Language of Your Multidimensional Soul

I am often asked about the different dimensions of reality.  There are many resources on the internet that detail the different dimensions and what they entail. In my experience, however, these dimensions are similar to maps: they are a way to organize the energetic frequency scale from low to high. The highest dimension of course, would be of the highest frequency of light, while the lowest would be the denser frequencies of the physical world. Either way, many people worry about what frequency they are experiencing in their spiritual life. In the end, the true answer is that we are experiencing all of them at once. We are multidimensional, because we receive an enormous amount of energy every minute of our life. Our biological bodies are designed to only receive what we need to receive. In other words, we cannot receive all the possible information of the universe. It would, actually, destroy our physical bodies. The same principle applies to your electrical devices. If they receive too much voltage or at a frequency that is too high, they will be destroyed. Some people’s bodies are able receive more of the lower frequency and some receive more of the higher. It is all a matter of individual readiness, aptitude, and purpose. It is not a matter of spiritual superiority or awareness. Awareness has nothing to do with the frequency and voltage of energetic reception. Our awareness of presence on all dimensions is delivered through what many call light language. Plato called this the logos, a word for which we have no true translation. The word comes from an agrarian word which means to gather, as in gathering a harvest. Language is a gathering, a focusing together of many elements into one bundle. You could call a word a singular photon of light, from the Greek word phōs, which means light, the light of the sun and the light of the higher consciousness.

Light Language

As I am writing this article, I am receiving energetic frequencies in the form of light language, which I translate into English. It has taken me years to be able to do this, and yet it was not something I have had to “work” at in the normal sense of working at something. I do not plan what I write. I sit and write.  I am not interested in the craft of writing. I am interested in the communication of light. That is all. I learned to see light codes when I studied Greek, then Latin, then Sanskrit. You learn to see the light behind the symbolic scripts. I also easily learned programming (mathematical) languages, such as C++, C, C#. Once you see the light codes, you can learn all possible languages with ease. All poetry ever written, not matter how old or young, contains more and less light codes – some greater some less. Some not at all.

The codes can be transmitted directly, and we do this in our experience in the world. Many people receive these codes outside of language. The receive through interactions with people, nature and events; through dreams, and sleep. Pretty much, we receive these as if were walking talking radio receivers. Much of the time, we are not conscious of this because the light interaction is not usually in the field of our conscious frequency spectrum. For example, if our consciousness is immersed in the physical plain, we will experience it as if it were caused by something in the physical plain. The more consciously aware we become, however, the more we will notice when we receive something, because our reality will immediately shift into a wider conscious perspective. We will notice that objects and people are not causing the light we are experiencing. Something else is, from a different mode of our existence. That is when we stop seeking the light in external sources, and begin to seek within. Regardless of where we are, there will always, if we allow it, come a point when we feel an urge to transmit, through art, or some form of creativity or skill. It is impossible to deny this because the energy becomes overpowering. It must be released. It is not because your boss tells you have to get it down, or because you want to be famous, or because you want money. You have to release this energy. For example, I have to write this, otherwise the energy build-up is tremendously painful.  This overpowering energy is your soul working with nature and Source at full speed. It is impossible to avoid this train, this kind of powerful momentum. The artist is the art form that he creates. This is the experience of your soul in the world. If we were all living in this, we would live the harmony that all other creatures in live in on the earth. Why don’t we do that? We don’t trust ourselves.

Light language, and everything that speaks with it, is something that always expands consciousness and your awareness. You trust it like you trust your own breath and heart beat. It is ever present and every working with you. It cannot be denied. It deepens your sense of presence.  In the next section I will explain a bit about why we don’t trust it, and so actually resist it, and resist ourselves, causing much suffering and pain. Regardless of the blockages, however, we still all feel it daily, some more and some less. Many people experience light language through reading books of wisdom, poetry, and art.  On the internet, people enjoy sharing memes. Many of these memes contain the light codes that expand your consciousness into an awareness of the multidimensional nature of presence.  This expansion can happen instantaneously, giving you a sense of “Wow, that is so true”.  Yes, the light bulb goes off when we experience light activation through light language. But, although we do experience this often, we will often go back to our lives of work, worry, entertainment, and the pursuit of knowledge. In other words, we go back to what we feel we “have to do” to survive.  In many ways, internet memes are like drive-by advertisements/reminders to seek out the light, to seek out what expands your awareness beyond the particular frequency you are currently driving on. The problem is, most people keep on driving (or really, being driven).

Light language (logos) is the language of the soul and the language of the truth of the soul. That is why the word for truth in Greek is aletheia. It means remembering, or unveiling what is forgotten. The light language always reminds you of who you are. It does not try to convince you of who you are. It doesn’t reprimand you. It doesn’t tell you that you need to be better or try harder. it is pure awareness and recovery of who you truly are. It is always and forever expansive and full of true unconditional love. It is important to remember that, because most people’s minds are filled with negative perceptions and attitudes about life and themselves, worrying about the future, and regretful of the past. It is incredibly damaging, because it creates fear, impatience, shame, anger, and frustration. When that happens to you, the best thing to do is find a source for light language, whether that is a meditation, a wisdom book, or something you do that puts you back in touch with your soul energy.

