The end of Romance and the Twin Flame Mythology

All mythologies have been written as symbolic guidance tools in order to lead the student into a deeper understanding of life and self. The myths of Sisyphus, Narcissus, of Hades and Persephone: each one contains the possibilities of a deeper teaching for Self. They are not designed to be “known” immediately like learning some factoidContinue reading “The end of Romance and the Twin Flame Mythology”

Sacred sexuality: Kundalini and the great work

The great snake awaits,coiled at the source,for the doors to open,to welcome his emergence. Every spiritual teaching offers guidance on some form of detachment or renunciation of the desires, the physical objects of desire and even the spiritual objects of desire.  Becoming attached to physical desires is common to all of humanity. Spiritual objects ofContinue reading “Sacred sexuality: Kundalini and the great work”