The Artist in this Machine, the Stars in the Sky

I’m going to talk a bit about synthetic artificial intelligence in the content of true human learning and creativity. It is important that we remember and keep in touch with who we are as creative beings in the midst of an onslaught that intends to keep us in the dark and to ultimately bury usContinue reading “The Artist in this Machine, the Stars in the Sky”

Ego Awakening: In the song of the trees

The ego is as the rings of the tree. Days pass; months go by; years and decades and centuries. All the growth, the great walls, flourish around it, in accordance with the nature of the times, the conditions, the waters and the sun. The ego immerses itself in it, as a reflection, into its being,Continue reading “Ego Awakening: In the song of the trees”

The one and the many, the bloodlines and the God.

What does it mean to say that we are One? Some people think that it means we are the same somehow, or that we are responsible for each other or that we are supposed to love each other in the way humans imagine love should be. In many instances, people translate “we are One” toContinue reading “The one and the many, the bloodlines and the God.”

The Horses and the God

“Everyone is the other and no one is himself.” ― Martin Heidegger, Being and Time Being. Being is the core around Plato’s teaching. It is the core around the teaching of Buddha, Nietzsche, Yeshua (Jesus) and Eckhart Tolle. The dance however, the songs that they create to awaken the awareness of being is different, not onlyContinue reading “The Horses and the God”

Soul Manifestation and Freedom

The silos of reason make it difficult for us to see the one in the many, the integrity of the whole, the Soul in the Machine. When it comes to the intellect, to reason, to the profound thinking that infuses the substance of our modern, entirely contrived and complicated lives, we are very good atContinue reading “Soul Manifestation and Freedom”

To conjure and summon the Black Lion

This is a difficult article to write, and I hesitated in doing so, because of the difficulty of the subject matter. I will do my best, however. What I write now is inspired from a vision I had last night, and many, many others I have had over the years. As one releases the genericContinue reading “To conjure and summon the Black Lion”

The Disease of the Hollow Men

We have all been programmed to believe that what we feel is “our” feelings, that our thoughts are “our” thoughts, and what we experience belongs to us alone. Fundamentally, we are programmed to believe that we – as identity- are some kind of monadic platform that contains the cause and the effect of our experiencesContinue reading “The Disease of the Hollow Men”