Home is where the Hearth is

There are certain days or weeks in which I do not write. Usually the reason is because some area of the egoic structure has been dissolved and the hordes begin to pour in. When that happens, I get to experience what ego was once protecting (or hiding) me from: all the good; all the bad,Continue reading “Home is where the Hearth is”

How long can you stand in love?

I haven’t been posting a month or so because I have completed what has essentially been a year-long cross-country move. The move was a calling that uprooted me from old attachments in order to assist in planting me in a place that is more suitable to my grounding, and my growth. We are all, inContinue reading “How long can you stand in love?”

Timeline Collapse: The Ancient Tree is falling

This post is a documentation of some of the visions and experiences I have been having over the past few months. I am going to make this as brief as a can. I apologize if I am unclear in any way. Please feel free to ask questions if you like. I am writing this forContinue reading “Timeline Collapse: The Ancient Tree is falling”

The End of Power, the Beginning of Love

Over the past few days, I have been getting some powerful teachings and awareness around the nature of our power, both as we have known it, and as we will discover it. As I have said repeatedly on this blog, the earth is undergoing a transformation of awareness and higher frequency integration. The reason forContinue reading “The End of Power, the Beginning of Love”

Create in the Image of Love

The “matrix” lives inside each individual on the planet.  What the matrix is, is a complex technological program that was originally designed to create a holographic environment in which infinite beings can navigate in terms of that environment, in order to master that environment. In order to care for this environment, an environment which PlatoContinue reading “Create in the Image of Love”

All the World’s a Mirror of You

1. It is very easy to become what you are fighting against. It happens in all wars. 2. The world you see is a projection of what you need to see within yourself. 3. You don’t see yourself in others. You project them from within your own configuration. 4. All the world is illusion exceptContinue reading “All the World’s a Mirror of You”

Energy work, careers, and the great awakening

Many people are losing their livelihoods right now. Most are in the medical field. They cannot practice if they don’t agree to inject poison into their body. Many are not agreeing, and are busy trying to find loopholes and ways around it. They are trying to save their career. Humanity is not yet at theContinue reading “Energy work, careers, and the great awakening”

Put down the politics: expand your awareness instead

“Once this meta program of culture becomes dominant, it shapes our experience into an arbitrary and parallel counterfeit of that which is real. Once this meta program takes over our perceptual apparatus, it is the only mode we have for interacting with reality. Once that happens we can’t question our culturally conditioned state, since thatContinue reading “Put down the politics: expand your awareness instead”

Welcome to the show, or – Why you are here

Much of what we are witnessing is a show, but it is a show that is deadly serious.  When people are asleep in the matrix, they play their roles. Some are actors, but most aren’t aware of it.  There is an absurdity in the global timelines now. The media’s contrived stories, the dramas, the celebrityContinue reading “Welcome to the show, or – Why you are here”

Be in the rivers flow, a drop of water none can find

I don’t need to tell you what force out there is determined to create a humanity that hates love, knows nonsense, worships what degrades, and lives for what kills, do I? Well, I will try. I’m going to talk a bit about the ego, but not in the way most people talk about it. It’sContinue reading “Be in the rivers flow, a drop of water none can find”