Sacred sexuality: Kundalini and the great work

The great snake awaits,coiled at the source,for the doors to open,to welcome his emergence. Every spiritual teaching offers guidance on some form of detachment or renunciation of the desires, the physical objects of desire and even the spiritual objects of desire.  Becoming attached to physical desires is common to all of humanity. Spiritual objects ofContinue reading “Sacred sexuality: Kundalini and the great work”

The Ecstasy of Wholeness

Hearing, tasting, seeing, touching, and smelling: every art and every skill requires all of the senses, all of our faculties of perception. Each one is a contribution to what we call our experience as we devise, create, build, and play. Mind, however, is the realm of tracking, memory, recollection, and projection. Mind is a toolContinue reading “The Ecstasy of Wholeness”