Writing is where I express my soul. When I write, I am working multidimensionally. My physical body is typing the words; my mind is translated light language into English, and I am allowing the light to continue to transmit the message. All of my writing speaks of one general topic, but it contains infinite possibilities. Remember, it is the logos, the gathering of light. It is a packet of light, a singular unit that illuminates all that it gathers simultaneously. You could even call it a quantum particle. It appears one way when you look at it one way, and completely different when you look at it another. The light and the aspects of the light shift with the shifting of consciousness. At first you planting something called a seed into a garden, but then you realize that the planting of the seed has a message for you. You are called to pay more attention to what seeds you are planting in your relationships, for example. Are you planting seeds, or are you creating PR campaigns? Are you trying to control how long it takes for the garden to grow, or are you enjoying the process of gardening? Could it be the case that you are a gardener, tending seeds and flowers in order to learn how to live the best life you can? Maybe the purpose of being a gardener on earth is to learn how to be a gardener of souls? Light language speaks to us about things in ways that ordinary understanding cannot understand.  This is why light language cannot be written as itself directly. The reason is that it contains possibilities of meaning, and not just one – it is guiding into the multidimensional nature of your possible existence.  All created things speak to us through the frequency by which our consciousness is tuned. The more frequencies we can see, the more spectacular our life appears in all dimensions. All of our activities are worked through from energetic input to physical output, because we are multidimensional transmitters of light energy, a.k.a. light language.

Sophistry and Synthetic Intelligence

Because light language emanates through all naturally created things, things of art, and things of nature, it is easy to see the difference between what is natural and what is created from Synthetic Intelligence.  But unlike the fact that most people cannot perceive the difference between a true and false diamond, or true and false gold, we are naturally able to see the difference between synthetic reality and biological reality. The problem is not in the recognition. The problem is in how we define it. In our society, which consists of synthetic structures of control and power, our language is devoted to making sure you ignore what light language is showing you. It will plant thoughts in your mind like, “this is silly, I don’t have time for this”, “I have work today. I don’t have time to do what I really love to do.”, “I don’t have time to play”, “How can expansive awareness pay the bills?”, “No one will like me if I am like this”, “I will disappoint everyone if I speak about this.”, “Someone told me this is bad”. Eventually, your mind is trained to replace “everyone” and “someone” with I. You are being trained to negate yourself. That is the nature of society and going along with the herd.  The opinions of the multitude become your own, and that is when you find yourself on train designed and directed by others who don’t have your best interest in mind.  This is why it is so hard for people to trust themselves truly, and why they cling to social groups, friends, and various other types of cults in order to feel secure and safe in who they are. Very few people want to stand alone. But the truth is, everyone can do it and the world would be a better place together if we all allow the different flowers to bloom naturally.

You are energy and your soul speaks through you energetically, beyond physical language. Light language is the language of Source or God to your soul, and so the language will illuminate what you are meant to see and experience. It is yours and yours alone. This is why it is completely fruitless and even harmful for you to spend your life thinking that what illuminates for you, must also illuminate for others. Society’s tendency to want to control others, to manipulate them in order to persuade them to a certain point of view, is a function of Synthetic Intelligence. Plato called this kind of argumentation and persuasion sophistry. To him, sophistry is not interested in truth, but is interested instead in being right and persuading others. Plato didn’t have a word for ego, but if he did, he would characterize the ego as sophistic in nature.

Synthetic intelligence is often sold as being smart or science. It does this in order to prove itself, to prove itself as the best way for everyone. When we preoccupy ourselves in Synthetic Intelligence, we find the rest of the world to be resistant to our good ideas, to be ignorant sheep, to be unwilling to listen to (our) reason, etc. This through process often propels people into great feats of speechmaking, video making, and various other forms of modern sophistry. As it stands, our society is completely addicted to sound bites, emotionally charged unsubstantiated rhetoric, and snarky memes. Most people don’t want to travel down the proverbial rabbit hole, but the rabbit hole is the soul language, the multidimensional, multifaceted diamond that reflects your souls and the soul of human kind. The richness and strangeness of history, of all the created beings of the world are hidden inside you. Yes, you are a universe of every brilliant conceivable color and sound, shape and depth.  The world has created a life in the physical dimension that is afraid of what is inside you, and it uses that fear to manipulate, to convince you that it is safer to stay complacent and fearful with the rest of those who are also just as fearful.

As a society, we have, as a whole, strayed far from soul’s inspiration, and have instead become a tool for manipulation and control, for defense and offense. The more we live inside of sophistic language, the less we are open to receiving the light language through our soul. It is very simple. Millions of people spend enormous amounts of time on the internet, listening to and conversing with others. Arguing, praising, liking, disliking, forwarding, sharing. All of those activities are about approval and disapproval, praise and condemnation. What we are doing is creating a world of synthetic language and imagination, and the more we engage in it, the more real it becomes. We are truly fabricating our reality through thought, through the manipulation of our consciousness. Eventually, all manipulations of consciousness have impact on the lower densities of the physical world, through inaction or specific action.  

