Awakening and Sadness: Let Go of the Caterpillar Dream, Butterfly

Awakening is supposed to be a time of awareness, hope, and light. Yes, it is. But it is also something else. It is loss, it is death, and it waving goodbye to what you thought you were, what you thought the world was. Awakening is saying goodbye to the old dream, and hello to new possibilities. Yet, many of us, due to social conditioning and a culture that has no facility with handling death and loss, feel a sadness and despair that we don’t seem to be able to – or perhaps want to – shake. Our modern culture doesn’t like loss. It doesn’t like change. We like to think of ourselves as being highly sophisticated with high tech, but we fall to pieces when we experience loss in our lives.

So, instead of cultivating an understanding of what loss is, that is is a natural – and beautiful – process of life, that it signifies a time of great change into perhaps an unknown and mysterious territory, we immediately get to telling ourselves stories about what we are experiencing. We begin to label it with a Mind map. Psychology has provided us many, many stickers by which we label our feelings. So we eagerly grab those, and stamp what we think is appropriate on our foreheads. Yet, does it really help? I don’t think so. It is just making it worse.

Depression, sadness, anxiety, hopelessness: these are all feelings that we have from time to time. Sometimes they last for a short period, maybe a few minutes or a few hours. Sometimes they linger for days, weeks, or months; for some, this can go on for years. But regardless of the length of our hopelessness, they all amount to the same thing: feelings of loss, a little brush with the unknown, the invisible, something like death.

This sense of something missing or not being right can lead to many things. It can lead us into fear or panic. It can lead us into making up intricate stories about our feelings, based on past memories and future expectations. Usually, when we feel sad, our minds immediately go to our habitual interpretation of that sadness.  This is why we feel like we are trapped in the sadness. The stories we create don’t feel like our creation. They feel real. When we are immersed in these stories, we take on a specific identity, a character. Others in the story also take on roles as well. They are either contributing to our sadness or they are trying to help.

When you are always using the same story about yourself in life, then that story feels real. So, for example, whenever you feel sad, you might use the same story or explanation, like “I don’t have love in my life” or “I am not lovable” or “Nothing works out for me.” These voices in your head are not coming from a good source and they can be quite stubborn. But you can wake up to them, to become a witness to them, rather than an obedient slave. In a lot of ways, what the voice is actually saying to you is: YOU DON’T BELONG IN THIS LIFE, IN THIS DREAM. When you realize that, you can start to see the absurdity of it. You are in this life because you are supposed to be in this life. It is that simple. Lies are not just on MSM or the media. They are swimming inside your head long after you shut off the television.

When you start to realize that you aren’t what your mind is saying about you, when you start to experience yourself as a Soul, rather than an ego/character/story, you start to realize that living life “in story” is very much like living life in a dream. That is when you start to awaken from the dream. The truth about the Great Awakening occurring on earth right now is that we are rising from the dream and dreams that we have had about ourselves. When we do this, we say goodbye to who we are. That conjures feelings of sadness and loss.

There is nothing wrong when you experience sadness in your life. We experience all kinds of emotions. Emotions are like water, and they flow through us like water. They take us up. They take us down. We built boats upon the water, stories, to help us understand who and what we are, where we are going, what to expect. But what happens when our hopes and expectations are dashed? Why does that make us sad? Well, there is a loss there, kind of like a death. We held onto something, a story, a person, an expectation, and we wanted it to be a certain way. But what if God and the universe has other plans. That is the best news because life, in its natural unmodified and unmanipulated state is designed to grow and expand. The best thing about human beings is that as our bodies age, our wisdom can continue to expand and grow exponentially. This is the true glory and wisdom of growing “old”, something that we have been taught to fear, rather than embrace. In modern society we have not only lost respect for our elders due to our fear of death, but we have lost respect for wisdom and our own Soul’s capacity for wisdom.

Even worse, we have been living in a world that wants and encourages sadness and depression. We are told, even by psychology, that prolonged sadness is a disease and is something bad and weak in us. But sadness, by itself, is an experience of loss. it is the death experience, the losing of something or someone you held onto in some way. In our culture we are just not equipped to handle loss in a beautiful way.  The story of Jesus’ death is an example of a teaching that is trying to show you that loss is not an end, but is only a beginning. Plato, too, showed the same, in his dialogue called the Phaedo. In the Phaedo, Socrates is about to die, but he has no fear, and no sense of loss. The only ones who didn’t want to let go of him were his friends, because they saw him as a physical person, not as an eternal soul. But he saw a new life and a new world because he saw that the soul is deathless.

When we are asleep, due to centuries of human slavery and programming, we believe that we are only this body here, and we believe what our mind has been programmed to think about ourselves. We have been trained to become attached to the expectation of a system of control, and the way we have taught that it works. Letting go of this system of control is going to take a while for many, many people. We are all awakening on the planet now. We are all going to confront, eventually, the mirror of who we have been in this life. This is will be a gateway towards our own personal freedom, where loss is a something that we can learn to acknowledge as being a stepping stone for future growth. The caterpillar needs to be willing to let go of her caterpillar-ness and all the expectations of the caterpillar in order to allow the transition to butterfly. That transition can be challenging.

The truth about human beings, and the truth about you, is that you are way more than you thought you were. Your awakening is leading you to more freedom, more agility, more joy and more awareness in life. You will no longer tolerate being a slave to anyone. You will no longer tolerate the forces that have kept you from growing, becoming, who you are, an infinite being of infinite Love, a true child of God. Consider that the world has, up until now, wanted us to believe that we are small insignificant creatures. That we should worship the stars and the celebrities who are better than we are. That we should have every aspect of our lives controlled by experts and those who know better than we do. That we should worship, but not participate. That we should keep our masks on and shut up.

