Why the ego must die and other stories

It may seem rather radical to say that we need to let the ego dissolve, or perish, or die. It can be an uncomfortable concept, or a concept that the ego will try to prove that is not even possible. If psychologists claims that the ego is a critical component of the soul, then ofContinue reading “Why the ego must die and other stories”

By Pencil and by Sword

Sacred spacesgrow from within the heart,the heart of God, of You,sky rise or blade of grass,firm in the soilholding to the winds:these are the creations. Even the birds hold to earthand fly over the ground.by a great lightilluminationfrom Sun and Eyethat speaks its presencein its foundation,in its decorationand adornments:God is singing who you arethrough theContinue reading “By Pencil and by Sword”

Education, the Tao, and the Way out

 The Mystery of mysteries is the Door of all essence. Tao Te Ching The word education means to “guide lead out from”. It’s constructed from the Latin proposition ex- (out) and root -duc-, as in duke (lord), or induction, etc. Education is not a leading away (abduction), in the sense of taking away from somethingContinue reading “Education, the Tao, and the Way out”