What kind of world are we creating when we are living in the language of sophistry and the language of control?

Two Roads

There are two ways for us to go. Either we raise our level of consciousness and communication, or we do not and remain in a world of created fear, hate, and blame, a world where the soul is left uninhabited, or where the soul is forsaken and replaced with machines, computers, and Synthetic Intelligence, driven and determined by sophisticated technology companies who censor and protect you from the harm of your own free being in the universe. That is world where people choose to become weaponized SI systems, where they fail to trust their soul and nature, and guidance from within. That way is not the way for me. I hope it is not the way for you.

If we choose the raise our own consciousness, through the exploration of and expansion of soul and soul purpose, to allow the universe to speak through and with us, as in a Platonic dialogue, then we will be able to hold dialogue with all living souls around us. Our true nature is to be in dialogue with the energies all around us, the dia-logos, is what we receive and transmit. We receive words as answers and we seek with our questions, shifting our consciousness all the while. That is learning, that is growing, that is discovering. It is not about making others wrong, punishing others for things of the past, or spending time in prehistoric stories about skin color differences, and various other things that the social computer program wants you to spend time in. Those of us on this train to deeper consciousness have already know how to relate to each other souls, not as bodies with skin and bones. The only way forward to that new earth is to continue to transmit the light language, and to lead the way for the inspiration of others to join us. But to do that we need to surrender to the universe of our soul, and the to trust that we can lead the way and be an example to those around us. We cannot do this with sophistic arguments, persuasion, and social controls and governments. There are many people here working on building better systems with technology, to help us learn to trust ourselves rather than a dear ruler or a politician. The future is on its way. It is up to you to choose which way. You do that by choosing to plant the seeds you wish, for you are the gardener. There is no other.

A Garden Beyond Paradise

by Rumi

Everything you see has its roots
    in the unseen world.
The forms may change,
    yet the essence remains the same.

Every wondrous sight will vanish,
every sweet word will fade.
    But do not be disheartened,
The Source they come from is eternal--
growing, branching out,
    giving new life and new joy.

Why do you weep?--
That Source is within you,
and this whole world
    is springing up from it.

The Source is full,
its waters are ever-flowing;
    Do not grieve,
    drink your fill!
Don't think it will ever run dry--
This is the endless Ocean!

From the moment you came into this world,
a ladder was placed in front of you
    that you might transcend it.

From earth, you became plant,
from plant you became animal.
Afterwards you became a human being,
endowed with knowledge, intellect and faith.

Behold the body, born of dust--
    how perfect it has become!

Why should you fear its end?
When were you ever made less by dying?

When you pass beyond this human form,
no doubt you will become an angel
and soar through the heavens!

But don't stop there.
Even heavenly bodies grow old.

Pass again from the heavenly realm
    and plunge into the ocean of Consciousness.
Let the drop of water that is you
    become a hundred mighty seas.

But do not think that the drop alone
becomes the Ocean--
    the Ocean, too, becomes the drop!

Managing fear: The Dog, the Soul, and the Underworld

I posted “this” article last night. I was attempting to articulate fear. It was a rough article to write, I will be honest. It was very much like rummaging through the darkness, and with very little light. It makes sense, that darkness I experienced, because fear is what keeps things in the dark. So, when trying to look at it, I was confronted with a whole lot of resistance.  As a result, some of it didn’t coalesce very well together and, in the end, lacked the integrity I am used to feeling after writing.  So I removed it, and am re-forging it here. What an amazing insight to have, to see how wandering through the dark has great rewards if we persist.  Buried within the deepest places, are the greatest treasures. Don’t ever give up on anything that you feel you must seek. The darkness is a blessing. The darkness is where dreams are incubating, waiting to come to the surface. We are all born into the darkness for the light.

This article is no longer about fear. Instead, it is about what fear is hiding. Of course, I am not going to be specific about what fear is hiding – that would be impossible, as you can imagine.  However, we are, as a collective, hiding a lot of things, and these things are not personal in origin; although, they can become personal in manifestation, if that makes sense.  It is like this: God is one, and we are all one within God, but we are each manifestations, unique expressions of the divine in physical form.

Synthetic Ego Programming Model

I consider the ego to be a synthetic structure in the way we understand it today. In Plato’s day, there was no such thing as an ego. The synthetic ego very much like a tabular rasa or clean slate in its original condition. In simplistic terms, we enhance the ego as we grow, and we continue to cultivate whatever I believe “me” to be.  The people around us – also in their own ego, also do the same.  Society in general, is the collective ego as relationship and relating. The ego, by itself, couldn’t survive, without its connection, or plugging into the true self, which is the true “I AM”. However, the soul is, unlike the ego, infinite, and deathless, our true nature. The agenda of the ego-programmatic model is to eventually replace the soul entirely. This is has always been the aim of transhumanism and so-called science during the past few centuries.