So, your sadness is located in loss. Your sadness is located in the missing of something. Take a look. God wouldn’t show you or have you feel sadness in order to make you suffer. Sadness is a beautiful thing, but you have to be willing to let go and look. Look and see what you are holding on to that needs to be let go of. You know that your soul is whispering something into your ear. You know deep inside that you are on this earth at this time for a reason. Your light is the reason, your wonder and curiosity and growth is the reason. Let go of your caterpillar dream, butterfly.

Eyes for the Stars

This is not about politics.
Something far more sinister [evil] has been allowed to flourish through all parts of our society.
It has been protected and safeguarded.
It has been camouflaged to appear as trusted.
It has been projected [normalized] by STARS.

Q – 3931

Everything in the world has its truth and its lies, its being and its imitations. In our natural state, its very easy to spot a liar. It is also very easy to spot a lie. But what happens when we can no longer see the difference between what is true and what is false? What happens when our natural state is somehow muted or blocked? Well, we know what happens. Because we have been living in it.

In modern life, the pineal gland has been shut down through mostly diet, drugs, and various forms of addictions in modern life. For the most part, the pineal gland has been calcified due to fluoride. The real reason fluoride is pushed on the public, is to remove our ability to communicate with God or Source through our pineal gland. This effectively blocks our access to our soul, our awareness of our eternal nature, and our ability to see reality as it is. As a result of being blocked from our own soul, we become “sitting ducks” when it comes to information. We are either bewildered or we seek answers from an external “authority” as quick as we can. Our addiction to MSM news sources is a result of our weakened abilities to intuit the truth. These days, most people do not seek God for answers. Instead, they load up Twitter.

But true perception, in the ancient world, has always been associated with the divine, with deep knowing, with seeing, with prophecy, and wisdom. It is no wonder that the Ancient Greek word for god is theos.  The English word, theory, meaning to speculate, see, or consider, is derived from the Greek root -the-. The gods are the ones who “see”.  The gods are witnesses. They each express consciousness. For that reason, the gods are, by default, the judge of all things of the world that they perceive. They hold a domain of consciousness. But, because they are not the highest God, Source, they only hold a small aspect. The highest of all the gods is symbolized in the Egyptian Eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye. Plato mentions this highest Seer as the ultimate highest God. He calls him either First Cause, The Good, or the Highest of Beings, or simply the unnamed One.

So, all the gods (watchers) are different aspects of consciousness, or different personalities and characters (egos). Each one has a certain area of wisdom or knowing that they “rule” over, just like human beings see themselves today has having specific skills or talents. These lesser gods, the theoi, derive their power from the highest God, Source. The pineal gland, the inner eye of each human being allows human beings to live a life in accordance with the eternal soul, in accordance with God as Source. This ability, to see the truth is rooted in the ability to know thyself (gnothi seauton), to know that you are an eternal soul with a specific purpose on this earth. Once you know yourself in this manner, it is very easy to have an inner knowing that is connected to God, the Good, and Grace. This is like being an expert in the nature of a particular animal, like a dog. If you know the nature of dogs, you can help them to thrive. If you don’t, you can do a lot of harm. We are no different with ourselves. If we do not know who we are, it is very easy to do harm to ourselves.

Unfortunately, because the pineal gland has been calcified and under-utilized, many people seek knowledge outside of themselves and outside of their divine connection. When you talk about self-knowledge to them, they don’t think of the soul. They think of the ego and what it can do or can’t do. The ego is simply an avatar that is very much like a lesser god (theoi). It has a very limited viewpoint, and it believes it can work without God, or that it is separate from God. To seek oneself, in this world, to the ego, means to seek out what one likes, one’s abilities, one’s personality. As people try to live their lives inside an avatar with certain properties and characteristics, they must face a great deal of unhappiness, as sense of loss, the feeling that something is not quite right in their lives. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or famous or healthy. Something will at the very least feel “off”. Many people suffer mental and physical disorders due to not following their true soul’s nature. Why? Because you are an infinite soul that is being starved on a steady diet of irrelevant information, unhealthy habits, and misguided judgements, all of which are derived from data that is sourced outside the boundaries of who you are. You are, as a consciousness, effectively lost in in an artificial Matrix construct, trying to be an avatar that isn’t even real or appropriate. Life is at that point hard work. You imagine that it would only be a dream to be able to do what you love, whatever that might be.

So, if most people aren’t working with God or the soul to live their lives in accordance with their own nature, who are they working with? Well, all you have to do is turn on the TV or the Twitter or the Spotify or the MSM and look to the stars.

This is the third-eye symbol. The stars are here to replace your own inner eye. Some of them are Hollywood stars; some are politicians; some are experts; some are authors. It doesn’t matter where they are. They are ubiquitous like all false gods are. To a population that is lost, to a population that has forgotten how to access their soul essence and God, the stars easily replace that function by being models to emulate, imitate, and aspire to. This is why our society loves stars. They can sell anything to the population, even a worthless meme coin called Doge. They tell us how to dress, how to wear our hair. We aspire to be famous and rich like them. They seem to be everything we desire.

In my next article, I will look at how these “stars” actually possess most of the population through fixation, obsession, fear, and dependency. When we worship stars of any kind, you are allowing them “free rent” into your body. It can get extremely crowded and confusing in there. The spiritual ramifications for this can get quite complicated and interesting at the same time. But just note that, when you are in state of spiritual weakness, when you are in a state of fear, and you seek “help” outside yourself, you will risk letting the wrong ones in. Of course, some experts and stars can serve to be beneficial in some way, but it is important to simply know when they can stay in your body, and when they have to go. It is really that simple. And when God is your guide, through your soul, it is easy to learn how to set up proper boundaries and systems to prevent open access to your most precious possession, your infinite soul.

Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.  For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.

John: 2:15-16