Star Showers

What would the world be like if everyone at anytime and in any place could feel love as easy as they feel the sun light showers?


I know you love me
for I feel your shadow’s sad longing
to pluck the sunlight as dark clouds cry
rain drops sealing sleepy embers inside
so eager are they to fall upon my cheek
a million kisses pouring from the sky
a million stars dying into lullaby.

Emotional Seas

you’ve built a boat too feeble for emotional seas
a toddler’s toy cannot survive passionate tsunamis
faring ill as ocean’s heart allies with angry storm
consumed with sea whose shores it once proudly rode
when mommy cheered as you ventured outside the home
thinking you’d survive her fear of dark tidal tomb

and don’t we all, don’t we all take uncharted risks
when the weather is kinder and happy beaches blissed
when we hear the children’s laughter summer running
our hearts open to the sunlight sailing away humming
never gone for long, never into the deep end straying

you and I are both desirous of the wild moon-tide sea
yet while precious treasures await our eyes for finding
you only know fear in the jetsam and flotsam surrounding
I tell you, when all of it has sunken to the bottom deep
love is what of refuse remains, love in and out breathing
floating far till you finally reach your hoped for stars.