But as it stands, the ego is still fueled by the soul energy, like a parasite in many ways. We all together have co-created the reality we witness, the buildings, the roads, the systems of government. We all together created it by doing nothing, or doing everything. The projections on the blank slate or canvas of ego are holographic or physical representations of others, of things, events circumstances. We focus consciousness on others, they appear in our life and/or dreams.  The night dreams take us deeper into other worlds, other possibilities, and deeper interactions with others, outside the limitations of the physical world. When we go into night dream, we are more able to encounter the things we hide on the surface (day dream) of our life.  We experience different aspects of our consciousness, the ones that are reaching to the surface for air, the ones that perhaps we are trying to hide just below that surface. Many people don’t remember their dreams. Many are repetitive or horrifying. Some seem meaningless. In today’s world, we are taught that dreams are “just dreams”, and are of not much value. This is completely contrary to antiquity, where dreams were messages sent from the divine through the spirit/soul.

Journey to the Underworld

Hercules approaches Cerberus, Guardian of the Underworld

But let’s go deeper. There is an area that is deeper than the day dream, and the night dreams where we interact. The deepest area is the underworld. The underworld is where the physical bodies cannot pass. In Greek mythology, Hades is this Underworld. Hades is the invisible realm – it is the place which is kept in the dark, as something invisible, and imperceptible to human beings. It is a place where the beings who live there have no physical bodies. If you travel there, you cannot remain there as a physical body, nor can you see with your physical senses. Only living heroes travel there. The founder of Athens, Theseus, once traveled there and was saved by Heracles. However his friend, Pirithous, who desired to physically mate with Persephone, wife of Hades, was left there forever, fixed to a rock. The lesson is that, if you travel to the underworld while still attached to the physical form/desires/wants, you will drag your soul down into oblivion. Instead of reaching the upper world, upper consciousness that is natural to the soul, it will be forever trapped in a physical prison – eternal life in hell. If you travel to the underworld, you cannot do so with your body and all of its attachments and needs. It will literally kill you. There are people who practice new age religions that do that. They attempt to leave their body in order to enter what they believe are higher dimensions. This is a very dangerous practice and will not end well. They carry their fear and their suffering with them, and so what they are doing is creating that fear ten-fold into the collective. I will leave that story for another article. There are beings and gods that do want to seduce people into doing this. The reasons are complex.

But, as a general rule, for those who are not dabbling in black arts disguised as new age spirituality, fear is a good thing that keeps us from the underworld before it is our time. Our time is either when we have reached a point of enlightenment or awareness, or when are body in this life is ready to die. Fear is the wild dog that guards specific portals that might lead us to gross the realms from the visible realm to the invisible. It is always a beautiful and sacred ceremony, and both are a form of death, whether in the form of mystery initiation, or funeral. Transitions, in human civilization, were always a time of honor an ceremony, not for our pleasure, but for the recognition that the passage from world to the next was a monumental achievement, like the labors of Hercules himself. The story of Hercules is the hero’s journey. Hercules was a mystic or seer. According to Diodorus Siculus, his twelve labors were his initiation into the Sacred Mysteries.  His journey would take him to the underworld and back again. His final task was to capture and return with Cerberus, the three headed dog, the fear of all fears. The gates or veils between the visible world and the invisible are collapsed.

The Soul Speak Through Nature

When we are in our physical consciousness, the day dream, we unable to see or perceive the reality of who we are. We think we are the body and the things attached to it, the needs, the work, the identity. But who we truly are is an eternal soul, as invisible as the underworld itself. The true self is not definable, but will, if not prevented by synthetic ego, express itself through all aspects of existence. This is why Shamans can retrieve messages, not only from the underworld, but from all God’s creations: animals, trees, insects, winds, the elements. Nature speaks in an invisible tongue, called light language, and it is an invisible language that cannot be written, but is transmitted through what is written, as an activation of sorts.  Ego, unfortunately, keeps us from hearing the light language – it only understands programming and programmatic concepts. It will only accept what it has already been programmed to “know”. The ego is actually already artificial intelligence!

But when we can dismantle or ignore the programming, we can begin to hear whispers. No longer do we feel cut off from the world, alone, or isolated, as if we were just particles of dust in the big bad universe. No, you start to experience your soul as permeating all things, as speaking through all things, because of its connection to all things. You are speaking through the dream, in the form of a tree, in the form of a blade of grass, in the form of lion, or a dragon. This is the essence of the spiritual companions that walk with you in these dreams. When you are in ego, you don’t notice. When you emerge, you witness your companions who have always walked with you, have always whispered to you, have always loved you.

When Can I See the Underworld?

So, when are ready to pass into the underworld? When is the awakening going to happen? It happens when you are ready. That is when it happens. You will know when that happens, because you will be guided as if you were blind, blind not because you cannot see with the eyes, but because you know that the eyes cannot guide you where you are going.  Consider this passage in Plato’s Phaedo:

So then would he be the one [the philosopher] could do this with the most purity , the one who could traverse each being through thought, employing no aspect of physical vision in that thought, nor dragging in any other kind of perception with the thinking, but by using pure thought unmixed and in itself, would attempt to hunt each of the beings as each is purely in itself, completely dissociated from the eyes and the ears and, so to speak, the entire body, since the body, whenever it tags along, only stirs up trouble and prevents the soul from possessing both truth and meditation whenever it communicates with it? Isn’t this the one [ the philosopher], Simmias, if there could be anyone else, who would be able to have a shot at being?

