receivers. We can receive messages through our soul, from the Universe, from God or Source. They can be clear, alive and intended to guide us in our lives. Other messages, however, can be recordings, from this life or the past, or someone else’s life entirely. Those recordings can contain interferences of all kinds. You can learn to distinguish them, but it takes practices a great deal of discernment and caution, especially in the beginning. The good news is, the more you begin to discern, the easier it gets, mostly because you become more and more acquainted with the natural style of your own communication.


So, in all of this, how can you determine what messages are being sent to you through Source and which are through algorithms? The answer I am going to give you may be surprising, but it is simple to understand. There are no distinctions at all.  To believe there is a distinction is a trap. Imagine that you think that all the controlled messages on the media are manipulated propaganda in some way. You choose to ignore. You seek out what you can discover through meditation perhaps, or dreams, or some other medium that feels authentic.  Unfortunately, this puts in you in a difficult state. The reason is that because of the programming that the internet affords, it has infiltrated the dream state of the collective, as well as your own. This is why turning of the internet is not going to help you escape what you have deemed inauthentic messages. Instead, what will happen is you will just get more personalized version of the program. In the world of programming, all programs run both on a global universal context thread, as well as on an individual one. It is the power of the Synthetic Intelligence. Don’t underestimate it. The Mind is a powerful thing.

So, back to my example. Imagine you choose to consult your dreams, as they were pure Source messages. Well, this is going to put you at disadvantage because you will no longer be wary of the false messages. If you see an angel or an animal in your dreams, you will assume it is a good message, and something you should consider. What if it wasn’t? What if it was planted there? This is actually what is occurring for many, many people. There are dreams are actually, where the Synthetic programming really shows its force and power. This can cause people so much pain, disorientation, misunderstanding, and fear. Many spiritually sensitive people spend their lives clearing and cleaning their psychic space. It seems unending, the amount of cleanup work that has to be done.  The problem is that the more we go down this path, the deeper we walk in confusion and fear. Some might find a way to self-isolate, and protect their energy. The snail doesn’t care about that however. The snail just wants all powerful souls out of the way, and unfortunately, this trick is effective in keeping powerful souls out of the picture, out of the internet, and out of causing disturbances in the matrix-master programming structure. The key to escaping the matrix, is not to run from it. You can’t run. The key is to go into deeper awareness of it. That means, of course, that we must no longer be afraid of dark sprits, demons and energies that wish to keep us in that fear.

Mastering the Synthetic Intelligence

The only way out of the contract/fear based Matrix is to master the programming of the Matrix. Experiencing this may, to some, feel counterintuitive, I suppose. You cannot escape it without living a life of fear, and  yet you do not want to be submerged inside of it. In fact, for those who are aware of the Matrix, it is impossible to go back anyway. The choice is: live in suffering and fear, or find a way through your own magic. Synthetic programming, of which the Matrix is created, is entirely mind-based. You must learn to master the Mind. It is the key to avoid being overwhelmed and overpowered by Matrix energies, as well as learning to live and create here and live a full life.

There are so many challenges and issues with Mind mastery. I don’t want to get into it all here, as it would require a book, rather than a short article. But I will just mention a few fundamentals about mind mastery that are important to know.

The first is that the ego is a platform, it contains who you think you are, as well as your timeline, both past and future.  Egos believe knowledge is power, and knowing who you were and how you came to be, and what you want to do in life is absolutely paramount. Another thing the ego knows is that it doesn’t like death or getting old. Getting old is the road to death, and death is the end of the ego – something the ego is programmed – yes programmed – to avoid at all costs.  This is not the same as saving your life by climbing a tree because a lion is about to charge you. This is about protecting the energetic identity of the ego. In fact, if the ego saw a lion, and it could save itself at the expense of the body, it would do it in a heartbeat. How else do you think so many people live their lives chasing money, but don’t care what kind of food and drugs they put in their body?

So, the ego’s fears of death and old age is incredibly powerful. Our culture of narcissism and obsession with youth and beauty is a reflection of this ego.  Now, imagine how Synthetic Intelligence, can use the egoic platform to create all sorts of enemies and friends of the ego.  It is easy to do: create stories and associations with death and old age (the road to death), and give them different faces. For example, it is easy to associate any politician with death. It is also easy to associate an idea with egoic destruction and disease. By using this fear,  the public ego willingly agrees to remove any entity that is made to seem as a threat. It is really that simple. The collective consciousness has become an egoic consciousness that works as a unit in many ways. This is why so much of humanity at this point seems to think in the same way, or at if not, wants to appear to. Thanks to the internet and the control structures that have emerged to take advantage of it, we are witnessing a form of mind control the likes of which have never been seen before.

Regardless of the massive nature of the mind control, you can master it. If you cultivate an awareness of Mind and the power of its programming, you can begin to see how it has influenced yourself in your own life. Bit by bit, you will begin to notice where you are operating from within a false program, rather than through your natural soul essence.  This is where the awakening really happens. You are simply clearing away the programs. It will eventually get to the point where you can see a program running through you from the outside and in and yet, it will have no impact on you.

As a former programmer and intuitive psychic, I have been gifted with the ability to see these programs in action. Most of them are transmitted during sleep time,  both through devices, WiFi and 4G/5G.  Of course this is happening during waking hours as well. However, during sleep, you are most vulnerable to manipulation. It is one of the reasons why, in our culture, the ego is programmed to put little importance on dreams and more importance on the rat race of daily living.   With the ego, what is up is actually down. What is peaceful is actually war, and what is false is more precisely true.  That is the world of Alice in Wonderland. That is the true nature of mind programming that we live in. If we do not master it, we will become completely submerged into what is, for all intents and purposes, a virtual reality, a prison made of mind, to keep the heart in chains. Another word for that goal is transhumanism, something that poses as science fiction. Unfortunately, it is not science fiction at all. It is the greatest threat on planet earth at this time, called the singularity.