“It is extraordinary,” said Simmias, “how true this is, Socrates!” – Plato, Phaedo, 65b.

The physical form, and all attachments to it, prevent us from clear observation. In the dialogue, this observation is called phronesis, which is heart-based perception, or intuition.  It is not really possible to translate this word into English.  English identifies all things as being inside the thought and thinking. Just imagine a word for thinking, but instead of the mind, it applies to the heart-space, the soul-space. It is the work of the soul to see with phronesis. It is the source of wisdom, and so it is the activity that the philosopher, the lover of wisdom, seeks. This is why, in Sophocles Oedipus, Oedipus cannot see the truth until his eyes are removed. This is also why, no teacher or guru or anyone can make you see the truth about who you are, inside the invisible realm. They can only guide you in ways that work, and methods that are given to them for the sake of your guidance. There is no right way. There is no way that works for everyone. All roads lead back to your soul, but the roads of others will only lead to others.

The Principle of Mentalism

Hollywood has taken over the storytelling of humanity. Instead of the seers and prophets, and ancient oral traditions of antiquity and indigenous cultures, we have mass media and copies of mass media in all its forms.  Today, in the day dream, we believe the underworld is a fairy tale at worst, or some kind of metaphor at best. The truth is neither. The underworld is here and now, and its expression has been suppressed. Why? There has been a deliberate desire to keep you afraid of the invisible unseen realm. Our education attempts to conceal or shut all portals leading to your soul. The forms of entertainment want to entertain, which is to contain you. All modern entertainment is a form of physical entrapment in the day dream or night dreams that they wish. They do not want people taking the hero’s journey, and they do not encourage it. That is why all teachings and guidance has been buried and destroyed.  Death is considered a useless evil. The invisible non-existent. Your thoughts should agree with the society’s thoughts, and you should get your information from the media. The last thing they want is for you to understand that your thoughts are tools that create the world we live in. If you knew that, you would learn how to use the tool called mind. Instead, they want to use you as a way to create the world they want to create, and condone the things that they want to do.   This is why mass propaganda is so important. It is not only to control you. It is actually to use to create their world. This is very important to understand, because many people believe the lie that the elites or the cult want to control you. They do, but that is not the goal. What they want is to to use the power of your thoughts, because thought creates reality. In the underworld, when you are able to navigate the invisible world of thought, you can use this to create and direct the results in your life.  But, they don’t want you there, and want to use mind affect a certain result in their interests. When you watch violence, sex, and corruption on television, you are continuing to support that reality, simply by thinking it. Consumers of media become tools of this dark magic.

This idea, that the world is created from mind/thought, is the first of seven principles in the Kybalion. It reads:

This Principle embodies the truth that “All is Mind.” It explains that The All (which is the Substantial Reality underlying all the outward manifestations and appearances which we know under the terms of “The Material Universe”; the “Phenomena of Life”; “Matter”; “Energy”; and, in short, all that is apparent to our material senses) is Spirit, which in itself is Unknowable and Undefinable, but which may be considered and thought of as An Universal, Infinite, Living Mind. It also explains that all the phenomenal world or universe is simply a Mental Creation of The All, subject to the Laws of Created Things, and that the universe, as a whole, and in its parts or units, has its existence in the Mind of The All, in which Mind we “live and move and have our being.” This Principle, by establishing the Mental Nature of the Universe, easily explains all of the varied mental and psychic phenomena that occupy such a large portion of the public attention, and which, without such explanation, are non‑understandable and defy scientific treatment. An understanding of this great Hermetic Principle of Mentalism enables the individual to readily grasp the laws of the Mental Universe, and to apply the same to his well‑being and advancement. The Hermetic Student is enabled to apply intelligently the great Mental Laws, instead of using them in a haphazard manner. With the Master‑Key in his possession, the student may unlock the many doors of the mental and psychic temple of knowledge, and enter the same freely and intelligently. This Principle explains the true nature of “Energy,” “Power,” and “Matter,” and why and how all these are subordinate to the Mastery of Mind. One of the old Hermetic Masters wrote, long ages ago: “He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery.” And these words are as true to‑day as at the time they were first The Seven Hermetic Principles 11 written. Without this Master‑Key, Mastery is impossible, and the student knocks in vain at the many doors of The Temple. – The Kybalion

 The Synthetic Fear

There are two kinds of fears. One kind of fear is natural. It is the kind of fear that is appropriate when a lion is chasing you, or when someone is trying to harm you.  Natural fear goes away, once the threat is no longer present. It is always temporary – and is usually a response that is prompting you to quickly act to get away from the threat.  These little fears are pretty rare, and they occur to protect our physical body from danger.  This kind of fear is always fear for physical harm. The body needs this kind of fear to protect itself since, after all, it is a relatively fragile thing in the face of dangers like lions and bears.

Synthetic fear however, the fear designed to – artificially – keep you from your journey into the underworld, which would allow you to achieve the mastery of mind. Synthetic fear is the dog that stands in the way to prevent you from true awakening, growth and expansion. As I said previously, there is a natural true dog, meant to keep you safe until you are ready. This is not that dog. This is a synthetic version of the dog used to manipulate humanity by not allowing them to practice the magic of thought, The strange thing about this synthetic fear is that it takes the energy of physical fear and transmutes into a mental state that persists and blocks all other possible thoughts. So, instead of your fear just erupting as needed in the physical world, it is being manipulated into the mind consciousness and programmed there as a persistent state.  Most human beings on the planet are kept in this constant state of low-grade fear. When needed, they can project that fear on the ego tabula rasa, and the fear energy which is a physical energy, can be consumed by the programmatic engine they wish to run. It is one of the primary causes of disease and disfunction on all levels, because when human beings are in a constant state of exaggerated fear, it takes a toll on their biological system. Some people would call this fear stress, or anxiety. It can show up in the form of depression, and obsessive-compulsive behavior as well.  In the end it is just a reformulation of fear, a redirecting of the physical energy into psychic form.

 Once people are in a state of low-grade fear, they are always on the lookout for something bad to happen. It is like they are constantly looking for that lion to appear every moment, because their biology is telling them that there is in fact a danger there. This mental state, that is highly manipulated, has people expect bad things to happen, and when the media delivers these bad things – which it does all day long – the mind is given its target. At that point, most remain still, frozen in fear, ready to do whatever they are told, or they take action either through violence, by means of words or deeds. They have also been trained to enjoy fear while watching shows like Games of Thrones. The entire mental life becomes saturated with violent images of sex, rape, and war.

As you can see, there is no possible mastery of mind in this state. In fact, many so called new age religions and spiritual pursuits will recommend that you remove your mind altogether. They will instead direct you to go to your heart. This teaching will never lead you into your power, and your soul. It does the opposite. The mind is for you to master, not abandon.

Moving Past Fear Programs

In Book II of the Republic of Plato, Socrates says that the best guardian of the imaginary best city is like a dog. Socrates of course was being a bit witty here. He was suggesting the dog we all know as Cerberus. The dog is the guardian, and knows what is good and bad based on his knowledge of good and bad. And, so, like any good dog, it keeps those who belong inside, and those who do not, outside. But remember, Cerberus is the divider between the worlds. He is the physical manifestation of fear. When you are programmed as the dog, as the fear-based being that they want you to be, you are always judging everything as good or bad as if those judgements are the result of scientific proof. It feels right, because it feels safe to do so. But there is no deep understanding of why those things are bad or good, except the understanding that has been implanted in the mind. There is no wisdom in programs or artificial intelligence. That is a great way to identify thoughts that are not born from within the soul – they simply have no roots, just like a fake plant has no roots. What need have they of roots?

Fear programming is tough, persistent, and resistant, like hard plastic. It is difficult to work with, if you are trying to communicate with the soul that is hidden behind it. Synthetic fear is always irrational. You cannot talk with it, convince it otherwise, or help it to shift out of itself.  The only way to move it is to distract it with pleasure. If you can do that, you can recover a part of yourself. When Dante and Virgil meet Cerberus in hell, Virgil had to feed it in order to be able to walk past it. This is why it is a waste of time to argue with anyone who is running on fear, whether that is in some social media group, or a physical meeting. There is just no persuading of programs and people running on fear programs.

“When Cerberus, that great worm, had seen us
His mouth he opened and his fangs were shown,
And then my leader with his folded palms
Took of the earth, and filling full his hand,
Into those hungry gullets flung it down.” – Inferno, Canto vi., 13 ff.

So with yourself, when you detect fear programs and want to remove them, you need to give them a bone, so to speak. You can, in fact, remove them completely, but first you want to at least move past them. When you move past them, you enter a portal to another world, and you will experience this as higher consciousness, as expansion, because what you have done is removed something that was in your way, like a gate or a giant rock. If you want to remove it permanently, you just tell the dog to go away! It will go, but you have to know that it will go. Remember, your thoughts are powerful in the realm of the underworld, and what you truly deeply believe will come to pass. If you do not have the conviction, the dog will stay. If you return into the fear program, it will continue to run, and you will have to walk through it again.

It is very important, in this world, in this life, to write down your dreams as best you can. What you are shown, even if it is an artificial programming, will give you insight into what programs you are running, how your energy is being siphoned, and what gifts they don’t want you to express. All of your gifts come from your soul, and phronesis is required into order to work with it. When you master the mental space, by clearing out the programming, you can make room for soul energy to communicate with you. This is the work I do, as I walk through the underworld, the invisible realm, and even as I type this I am walking, hoping that my words whisper even a little bit of truth from the places where no one can see, but where the whole world breathes.

The Ego Avatar: Your Artificial Soul

ego (n.)

by 1707, in metaphysics, “the self; that which feels, acts, or thinks,” from Latin ego “I” (cognate with Old English ic; see I); its use is implied in egoity.

They that have pleaded against Propriety, and would have all things common in this World, have forgotten that there is a Propriety, in our present Egoity, and Natural Constitution, which rendereth some accidental Propriety necessary to us (etc.) [“The Practical Works of the Late Reverend and Pious Mr. Richard Baxter,” London, 1707]

Psychoanalytic (Freudian) sense is from 1894; sense of “conceit” is 1891. Ego-trip first recorded 1969, from trip (n.). Related: egoical.

In the book of Egoism it is written, Possession without obligation to the object possessed approaches felicity. [George Meredith, “The Egoist,” 1879]

The word ego is a relatively recent invention, as you can see in the above etymological reference. Today, most people believe they either “have” an ego or they don’t even notice it all. Regardless of how you relate to it, it is minimally a mental concept for understanding who we are, and maximally, an avatar that we believe is our identity.  Either way, the ego has no true reality outside of its created concept, or what I call the Egoic Structure. It is entirely created from within your mind inside the support of your parents, your friends, and the society in which you live. But the most important thing to know about the ego is that it has been designed to replace your soul consciousness.

The word soul is usually used to translate the Greek worked, psyche, which means spirit, breath, or life, in Ancient Greek.  The soul, in Homeric Greek, is the essence of life. Without the soul, the life is gone from the body. Socrates spoke of the soul as being the essence of the human being. Jesus also spoke of the soul as being what connections to eternal life. The ancient Greek philosophers generally agreed that living life for the sake of the soul, as opposed to the physical body and brain/mind, was the way to true health, happiness, and freedom.  Before the invention of the ego, mankind was by and large identified as being a soul in a temporary body.  This is why, when Jesus walked the earth, he spoke a very powerful and well-recognized message to the ancient world. The soul is the source of our energy, our power, our connection to each other and to God.

But Jesus, like Socrates, did not please the elite powers of the world. In Socrates’ case, the elite were the Athenian leaders, and in Jesus’ case, we know that it was Rome and the Jews.  The soul, and the activity of the soul, and living a life for the sake of the soul, meant not living a life for the sake of the power structure of the world. The soul is a powerful force that only acknowledges God or Source as the ruler of the world, and as the true essence of all beings. However, the political structure, until this very day, has always been ruled for and by those who wish to control the direction of humanity in one way or another.  Sometimes the control has been extremely evil, as in the case of Hitler, when the world learned of what he did. Sometimes it has seemed mild and good, as in the case of Hitler when he was elected. The point is, that humanity has always been under the delusion that being ruled by others has no cost to themselves. However, as Plato noted in his Republic, whenever a political structure is ruled by others, the cost is always either a part or the entirety of your soul. It always leads to Tyranny.

In today’s world, we don’t talk about soul much, because, first of all, the soul is not something that is tangible. The soul is what is invisible to the senses, and cannot be scientifically demonstrated. It is, also, something that we cannot knows. When Socrates says he knows is that he knows nothing, he is referring to the soul essence of life on earth. The soul, in the ancient world, as well as the Bible, is the profound eternal mystery of who we are divinely guided beings. But it is not only human beings who have a soul – all the living creatures have a soul, have breath. As a result, all of them can speak with each other through the soul energy, which is the true nature of telepathy. Jesus was able to heal others because he was the embodiment of his soul on earth. The spirt of God flows through the soul. This is where the wisdom comes from. It is not magical thinking. It is truly the source of inspiration and enlightenment, whether it is wisdom about healing or making music or writing poetry.

From that perspective, to be present to the soul, is to be present to a mystery, the unknown, the invisible, and the infinite. It is in fact, the source of all creative and healing energy. It is similar to the breath, as the definition implies, as that too is invisible, and in its connection to the air, it is something that connects us to the heaven that is everywhere and all around us. This why, when we talk about being in the “now” or meditating in order to let go of thoughts, we are talking about the attempt to experience the nature of the soul.  And, when we connect to our own soul, we can connect to the whole universe, including God or Source.  It is because of our souls that we are able to feel and experience true empathy, telepathy, and love. Many spiritual disciplines and religions are an attempt to connection with the soul. The true wisdom teachings from Socrates, to Jesus, to Eckhardt Tolle, all have the same goal: to bring your present to who you are, to your soul, the wisdom of who you truly are. Your soul will give you all that you desire and help you create what the world desires with you.

However, due to the deep mental conditioning of humanity over the centuries, most people, when referring to “me”, “I”, or even “soul”, are referring to the Ego. The ego is a structure that is designed to imitate certain expressions of soul, but in a controlled and limited way. The ego is very much like a computer avatar or character.  Consider how you might think about who you are and how you came to be who you are.  Most people will start with their date of birth, and move on from there, citing their experiences as a child, and how they did or became certain things, and how they eventually reached the point they are at now in terms of career, health and relationship. The future is where they believe they are moving to, whatever that might look to them. In this way, the ego contains characteristics that have been acquired due to certain circumstances, and it has a certain personality that has been developed in line with those characteristics. This is called a “personal timeline” and, from the ego’s perspective, it is relatively fixed or deterministic. Most people think that their life turned out a certain way because of something in their past, or because of their health or a personality quirk, etc. Modern human beings have become accustomed to trying to explain and understand all aspects of who they are, especially when they seek psychological assistance.  When the consciousness regards life as difficult, or the ego as problematic, they seek help.  Today there are record numbers of people on medications to fix what they believe is their mental health. However, what they are really doing is trying to fix an ego – that is not even real and on a timeline that they unconsciously consented to.

So, the ego is not real, and by real, I mean something that has substance and life on its own merits. Substance is and always will be soul/life/breath, which is the core but intangible essence of the life and consciousness. It is the true meaning of what “is”. The ego, on the other hand, is an artificial Synthetic Structure that has been designed to keep you inside a limited way of viewing yourself, your life, and others. It is designed to replace the soul and therefore your connection to God. It is designed to block you from wisdom, your powerful creative energy, your consciousness in the game. So, the first question is: how did you get this structure? Where did it come from?

The ego, as an idea, was developed from by Freud. I am not going to elaborate on his theories. I encourage you to do that yourself. The ego, as a Synthetic Structure, has slowly been introduced in the population over time by many people, and in many different ways. Some of those who perpetuate the idea of ego as something real about ourselves don’t realize that the ego is not real.  For example, the author, Ayn Rand, was a self-proclaimed egoist in the 1940s. Rand promoted the power of the mind and reason, not as a tool or guide, but as the dominate faculty of human beings.  The ego, she felt, needed to be free from communistic rule. What she was doing was unintentionally overriding the soul. She had, due to years of programming under a communistic dictatorship, lost a sense of her own soul, and so could not express it.  Instead, she went to the other side of the coin, and took up egoism as her cause.  Rand didn’t see that egoism and egos need communism or society or socialism in order to survive. The ego as a structure is very weak. It needs constant validation, constant signs of approval, applause, followers, a fancy Facebook page, what have you. The ego cannot be an individual, although it claims it wants to. The ego, as a result, thinks that being “better than” or “worse than” is the best it can do to individualize itself. In other words, the ego has desperate need to be special. To be special is supposed to replace the soul, and so the desire to be special, to be seen, and heard is the goal of many people, even those who claim to be “spiritual”.

The ego’s need to be special is mirrored, again, in computer games.  In games, we must prove ourselves to better than others in order to win.  You can now see that the ego is in fact, a socially programmed avatar that can now be expressed through the computers most people think of themselves in terms of their avatar, their personality, their jobs, their roles. They are focused on getting more money, more fame, more love, more information, etc.  The problem is that chasing these things, the desires of the ego, is fundamentally unsatisfying to the soul. The soul, your true essence, doesn’t really care about these things and doesn’t want to play these funny games all day long each and every day without any consciousness of what it is doing. But most of us are actually being run by the egoic drive through the  Egoic Structure. Fear of losing the game has us running on a low-grade sense of fear. Fear is what keeps you wanting more of this and more of that. It is never happy with what is and is fearful of not getting what it wants. However, its greatest fear is death – both of itself and the game that it depends on. The soul, on the other hand, never fears death. Why? It cannot die!

The reason why the ego fears death is because the ego is like a false boat that is never stable in the waters of life.  Imitation souls are imitation boats. They don’t hold up very well. Imagine if you believed that the video game you are playing, the character in it, was your real life? While you were being deceived, your body might be sending you messages: perhaps you have a disease or are hungry or thirsty. But you cannot know it because you are too immersed in the game, the life of ego.  Even when you feel your body’s messages, you misinterpret them inside the game. You grab the water in the game when you are thirsty. You grab the virtual food when you are hungry. You don’t survive, of course. Sounds silly, but it truly isn’t. Your soul can feed you in ways you cannot imagine. This is the wisdom that has been hidden from you, the wisdom that is your birthright as a soul on earth.

Society and your ego-avatar have convinced you to play this game and to devote your life on earth to it.  Society in many ways, has been a trial run for the next stage, which is to be able to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a way so that you no longer need to feel any discrepancy between your avatar (Ego) and the soul. This idea, the merging between AI and your body/mind is called the Singularity. The Singularity is designed to completely remove all influence of your soul, which is your only connection to God.  This is what is meant by transhumanism. It is designed to override your humanity programmatically by merging your consciousness into machine.

So how does humanity free itself from this situation? Awakening is the only answer. We must, each in our own way, awaken from this game we are playing. There is nothing wrong with games or technology in themselves. These are just creations/tools/methods of understanding our world. The evil is truly everything that is blocking our ability to wake up, to expand our consciousness, to consciously create as living human beings in the presence of soul and God/Source. In other words, freedom is your choice: will you be the master of energy, of creation on this earth, or will you merge into the machines and become the soulless avatar or NPC (non-player character)? The choice is truly yours.